What we learned in 2015: Brad Treliving did a lot

December 31 2015 10:00AM


The hype surrounding Brad Treliving and his forward-thinking ideologies took hold of the Calgary Flames this calendar year. The former Arizona assistant GM's first full year running an NHL organization of his own yielded many positives, though a few nagging underlying issues still exist.

All management is capable of fault, but the improvements made by Treliving in 2015 definitely outweigh the existing negatives. Now, as 2016 approaches, the Flames brass led by Treliving will have a new assortment of hurdles to navigate as the Flames continue to try and build off this calendar year's success.

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POST GAME: Winnipeg, the lesser of the former Atlanta teams 4-1

December 22 2015 10:13PM


A win at home sending the Flames into the Christmas break is about as great of a gift for fans as one can hope for. But how about a win where Johnny Gaudreau proves yet again how incredibly important he is to the future of the franchise?

Well you got one of those.

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Red Wings 4, Flames 2 post-game Embers: Well, they tried at the end

December 21 2015 08:00AM


But hey, there are some lingering positives we can take from this loss. Things we can truly appreciate as the team grows and pushes onward.

But there is also a lot of continued and nagging dilemmas that undermine this team as a whole.

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Toilet Thoughts - Phoenix and Josh Jooris

December 04 2015 08:00AM


So, not on the Nation Network's expense (though I wish Drance and company would have gotten me a gift), I went down to Phoenix for my birthday. Who wants to spend their birthday in cold ol' Edmonton anyway?

With two hockey games in two days it was the most ideal way to turn 27. The only thing better than that could be if the Flames actually strung together more than two good games consecutively but such is life. Now we live in the darkest timeline with limited glimmers of hope (see: the win over Dallas).

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Post-Game: Spectre of the Comeback Kids

December 01 2015 10:29PM


Coming home after a disaster of a road trip, the Flames legitimately more than any time this season needed to show up. With all that's happened this season, the Flames had a four game winning streak at home coming into tonight which is kind of surprising to think about. Circling the Flames all day long was a very convincing theme that revolved around questions like this:

"How bad would the Flames get trounced at home by the league's top team?"

The answer: they took a time machine back to last season, replaced the entire team with last year's, and won the game.

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