December 29 2009 01:31AM

Calgary Flames: 4 -- Rene Bourque (3) [GWG], Mark Giordano

Edmonton Oilers: 1 -- Ryan Potulny

The Edmonton Oilers have become the ugly girl at the bar. And the Calgary Flames are the guy that's had a run of bad luck, striking out with any girl that's looked his way recently. Well, sometimes you just gotta nut up and take the ugly girl home. Slumpbuster's aren't often pretty (the Flames were out-shot 35-23), but they're a "notch" on the belt, and at the end of the day that's all that matter's.


FLAMES - Rene Bourque/Miikka Kiprusoff. With a natural hat-trick on the night, Bourque scored even-strength, powerplay, and short-handed goals. It was his second career hat-trick. He finished +2 with 17:13 of ice time. Kiprusoff stopped 34 of 35 shots en route to the victory. Without him, it could've gotten really ugly, really early.

OILERS - Ryan Potulny. Potulny scored his 8th goal of the season to open the scoring and looks to have solidified a spot as an everyday NHLer.


With a horrendous start, the Flames got down early as Ryan Potulny scored just over two minutes in. Twelve minutes in, the Flames were being outshot 12-2 and it looked UG-LY. So ugly that it prompted this gem from our own Kent Wilson on one of his other sites (Matchsticks and Gasoline)... "Have the Flames gotten a shot on net yet? These guys are playing like they’ve had their dicks duct taped to their thighs." The only real bright spot (if you can call it that), was the spirited fight between flyweights Dustin Boyd and Andrew Cogliano off the faceoff after the Oilers goal. The new-look lines did however seem to find some chemistry around the mid-way point of the 1st period, and the Flames were clearly the better of the two teams in the final 40 minutes.

The Dawes-Jokinen-Bourque line managed to combine for six points (including Bourque's hat-trick), and Jokinen at least looked like a capable top-six forward again with two assists. He and Iginla just aren't a match for each other, and with the Glencross-Langkow-Iginla line also looking decent, hopefully Coach Brent Sutter keeps the duo apart from here on out.


  • Iginla has now gone six games without scoring against the Oilers, and 10 games without scoring @ Rexall Place.
  • Craig Conroy remains scoreless on the season.
  • Olli Jokinen recorded his 300th career assist.
  • Dustin Penner had an uneventful 300th NHL game.
  • The Flames have 42 majors on the season, all for fighting.


With the recent records of these two clubs, I figured we could be in for a fight filled game (I predicted five to a buddy). With four scraps, I wasn't far off (although three of them came late). For your viewing pleasure (courtesy HockeyFightsDOTcom)...

Dustin Boyd v. Andrew Cogliano

Jarome Iginla v. Ladislav Smid

Robyn Regher v. Steve Staios

Aaron Johnson v. Ryan Stone


The LA Kings will visit "The 'Dome" Wednesday night (12/30/09 @ 7:30, live on Sportsnet West), and we'll see if the Flames can keep it rolling against a much better team before the New Years Eve rematch with the Oilers. A three game winning streak would be a real positive way to not only round out the year, but also what's been a rough month of December for this struggling Flames squad. 


Could this team not use Jamie Lundmark? I mean, they had an offensive "outburst" tonight by their standards, but couldn't they find a spot for him in the lineup say 2 out of 3 games? Just saying.


I was at the game tonight and had the ~honour~ of sitting in front of Jason Strudwick's #1 fan. I'm fairly certain he was drunk before the game started, but I couldn't tell if he was being serious or facetious. He kept yelling "give it to Struds", "Struds will take care of em", "look at Struds out there directing the traffic", "Struds back with the defensive play" and so on. Maybe it was a relative?

A hockey-crazed Flames fan living in Oil Country, he was born & raised to hate the Oilers from day 1. Since he couldn't cut it as a player, and his dream jobs of 'NHL Insider', NHL General Manager, or Snoop Dogg 'advisor' aren't currently options, a lifetime of "internetting" awaits. For the latest hockey talk, along with all kinds of Flames & Oilers chatter, you can follow on twitter.com/FortShox.
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#1 Ben Dover
December 29 2009, 10:25AM
Trash it!

Nice job RC. This is a better summary than JW on OilersNation. Though, in fairness, JW doesn't have any positives to write about these days. The fight card in particular is a nice touch, as I usually do the search on YouTube myself.

#2 Pajamah
December 29 2009, 11:31AM
Trash it!

Feels weird posting on the enemy's site, but youre a good poster on ON, so I'll give baby his bottle.

Decent job on the recap, and as much as I'm the Anybody but Calgary fan, knowing you are partial to the Flames, you do a decent job not tearing the Oilers a new one (though the team/management/fanbase may need it)

I still don't want to see the Flames do well, but if beating the Oilers helps them draft Taylor Hall, I'm all for it

#3 Pajamah
December 29 2009, 12:09PM
Trash it!

Oh,and the wins go to




and Stone-Johnson was a draw (Ethan Moreau fight, one punch, slip and take the other guy down before he punches you )

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