Will giving Troy Brouwer more offensive zone time work?

christian tiberi
July 18 2016 02:00PM

Of all forwards who played 500 minutes of 5v5 this past year, Troy Brouwer received the 66th hardest zone starts. On the Blues, he had the sixth roughest time by raw numbers (26.71 OZS%) and relative numbers (-11.73% ZSRrel% [zone start ratio: OZS/(OZS+DZS)]). If he played on the Flames last season, he would have the fifth worst starts by raw and fourth by relative numbers.

Brouwer was placed in situations where he would get his head kicked in. As a result, he got his head kicked in (49.56 CF%, -3.32 CFrel%). Among the fanbase, there are those who would say that Brouwer is doomed to fail due to his history of poor possession numbers (among other things). Others would say that Brouwer's consistency with regards to scoring prove that he is an offensive stalwart whose poor possession stats have been the result of his zone starts.

This season, Brouwer is going to test that hypothesis for us. He is (probably) going to get first line duties with Sean Monahan (36.71 OZS%, +8.43 ZSRrel%) and Johnny Gaudreau (37.24 OZS%, +9.94 ZSRrel), and hopefully prove to be a solid offensive addition. Brouwer hasn't seen starts like that since his final season in Chicago. 

Using stats, we're going to try and predict how it's going to go.

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Who could make the jump next year?

christian tiberi
July 03 2016 12:00PM

In recent times, the Flames have become one of the better teams at successfully replacing injured and/or ineffective players with younger prospects. As discussed yesterday, there are a few holes (albeit, early in the summer) left to fill. With salaries coming very close to the cap limit, it will likely be prospects filling those question marks.

The next question is which prospects. We're not just talking about cementing the opening day roster, but rather looking at which farmhands we could possibly see playing a meaningful role for the Flames this upcoming season.

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Mikael Backlund could've salvaged Mason Raymond

christian tiberi
June 29 2016 12:00PM

This article was originally titled "Can the Flames salvage Mason Raymond?" The picture was funny to me so I'm sticking with it.

So we've pretty much heard the last of Mason Raymond. The disappointing winger failed to return to his Canucks glory days, or even continue the good form he had in Toronto. It was a smart move at the time that failed to pan out. That happens in hockey.

What's glossed over is that Raymond was still useful, and was a member of one of the better lines the Flames had this past season. This article was written prior to the buyout news, arguing for Raymond to join up with Mikael Backlund and Michael Frolik to form a formidable middle six line.

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Cheap forward UFA options for the Flames

christian tiberi
June 28 2016 08:00AM

The Flames, for all the good they've been doing so far this off-season, still have an incomplete team. They've taken steps to rectify that: maybe Matthew Tkachuk starts off as an NHLer, maybe Alex Chiasson is in fact a worthwhile pickup.

But their roster, as things currently stand, is incomplete. The Flames only qualified four of 13 restricted free agents yesterday, leaving previous mainstays in the forward corps without a contract. Joe Colborne and Josh Jooris are left, for the time being, without a team.

They're still options, though, as are some kids still in the minors. But Chiasson hadn't really been an option before yesterday, when the Ottawa Senators were ready to let him go to unrestricted free agency, and the Flames picked him up for cheap instead.

So let's take a look at who the other Chiassons out there might be. The Flames won't have the cap space to go after any big fish - but that doesn't mean they won't find value fish instead.

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Flames pick Stepan Falkovsky at #186

christian tiberi
June 25 2016 11:15AM

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He's the jumping guy

With their final pick in the draft (as of this writing), the Flames have selected Stepan Falkovsky, a left handed defenceman, from the Ottawa 67's at #186.

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