Sean Monahan scores goal #100

christian tiberi
February 23 2017 06:55PM

With his second period tally tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Sean Monahan has scored career goal #100, becoming the youngest Flame to do so at 22 years and 134 days.

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What's wrong with the Stockton Heat?

christian tiberi
February 23 2017 10:00AM

There's a minor problem with the Flames' minor prospects. The Stockton Heat just aren't winning games (although they did last night by a big margin, after this article was written). 

That's putting it lightly, because they've only scored 15 goals in their last 10 games. That doesn't sound too bad, but 11 of those goals happened in only three of those games. They've been shut out four times in 2017 alone. The team that scored four or more goals in 12 games from October to December has only done that four times in January and February. They're below .500, near the bottom of their division despite an awesome start, and are probably not going to make the playoffs for the second year in a row. They stink.

The Flames have had a not great AHL team for a while now. The last time their AHL affiliate made the playoffs, it was 2013-14. This year is surprising however, as the team has not had major injury problems and the big team hasn't had to gut them for players. There's nothing to say except that they're bad.

It all raises an important question: why do they suck?

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: starting to wrap it up

christian tiberi
February 21 2017 10:00AM

It's late February, which means that the regular season for the Flames' prospects will be wrapping up quickly. The KHL has already finished, the college kids have about a week left before conference tournaments, the CHL is in the final stretch, and the AHL is over two-thirds done. We're hoping for a good finish. 

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A brief analytic look at newest Flame Michael Stone

christian tiberi
February 20 2017 04:30PM

By now, you've heard the news. The Flames have acquired Coyotes defenceman Michael Stone, paying a third round pick and a conditional 2018 fifth. 

Certainly a surprising move. The Flames, having already snagged Matt Bartkowski earlier this week, are now at eight defencemen that all require waivers. Stone wasn't really expected or necessary, considering that the Flames have about two or three other guys on the team that can do what he does. 

So what did the team see in Stone, and what are they hoping to get? Find out after the jump.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: showing love to the ECHL

christian tiberi
February 14 2017 10:00AM

By the way people talk about the league, you'd figure the 'E' in ECHL stood for "exile." It's a league synonymous with the worst that pro hockey has to offer.

All of this is unfair slander. If you've been following these prospect updates, you'd know that the Stockton Heat are playing very bad hockey. For your consideration, the Adirondack Thunder won a game 10-4 this past weekend. Stepan Falkovsky has score more goals in the past three weeks than most Stockton players have scored in 2017. Their social media presence, as we will find out, is on top of things. 

It's time to start appreciating the ECHL, and what better time than today?

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