Slavia vs Avangard: Battle For Cervenka

Andrey Osadchenko
September 21 2012 11:18AM



Last season Roman Cervenka topped the KHL in play-off scoring and was one win away from clinching the Gagarin Cup (league championship) with Avangard Omsk. Losing a player like this was understandably a serious issue for Avangard. However, thanks to the lockout, Siberian fans may see Cervenka lace them up for their team again.

But does he want to?

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The KHL: Who were they trying to ban?

Andrey Osadchenko
September 18 2012 01:07PM

Zack Stortini (5of7/Wikimedia/CC BY-SA 2.0)

When the possibility of a lockout was still uncertain, KHL was looked at as the haven players would go to if all goes to hell. NHL’s nemesis took its time before announcing special criteria for foreign players willing to cross the Atlantic for a lockout shelter. You would assume KHL put us all on hold to come up with criteria that would really unsure that only top players could come.

They sure fooled us big time, didn’t they?

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Mikhail Grigorenko: Why Is He Falling?

Andrey Osadchenko
June 20 2012 09:27PM

Once Nail Yakupov’s arch-rival for being considered the 2012 top prospect, Mikhail Grigorenko now finds himself dropping out of top-10 in almost every mock draft he’s unfortunate enough to take a look at. While some complain about his work ethic, others bring up the rumor about his alleged age-forging issue.

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Q&A With Laurent Brossoit

Andrey Osadchenko
June 02 2012 07:45AM



(I recently caught up to Oil Kings goaltender and Flames prospect Laurent Brossoit after his trip to the memorial cup.)

Andrey Osadchenko: You are the MVP of the WHL playoffs this season. Did you feel that you lived up to expectations at the Memorial Cup?

Laurent Brossoit: Obviously, I did what I did in the playoffs. Then we came here and we lost 2 in a row in the round robin. I could have done a little bit more. I wasn’t there to make a statistical statement or anything like that. I wanted to win and leave those losses behind.

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"When Cervenka Was Younger, Nobody Believed in Him"

Andrey Osadchenko
May 08 2012 09:46AM



Roman Cervenka joined the KHL in 2010 to play alongside with Jaromir Jagr in Avangard. However, he never made it a secret it was just a temporary stop for him on his journey to the NHL. Here’s a translated interview with Cervenka from his early KHL days in 2010.

Maria Mikhalenko of Sports.Ru originally talked to Cervenka, while Jaromir Jagr volunteered to be the translator. Well, sort of…

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