Long live the 3M line; here's what makes it so great

December 18 2016 08:00AM

Everyone should love the 3M line. If you don't, which would be a confusing thought, then I can only assume something happened in your life that prevents you from ever loving anything again. Teams hate playing against them being they are a combination of physicality (thank you Matthew Tkachuk) and two-way prowess anchored by Mikael Backlund and Michael Frolik.

They're a line that the Calgary Flames have desperately needed for several seasons because they do exactly what you need them to do in this current era of the NHL: they drive play and they find ways to suppress the opposition. 

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What should the Flames do with Lance Bouma?

December 09 2016 10:00AM

The game that we all love very much is very much a results based business. The window of opportunity for teams, players, coaches, and management is so finite now that maximizing your window by any means should be key. The problem - among other things - is the salary cap situation for this Calgary Flames team and maximizing results from players before they become a sunk cost.

A portion of that salary cap problem comes from pre-existing contracts that are hurting the team, one of which is Lance Bouma's contract. Between consistency, health, and on-ice results it's proving to be quite the disastrous use of money.

Let's not mince words here: if there was an opportunity to move on, it would be best to act on it.

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Flames recall Tyler Wotherspoon, demote Brett Kulak

December 08 2016 09:00AM

The Calgary Flames made some adjustments this morning with the recalling of Tyler Wotherspoon from the Stockton Heat (AHL). With that of course, someone is going down to the AHL and it's Brett Kulak. Both defensemen are still relatively young, with some upside, and opportunities in their game but it's Wotherspoon's time to hopefully shine.

This is yet another opportunity for Wotherspoon to possibly find himself in the lineup and make a positive on-ice impact.

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Micheal Ferland Will Not Return Versus The Anaheim Ducks

December 04 2016 08:49PM

On a night where the chosen child Johnny Gaudreau returned and triumphantly made himself noticed, the Calgary Flames lost another forward as Micheal Ferland will not return. This, of course is incredibly unfortunate given his play over the last handful of games and being one of the more effective players of late.

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FlamesNation Podcast - Episode 3: Big and Local V2.0

December 01 2016 02:00PM


Hello internet, it's your much maligned community manager with episode three of the new FlamesNation podcast. Today's episode features show regulars Ari Yanover, Christian T., and myself. Ryan Pike was unable, presumably lost in the Saddledome.

If anyone has seen him, let us know.

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