FlamesNation Podcast - Episode 3: Big and Local V2.0

December 01 2016 02:00PM


Hello internet, it's your much maligned community manager with episode three of the new FlamesNation podcast. Today's episode features show regulars Ari Yanover, Christian T., and myself. Ryan Pike was unable, presumably lost in the Saddledome.

If anyone has seen him, let us know.

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WWYD Wednesday: What More Can Micheal Ferland Do?

November 30 2016 10:00AM

It's hard not to love Micheal Ferland. Well, besides Canucks fans who seemingly believe he is the worst human ever to fans/players of the opposition night in and night out assuming he may murder someone. But he's nearly universally beloved by Flames fans. 

He's the type of modern NHL player that gets admiration from traditionalists, from stats oriented fans/analysts, and from his teammates. All of this is warranted and against numerous odds he's become an NHL regular: a feat in itself that should get more attention.

But seeing him played in a situation that plays to his underlying impacts rarely happens. What's up with that?

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Flyers 5, Flames 3 post-game embers: No brotherly love

November 28 2016 08:00AM

This road trip has been a roller coaster of emotions. The surreal highs of seeing intervals of this Calgary Flames team looking like a cohesive entity complete with goals and capable netminding; those crippling lows that a lot of us are growing accustom to. There have been bizarro-world situations where good and bad have transpired, too.

Last night was a weird mix of all three, plus the Stamps lost. For now at least, away from the teary eyes and reality that Calgary sports teams failed to win let's discuss three things intertwined with each other: penalties, shorthanded goals, and the penalty kill.

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Flames 2, Bruins 1 post-game embers: Sam Bennett's moustache reigns supreme

November 26 2016 08:00AM

If this team needed anything - and I mean literally anything - it was a strong road trip on their longest road trip of the year. The sort of road trip that Sportsnet, local media, and just about everyone talks about should these Calgary Flames find further success this season. You best believe that everyone will talk about it if this team somehow makes the playoffs, too.

But that's forever from now and last night we saw a glimmer of hope that Sam Bennett's game has rebounded. This team will definitely need the Bennett we saw last night to show up a lot more.

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FlamesNation Podcast - Episode 2: The road trip and beyond

November 24 2016 12:00PM


Hi friends, we're back again this week with another edition of the FlamesNation podcast. We're still working out the kinks and flow of our program so we appreciate all listeners who've returned or are carving our names into the palms of their hands.

As a heads up: I'm waiting on a response from iTunes/Apple about our podcast being approved still so don't worry about that. Once we're approved on there, we'll have the first two episodes, and every future episode on iTunes for easy convenience.

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