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January 05 2010 10:49AM

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Here' some random topical tidbits on our beloved Flames...


From the Flames website...

Calgary Flames General Manager Darryl Sutter announced today forward Jason Jaffray has been recalled from the Abbotsford Heat of the American Hockey League.  Jaffray, a native of Rimbey, Alberta, played in one game with the Flames this season. In 38 games with the Heat this year he has recorded 30 points including 13 goals.


Dean Molberg of FAN960 was able to give Flame fan some relief yesterday with this twitter update...

Dion Phaneuf back at practice and looks fine, Cory Sarich is making the trip and almost ready, and Craig Conroy is not on the trip.

Today he added this...

Flames vs Preds: Phaneuf and Jaffray in, Sarich stays on IR, looks like Kiprusoff vs Dan Ellis.


The Flames held their skills competition over the weekend. These things rarely "do it" for me, but its probably fun for the fans in attendance. As you can see, obviously certain guys didn't compete in categories you'd think they would have. Glencross, last year's fastes skater, did not even compete this year for instance. Here's a quick look at the results...

Fastest Skater:

Sjostrom - 13.589s

Giordano - 13.958s

Dawes - 14.043s

Hardest Shot:

Iginla - 102 MPH

Glencross - 100 MPH

Regher - 98.1 MPH

Accuracy Shooting:

Kronwall - 4 for 5

Iginla - 4 for 6

Dawes - 4 for 6

Canada v. USA

With the gold medal game between Canada and the United States at tonights WJC, a couple Flames forwards are laying down the bets. Former Canada rep Dustin Boyd and former American rep Eric Nystrom wagered a dinner on tonight's game, and according to Boyd, he's already owed a dinner from Nystrom on a previous bet. Nystrom's reply, "We’ll be able to cancel it out after the U.S. wins". We'll see Eric ;-)

Too bad TLP is all the way over in Boston, or perhaps we could bet a dinner on the game ourselves. Bragging rights instead? Sure. To check out the full story in today's Calgary Sun, click here.


Bret Hart + Vince McMahon = Wrestlemania streetfight


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#2 Smitty
January 06 2010, 10:36AM
Trash it!

Just one kick and he's down? There was a time when Bret could take, like, 20 fake kicks to the abdomen and still be okay. The Hitman must be out of shape.

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