Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Heat Chill

christian tiberi
January 17 2017 08:00AM

From Dec. 17 to Jan. 17, the Stockton Heat only won three of 11 games and have nearly fallen out of the playoff race at the official halfway point of their season. Dragged down by all around declining performances, they are cautiously holding onto the seventh seed in their conference. It's not a pretty picture.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: back to the grind

christian tiberi
January 10 2017 12:00PM

I know it may sicken some of you to your core to see Americans triumphant over Canada, but it's the only picture I can find with two Flames prospects hugging, and dammit that's what we're about here.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: We're back

christian tiberi
January 03 2017 10:00AM

In case you haven't had your full dose of prospect content these past few weeks, here's a bit more.

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Flames 6, Avalanche 3 post game embers: Well that was weird

christian tiberi
December 28 2016 08:00AM

This is the first picture that showed up on Getty. I am not trying to be excessively mean to Joe Colborne, but I had to because lol

Welcome back to hockey, we hope you had a merry Christmas.

Last night, the Flames grinded the gears of the Colorado Avalanche in a game where the enemy never really stood a chance besides bits of the first period (which, Rick Ball and Kelly Hrudey will remind you, is because they flew in that day).

It's a good first step after the holiday break. 

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Appreciating Adam Fox

christian tiberi
December 26 2016 12:00PM

Adam Fox has had a great 2016, and he's only played 11 games.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear his name being called on draft weekend 2016. I personally hadn't heard of him before (and to my memory, other FN writers hadn't either), but a quick glance at what he was able to do with the US Development Team had me impressed. Heading into the 2016 hockey season, we had him ranked #8 on our prospect list.

He's dashed those lofty expectations. Right now, he's a big and relevant topic for the Flames because of the World Junior's tournament.  Fox is looking like a certain lock, fingers crossed, to be the #1 on the team, providing offensive firepower on an otherwise very defensive defence for the USA WJC squad.

Fox is almost immediately paying off for the Flames, but what of his future?

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