Holiday wishes for the Flames

On Festivus, we aired our grievances towards the Flames. Rest assured, they were well-deserved; the Flames have given us plenty of things to be mad about this season so far.

But! It’s not entirely their fault. I mean, some of it definitely is, and better decisions can most likely always be made. The Flames are still a team growing out of a rebuild, though, and are still somewhat saddled by decisions made back when #goingforit was determined to be the right call, for reasons still unfounded. 

On some nights, you watch the Flames and think, wow, they’re close. Just a few more things have to go their way – whether it be the expiring of certain contracts, a young player taking another step forward, bringing in that one key piece – whatever it may be, they may not be as far off as the bubble team they currently look like is.

So today, on this Dec. 24, we express our greatest wishes for the Flames this season.

Ari: This isn’t among the most pressing issues on this team, but if anybody – and I mean anybody – deserves a greater role, it’s Micheal Ferland. He has consistently been at the bottom of scoresheets in regards to playing time game in and game out, even on the nights when he takes over the game. Players who don’t have his talent or potential have gotten more chances than he has, and short of somehow becoming a point-per-game player on the fourth line, I’m genuinely not sure what else he can do.

Ryan: A return to form in the new year for T.J. Brodie. He’s immensely talented, but has been stuck dragging Dennis Wideman (and others) around much of this season. If he can figure things out, or get a better partner, the Flames may be dangerous.

Kent: Find a way to get T.J. Brodie back to form. Whether that’s moving him back to the right side, getting him a new partner or just sheltering the Wideman/Brodie duo a bit more… something needs to be done to get him back on track.

Pat: I wish for the Pacific Division to remain somewhat average. Because teams like Anaheim and Los Angeles have struggled to gain loads of momentum through the first part of this season, the Flames were able to get back in the playoff picture despite a horrid start. If the division stays average, it gives Calgary a much better chance of being in the dance when it’s all said and done.

Mike: An upswing for Sam Bennett. I still strongly believe he is the future number one centre on this team. He has all the tangible inputs that should make him a capable centre in this league, but he’s slumped a lot this season. Give him more time with Gaudreau and maybe even Versteeg or someone other than Brouwer.

Christian R: A top four option to emerge SOMEHOW to play with T.J. Brodie and save him from Dennis Wideman and maybe push him back to right side where he was so good for so long. I hate seeing him struggle like this.

Christian T: The deck is stacked against him, but can Matt Tkachuk win the Calder? If not, can he knock Bettman’s teeth out while he’s awarding it to some inferior clown?

Taylor: For a Heat forward, perhaps Shinkaruk, Mangiapane, Klimchuk, or Poirier to get an opportunity and contribute offensively. Developing skill within this organization has been a serious problem (outside of Gaudreau) and it would be fantastic to see one of those players become an impact forward.

What’s your big wish for the Flames this season? And do you think it will come true? Sound off with your hope in the comments, it’s that time of year!

  • SydScout

    It’s Christmas Down Under – wishing all the FN writers and readers a Merry Christmas!

    You guys are ace, here everyday. Thanks for keeping me up to date and with a finger on the pulse of the greatest team world over. Raising a beer for all of you, including everyone’s favourite boozer WW!

  • DeadRedRedemption

    For Santa to kidnap Dennis Wideman as he leaves a top four defenseman under the tree.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait for the end of the season for that though. Unless Tre pulls a magical trade at the deadline. And if he can do that, then he is more magical than Santa.

    Merry Xmas!!

  • dontcryWOLF88

    My Flames Christmas wish was already granted, which was to beat the Canucks. Now my father in law from vancouver has nothing hockey related to gloat about over the holidays. *the simple joys*

  • Just.Visiting

    Agree fully with the comments about giving Ferland the ice time that he has earned and putting Brodie back on his preferred side.

    Ferland is playing a much more disciplined game now than he did when he first came up. Very physical, but within the rules and showing some real skill.

    If I have a choice between inconveniencing Brodie and Wideman or Derek E by moving them to the left side, I’d have Brodie on the right side.

    I’d like to see Tkachuk on the first PP unit with Monahan and Gaudreau filling the body in front of the net role.

    He offers skill and physicality. This also gives us an opportunity to see if there’s a dynamic with them that could see him play with them more regularly. (Given that he played RW in junior, I’d still like to see us try him on the right side with them and shift Ferland to the Mike line.)