Looking at the upcoming Sam Bennett extension

christian tiberi
February 10 2017 11:00AM

The big drama of the previous offseason was how the Calgary Flames would re-sign Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau. The entire saga was dragged out over the summer, and involved a lot of nervousness, ridiculous trade rumours, a Kanye West tweet, and a surprisingly cheap deal right at the eve of the season.

This year is Sam Bennett's year, and it should go smoother. With a projected $22.5M available this upcoming offseason, there's plenty of space to get a deal done. He also doesn't have two 60-point seasons under his belt, so he should come in significantly cheaper. At best, he could come 75% off.

The Flames have a few options when it comes to Bennett, but they also have a few things that should concern them. Let's take a look.

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An early peek at the 2017 NHL entry draft's top prospects

christian tiberi
February 09 2017 12:00PM

Yesterday, Kent opened up the forum to the possibility of the Flames trading their 2017 first round pick at trade deadline. If the return is good and the gain long-term, it's something to consider.

In the more likely event that nothing happens, let's consider the options the Flames have by using the pick the way it is intended to be used. With the CHL top prospects game having happened recently and with scouting services releasing their halfway lists, it's about time to get briefly acquainted with the likely 2017 first rounders.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Deadline intrigue

christian tiberi
February 07 2017 08:00AM

I'd say it's fair to assume that many of you fine Calgary Flames fans are also Calgary Hitmen fans. That provides interesting and bittersweet circumstances. On one hand, Flames prospects are lighting it up in the WHL. On the other hand, they seem to stigmatize the Hitmen more than any other team. For example, Matt Phillips made them look foolish by scoring a hat-trick two weeks ago. This week? Dillon Dube scored four points against them. 

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: yikes

christian tiberi
January 31 2017 08:00AM

Two weeks ago, I brought you the plight of the Stockton Heat, who had only won a handful of games in this new year. It hasn't gotten much better. Last week, they scored one goal in three games. Yikes.

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Quit messing around and extend Brad Treliving

christian tiberi
January 26 2017 08:00AM

So the Flames lost again. It's their fourth loss in a row where they faced a deficit of 4-0. Things are bleak and terrible, and frankly, we're all very sick of it.

Not to say that it's over. The season still has 31 games left to play, and the Flames are still in a playoff battle. There's plenty of time to right the ship and lock things down.

But if they end up falling just short, a frighteningly likely prospect, this stretch of games in January will be what people point to when explaining why the Flames didn't make the playoffs. And that will come crashing down on Brad Treliving's head, because he doesn't have a contract and you get the feeling that it depends on whether or not the team makes the playoffs.

Of course, it's all speculation right now. There's plenty of time between now and the offseason, so something might be in the works. Something might just require a signature, who really knows. Hell, it may not even depend on whether the team makes the playoffs. Again, speculation.

But we're nipping this in the bud. The fact that Treliving hasn't been re-upped yet is concerning. The Flames have a competent GM for the first time in a long time, and they need to keep him around.

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