Dillon Dube makes Canada's WJC Roster

christian tiberi
December 14 2016 11:30PM

While the Flames were attempting a comeback against the Lightning, Team Canada made their final cuts to their World Juniors roster. The 2017 edition of the junior team will feature Flames 2016 second rounder Dillon Dube, who survived both rounds of cuts to earn a spot on the squad.

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Where does Jankowski go from here?

christian tiberi
December 13 2016 10:00AM

He came, he saw, he played 10 minutes of hockey.

Mark Jankowski, Jay Feaster's chosen one, finally made his debut a few weeks ago. Seeing as he was a precautionary call-up in case Kris Versteeg needed to go back to the IR, and seeing as he wasn't much of an upgrade yet on guys like Freddie Hamilton, Matt Stajan, Garnet Hathaway et al, he went back down to Stockton, plying his trade at a level where he can get good ice time.

Jankowski wasn't in Calgary purely on merit. This isn't a negative comment on him, it's just a fact. The team called up Linden Vey, Garnet Hathaway, and Hunter Shinkaruk before they called up Jankowski. The only reason he played against the Islanders was because it was a back-to-back and it would just be rude of the organization to drag him across the entire continent on a whim just to have him watch hockey. Regardless of which side of the Jankowski debate you are on, it is quite clear that he isn't ready yet for a full-time NHL gig.

So how does he get to that level of ready? It's a two-step process, really. It's that simple, but not really.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Kneel before Matt Phillips

christian tiberi
December 13 2016 08:00AM

Even if you do kneel before him, you're probably going to be the same height.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: the WJC and winter break

christian tiberi
December 06 2016 08:00AM

Dillon Dube didn't do anything spectacular this past week, I just wanted to use this picture of him coming out of an dragon's Ogopogo's mouth for quite some time. I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I did.

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The Flames need to either put up or shut up with Mark Jankowski

christian tiberi
December 01 2016 12:00PM

It may come as a surprise to all of you, but I am not a big Mark Jankowski fan. I'll give you a minute to recover from the shock. Some of you are big Jankowski fans, and that's alright, too. Some don't have a strong preference either way, and that's also cool. We're all good pals here.

Regardless of where you think Jankowski will be in the future, the thing is that right now, he is not anything. He's a guy who clearly still needs some time before he will be a thing, and needs more time before we can declare that thing to be something or nothing.

The Flames are believers in Jankowski being something, and that's why they called him up to play. Well, that's not the only reason; Kris Versteeg may have been hurt, but it was nothing serious. Jankowski is a third here on merit, a third on precaution, and a third because Johnny Gaudreau and Lance Bouma are still hurt. 

But being here is also a detriment to Jankowski, because he's not playing. Not playing his first two games after being dragged across the continent on short notice is fair enough, but he's still with the Calgary Flames and not playing for them. That's a bad thing.

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