Brownlee spills the beans

March 20 2008 07:26AM


The Nation's own big, bad Robin Brownlee was interviewed over at PunjabiOil this week. Check it out:

"The journalism business? Once I realized lack of natural ability and work ethic, not to mention a broken back at the age of 20, would make it nearly impossible to continue my mediocre athletic career beyond the level of weekend warrior, I had to find a way to stay near the games I loved -- pretty much all of them, but especially hockey, baseball and lacrosse. That's it, really. Best part of the job has been the ability to make a good living doing something I enjoy and have not yet lost my zeal for. Corny, but true."

Ain't that sweet? Old RB's a softy after all! A softy who will likely now pummel us for even saying so. Just another fantastical Thursday at the Nation...

Bingofuel is the handsome cyborg who used to pull all the levers behind the curtains of the OilersNation. Now he podcasts and makes videos and has a real job.
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