Post-Game: Good goaltending is nice

christian tiberi
September 27 2016 09:07PM

Back at it again only a couple of hours removed from last night's game in Edmonton, the Flames (and their B team) took down the Winnipeg Jets 3-0 in a closer-than-the-score-says type of game. 

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Young Stars Fancy Stats: the Finale

christian tiberi
September 21 2016 12:00PM

Main training camp announcements are just around the corner, so we're going to quickly put the final lid on the 2016 Young Stars tournament with the overall fancy stat recap of the weekend.

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Young Stars Fancy Stats: Game Three

christian tiberi
September 20 2016 09:00AM

The Young Stars tournament wrapped up last afternoon/evening with an odd one between the Flames and the Canucks prospects. In it, we saw fourteen penalties split between the two squads, including four consecutive ones for the Flames in the third. Basically, the game was played at anything but 5v5. How did the fancystats pan out?

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Young Stars Fancy Stats: Game Two

christian tiberi
September 18 2016 09:00AM

Well that was something. The Flames dropped an overtime odd one to the rival Shelbyville Oilers last night by the score of 4-3. Here's what the fancy stats had to say about last night's effort.

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Young Stars Fancy Stats: Game One

christian tiberi
September 17 2016 02:00PM

In these early season prospect tournaments, there's no real tracking going on. This is both quite unfortunate, yet quite understandable. The fans get denied some deeper insight - but it's a prospect tournament, insight really doesn't matter. As a result, the NHL doesn't do it, the teams don't really bother with it, and neither do the analytics nerds. We did it anyways, because why not.

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