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Taylor McKee
April 01 2014 09:30AM


The Leafs sit on the precipice of a truly epic collapse and the Flames are poised to help them to their untimely demise. Basically, the Flames are Scar and the Leafs are Mufasa ... if everyone enjoyed Mufasa's death because they were constantly bombarded with coverage about Mufasa's every roster move or contemplation...whatever, it's not a perfect analogy. Either way, if the Flames can help take out Toronto, the compartment of my brain that houses my Schadenfreude, which was already quite full (see: Canucks, Vancouver and Oilers, Edmonton), will reach near maximum capacity and produce enough endorphins to make me forget that my team's games haven't really mattered since November.    

The ice-cold Leafs host the Flames tonight and are fighting for their post-season lives while the Flames are content continuing their quest to leave a trail of scorched earth behind them while they finalize their tee-times for May. The Flames have also been auditioning some new faces in the process as they play out the season. As Ryan pointed out on twitter last night, when Bryce van Brabant plays tonight, it will be the 10th rookie that plays for the Flames this season.

Have a look at tonight's lineup and preview after the jump

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Byron Bader
April 01 2014 07:45AM

Brodie, Backlund and Gio

-Pics via Halifax Drunk

The Flames are seeing a remarkable upswing in their possession in the last few months.  At its lowest point, right before and after New Year’s, the Flames rolling 10-game 5v5 close FF% was 39.4% (near the bottom of the league).  It has been steadily climbing since the dust up with the Canucks in January and today (March 26, 2014) the rolling 10-game 5v5 FF% sits at a respectable 53.6%.  

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