The Time Brian Burke Beat the CBA

January 14 2014 12:39PM


This man is currently contemplating the ideal barn layout.


While I still feel fairly hesistant about Brian Burke as the Calgary head honcho, it's important to remember that he's not a stupid man. His views about the importance of certain attributes may be misguided, but he's hardly a complete caveman. 


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On Brian Burke and the USA Hockey Team

January 01 2014 05:16PM

Image via Michael Dorausch and licensed under Creative Commons

 In case you missed it today, the USA Olympic Men's Hockey Team of Future Gold Medal Winners was announced after the Winter Classic. The selection itself has minimal relevance for the Flames, given that no Calgary player was even remotely in consideration (really, like Chris Butler's gonna go?), but as most readers here can imagine, Brian Burke played a fairly significant part in the selection process, and it's an ugly reminder of how adherence to a philosophy other than "take the best players" can be a poor method for team selection.

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On Player Accountability and the Bench

August 08 2013 12:41PM



The inevitable struggles of the Calgary Flames will bring on endless articles about coaching, with plenty romanticizing certain styles. Given how bad Calgary will almost certainly be this year, there will be endless words spilled on accountability, and plenty of them coming from the mouth of Bob Hartley, who has a reputation of being a bit hardnosed on the "accountability" thing.

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A Case for Matt Stajan as the Number One Center

July 19 2013 11:09AM



This is not an article I could’ve imagined writing at the 4th Line Blog when the Trade happened in early 2010. Don’t get me wrong- I didn’t hate the Phaneuf for Stajan/Hagman etc. trade at the time, but I never really imagined the Flames would get to a point where I’d have to make an argument for Stajan as the number one center on the Flames roster.

So how do the Flames arrive at a point where the number one center should be one of the most maligned players in recent history? Let’s count it off:

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The Iginla Trade Circus

March 30 2013 10:11AM


After the news of the Boston “trade” broke over twitter, I made the joke that it would have been far more appropriate for Calgary to play Iginla and trade him in the middle of the game, given how absurd the management is, but they did me one better. Hell, they did me several better.

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