Help Me Help You

July 30 2014 01:02PM


It's the dregs of the offseason, friends, and as you know, that means content is coming at a premium. I don't like it anymore than you do, but short of inventing a real, working time machine, there's really sweet bippy any of us can do about it.

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Housekeeping: Flames Sign Joni Ortio

July 24 2014 04:07PM



On the heels of Joe Colborne's recent contract signing, the Calgary Flames continue to put checkmarks next to their summer to-do list, as the team announced they have re-signed restricted free agent goaltender and devastatingly handsome Joni Ortio to a fresh two year pact:

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An Open Letter To Curtis Glencross

July 18 2014 11:06AM



Dear Curtis Glencross,



Flames fans.

I'm being told I need to delve deeper into this, so I guess that's what I'll do.

In reference to this interview you gave, Mister Glencross, the one where you're talking about working on a contract extension now for some reason, the one where you go on record saying you're not willing to play for a hometown discount? That one? Yes, we the undersigned have a few issues with it, and if it's okay with you, we'd like to go over them in some detail? Good? Good.

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Your Flames 2014-15 schedule, HIGHLIGHTED

June 24 2014 11:30AM


It's officially summer, the sun is out, the flooding is kinda gone, the birds are chirping and not in the really annoying way. The solstice is now, friends, and as the temperatures rise and the patios beckon, it's that time of year where there's only one thing we as Calgary Flames want to do: sit in our basements poring over the newly unveiled 2014-15 Calgary Flames schedule, looking for which games we want to spend our hard earned money on, and which games are against the Coyotes, as our skin gets pastier and gross.

But 82 games is a lot, and it's hard to know which games are worth watching (it's all of them, you cynics, but I know it's not ALL of them), and maybe if you had a handy guide to tell you what kind of hijinks McGrattan and friends are going to get themselves into this year, and where.

This is not that guide, Citizens. There is no guide. The guide is the actual schedule. But this is a brief synopsis of what the Flaming C is looking at come October and also a complete waste of your time. 


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The Bridge Contract Curse

June 10 2014 08:30AM



There was an interesting tweet that came from Chris Botta of the Sports Business Journal yesterday:

Okay, not necessarily a surprise. We knew that with the mammoth deal that Rogers signed to effectively subject us to terrible coverage of the game we love so dear for the next 12 years, league revenues were ultimately going to go on the upswing.

And boy howdy, are they ever. What this also means, consequently, is a big rise in the salary cap (and the floor, if you're paying attention) Here's a little tidbit from this past May from Toronto sports journalism maverick, James Mirtle (thanks to FRIEND OF THE BLOG Thomas Drance for pointing this out):

Nothing final in these numbers here, but there's a good chance we'll see the cap rise to somewhere in the 70-71 million dollar range, with the cap floor climbing up the stairs to somewhere in the realm of 53 million sheckels. Yowza.

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