April 05 2016 08:26AM


FlamesNation will be donating $100 to Kids Up Front Calgary. Let's do a run down of why we're doing this, the success previously, and what you need to know.

Hi friends, it's me, your friendly neighborhood community manager. Part of why I accepted Thomas' offer to join the Nation Network wasn't to help grow the community and drive traffic. It was to help give back and start growing FlamesNation in areas our friends in Edmonton tend to do.

We had some relatively big success in October with our initial Flames Money on the Board drive which raised at least $690. This is huge, given the cost to send one kid to a sports event via Kids Up Front Calgary is about $5. So in doing so, we sent approximately 138 potential kids to sporting events.

We're aware of the obvious issues with the economy and such; many of us here at FlamesNation to varying degrees have been affected, too. So we can understand if some of you can't contribute much or at all. If anything all we would ask is for you to share this - maybe your friends or family would be interested, too. 

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Flames 5, Oilers 0 post-game embers: Board up the entrances, Rexall is derelict

April 03 2016 08:00AM

The Flames lost their first ever Battle of Alberta in the very arena they dominated last night. If there is one distinct positive through the ups and downs of this rebuild it's pretty steady and fantastic goal-totals in Rexall for Battles of Alberta. Last night was no different.

And to cap it off: they did it by checking off all the pertinent boxes in what you do to a blood-rival.

It was a baptism in fire and now the fans in Edmonton are collectively losing their minds again.

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Things and Thoughts: Jakub Nakladal is worth re-signing

March 30 2016 08:00AM

It took nearly all season before fans and writers finally saw Jakub Nakladal finally play in the NHL. This of course was after Dennis Wideman's heinous crimes happened, numerous injuries, and Kris Russell being dealt before he really became a mainstay on the Flames' blueline. 

Within that time frame Nakladal has made an honest case for being re-signed in the off-season. And it's hard to be unhappy with his results so far of this smooth skating Czech in his first North American year of pro hockey.

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Flames 4, Penguins 2 post-game embers: A win? What now?

March 06 2016 08:00AM

Winning is important, I mean that's the whole point of the game. Though, we know first-hand to achieve that you often need to lose (and lose real bad, often intentionally) to get to that point.

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Things and Thoughts: Bennett, Jooris, and designing a bottom six

February 24 2016 12:00PM

Assuming the rest of the season goes as it has this year, the Flames will likely be a lottery team again. Which is exactly what this team needs: another strong draft pick with exceptional upside to continue the rebuild. Calgary hit it out of the park selecting Sam Bennett fourth overall in 2014, even if the young centre ascended into top prospect territory with just one shoulder.

This season for fans has been an emotional roller coaster of sorts, with many coming to terms with the crippling reality that surrounds this team. The highs may feel like they're few and far between but one remains very clear: Sam Bennett is legitimately having a strong rookie season, despite any dissenting voices saying otherwise.

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