What Paul Jerrard has accomplished with the Flames' PK

January 16 2017 02:00PM

The Calgary Flames started this season with a god awful excuse for a penalty kill. There is no other way to phrase it. Initially after a single game we saw some brief glimpses of systemic changes that new assistant coach Paul Jerrard was hoping to implement throughout the season. After that, like the Flames' ability to not take penalties, it fell off the rails and eventually hit league bottom.

Then something magical happened - primarily over the winning streak - and everything slowly progressed back to league average in flat PK%. Their penalty kill has become quite effective at suppressing the opposition. Still, there is a long way to go.

All data cited via Corsica.Hockey or NHL.com.

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Jets 2, Flames 0 post-game embers: Set fire to the game tape

January 10 2017 08:00AM


You know those mornings when you miss your alarm, you somehow show up to work with toothpaste still in your beard/hair, you forget deodorant, you forget your really good lunch you made the night before, and despite all of that you manage to leave the house EARLY but still show up five minutes late? Then when you finally start working you realize you've forgotten how to do your job so you coast through the workday, performing well below average while disappointing everyone around you.

That was the Calgary Flames last night with one of the more uninspiring games of the season. Hopefully it's behind them soon because this season isn't going to get any easier.

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Sam Bennett should be a fixture on the penalty kill

January 04 2017 02:00PM

Since the implementation of Paul Jerrard's more opportunistic, aggressive penalty kill we've started seeing a steady rise from among the league's worst to about middle of the pack, which is a positive trend given how often this Calgary Flames team is penalized. It's not perfect by any stretch of the means, but it's on a good trajectory.

One major opportunity exists: elevating the second penalty kill unit to a higher level. To do that, it should include Sam Bennett as a near permanent fixture in place of Matt Stajan.

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The 2016 Flames organizational review

January 01 2017 12:00PM

It's that time again. Another year has gone by, another ring has been added to the trees, and we're all a little wiser. The year 2016 in itself was a tale of two Calgary Flames teams: a team exiting one era under a now-former coach and a team entering the next phase of their rebuild. The entirety of 2016 itself for Brad Treliving had a number of highs, wins both small and large, and some lows.

It's a year where we can attempt to benchmark Treliving, management, and ownership for things he has done that hopefully pay off in the future rather than become negatives in the short and long runs.

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Tyler Wotherspoon recalled from Stockton (again)

December 19 2016 10:47AM

A mere two days after being sent down to Stockton (AHL), Tyler Wotherspoon is on his way back to the NHL to join the Calgary Flames in Arizona. In what looks to be a pre-roster freeze move or penny-pinching to literally save on one day of cap space, the Flames will again carry a full 23-man squad and seven defensemen.

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