Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Klimchuk comes alive

christian tiberi
November 01 2016 08:00AM

We're back again with another prospect update for you guys, the final one for the month of October. It's been a pretty eventful week (and month) for some Flames prospects, as you'll find out after the jump.

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Flames Weekly Prospect Update: Some more good news

christian tiberi
October 25 2016 10:00AM

Welcome back to our Weekly Prospect Update on FlamesNation. This article will be awkwardly sandwiched between Embers and the FGD. Unfortunate, because it's probably the best Flames news you'll read today. (I wrote this before last night's game, so I guess this is actually the cherry on top. Pessimism is not a good life choice sometimes.)

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Flames Weekly Prospect Updates: Off we go!

christian tiberi
October 18 2016 08:00AM

Hello, and welcome to FlamesNation's weekly prospect updates. Now that all Flames prospects (except Adam Fox) have started their seasons, it is fitting that we keep you in the loop. Without much further ado, let's dive right in.

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Realistic Expectations: Matthew Tkachuk

christian tiberi
October 12 2016 02:00PM

Well, it's finally Hockey Day. The Flames are heading north to Edmonton to remind the Oilers that their history is a flat circle. It's a new season, and there's plenty to be excited about.

For the Flames, the biggest story tonight and probably for the rest of the season will be Matthew Tkachuk. The sixth overall selection at the draft has turned many heads at the Young Stars classic and during the preseason. He'll make his big debut tonight.

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Report: Flames sign Nicklas Grossmann

christian tiberi
October 11 2016 01:14PM

Gross, mann.

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