There Are No Decisions To Be Made

January 07 2015 08:32AM

We're talking about Brian McGrattan today.

You may have read a piece in the Calgary Sun yesterday about the future of Flames tough guy Brian McGrattan, prompted by the impending return of center Mikael Backlund and a corresponding lack of breathing room on the roster. That piece - and the resulting discussion surrounding it - touched on more global themes that have entrenched themselves in the discussion on such matters, and tries to hit on a higher level. This is not what we're talking about today.

We're not jumping into a broader discussion on the purpose of fighting in hockey, or the role of enforcers in the game on a much more capacious level. There is a little bit of that to touch on just to generally frame the position of this piece, but that's it.

It's not even about the media's tawdry desire to establish McGrattan as a bigger cog in the Flames machine (which, come on).

Nope. All we're going to consider today is Brian McGrattan (BIG ERN!), and his role on the Calgary Flames. And that's it.

You are not going to like it. Here we go!

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Merry Christmas from FlamesNation

December 24 2014 06:39PM

This is meant to be read to the tune of Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC and believed to be told from the perspective of Deryk Engelland, so right away...

Merry Christmas citizens, we promise to do better in the new year (and like most New Year's resolutions...uh, nope)


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An Early Christmas Gift From Your Calgary Flames

December 24 2014 08:35AM

Happy Belated Festivus, Citizens, hopefully your various feats of strength did not include powerful muscle pulls. Mine most certainly did.

I want to talk about something that happened during the ho hum, run of the mill Flames victory over the Kings on Monday, something that many have been calling for since the days where we were making ebola jokes in place of mumps jokes, and nobody was talking about North Korea: your Calgary Flames finally, FINALLY put Sean Monahan on a line with Johnny Gaudreau and Jiri Hudler. 

And Johnny Hockey scored a hat trick, so...

You know as well as I do that sample size is everything, and that results are not typical, but I'm here to make the case that this is a line that would thrive with regular playing time, and if the Flames are serious about turning their season around after this MacTavishian slump, keeping this trio united would go a long way in doing that (as well as playing Gio and Brodie something to the tune of 60 minutes a game, but that's a story for another day)

We'll discuss this in greater detail in this here article today, but here's a spoiler alert for you tl;dr crowd out there: this is a good thing that needs to be more permanent. Like "never not doing this" permanent.

Here's why!

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Spending To The Cap: Some Scenarios

December 15 2014 08:35AM


I know this all came down last week and MAYBE it's too late to talk about it, but by now you've all probably caught wind of Brian Burke, noted blatherer, mention in an interview that GM Brad Treliving has the autonomy to spend to the cap this season should he see fit.

But I'm a trend follower, and a late adopter (I didn't sign up for twitter until 2011, buddy), so guess what, we're talking about it.

Now, of course it goes without saying that it's entirely possible (and frankly, probable) that the Flames don't end up employing this course of action, whether they're authorized to or not. And that's a good thing, because the sheer logistics that go into spending that much money in one season is too overwhelming to try and grasp.

Which is why, naturally, I'm attempting to do it. Most people don't know this, but I'm an expert hobby capologist, and I've taken it upon myself to explore all the options available to the Flames.

I mean...they didn't ask me to. But I've been obsessed with the idea of just who (or what) the Flames would have to do to max out their ample cap flexibility, and I believe I've come away with a few tenable scenarios that perhaps the Flames should consider if they feel they are within shouting distance of a playoff spot. And while the Flames could trade for 2.36 Sidney Crosbys and stay cap compliant (Spoiler alert: this is not one of the options I explored, at least not until human cloning becomes far more reliable), I will attempt to address team needs and fix the current glaring holes in the lineup in order to create a more complete, competitive playoff hockey team.

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Post Game: Dive For Five

December 14 2014 10:12PM

So our good friend Mr. Pike wrote this, but the high pressure demands of the dreaded day job (personally, as a blogger, I've never had a job in my entire life) have put him in a position where he's unable to post it. I don't get it either because he was able to send me his words, so I don't know, but I digress. Without further adieu, here's Ryan's take on how the Flames have now lost 5 goddamn games in a row. -Floob 

Despite a pretty solid road effort against a strong team, the Calgary Flames' losing streak hit five games after a 2-1 loss at the United Center at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Flames' record is now 17-13-2 and they have lost every single game of their four-game road trip (as well as their final home game before that trip). This is a departure from their prior record, which involved going the first third of the regular season without losing back-to-back games in regulation.

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