Spending To The Cap: Some Scenarios

December 15 2014 08:35AM


I know this all came down last week and MAYBE it's too late to talk about it, but by now you've all probably caught wind of Brian Burke, noted blatherer, mention in an interview that GM Brad Treliving has the autonomy to spend to the cap this season should he see fit.

But I'm a trend follower, and a late adopter (I didn't sign up for twitter until 2011, buddy), so guess what, we're talking about it.

Now, of course it goes without saying that it's entirely possible (and frankly, probable) that the Flames don't end up employing this course of action, whether they're authorized to or not. And that's a good thing, because the sheer logistics that go into spending that much money in one season is too overwhelming to try and grasp.

Which is why, naturally, I'm attempting to do it. Most people don't know this, but I'm an expert hobby capologist, and I've taken it upon myself to explore all the options available to the Flames.

I mean...they didn't ask me to. But I've been obsessed with the idea of just who (or what) the Flames would have to do to max out their ample cap flexibility, and I believe I've come away with a few tenable scenarios that perhaps the Flames should consider if they feel they are within shouting distance of a playoff spot. And while the Flames could trade for 2.36 Sidney Crosbys and stay cap compliant (Spoiler alert: this is not one of the options I explored, at least not until human cloning becomes far more reliable), I will attempt to address team needs and fix the current glaring holes in the lineup in order to create a more complete, competitive playoff hockey team.

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Post Game: Dive For Five

December 14 2014 10:12PM

So our good friend Mr. Pike wrote this, but the high pressure demands of the dreaded day job (personally, as a blogger, I've never had a job in my entire life) have put him in a position where he's unable to post it. I don't get it either because he was able to send me his words, so I don't know, but I digress. Without further adieu, here's Ryan's take on how the Flames have now lost 5 goddamn games in a row. -Floob 

Despite a pretty solid road effort against a strong team, the Calgary Flames' losing streak hit five games after a 2-1 loss at the United Center at the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Flames' record is now 17-13-2 and they have lost every single game of their four-game road trip (as well as their final home game before that trip). This is a departure from their prior record, which involved going the first third of the regular season without losing back-to-back games in regulation.

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FGD: Grasping At Straws

December 14 2014 09:28AM

It's Game Day, citizens, and your Calgary Flames are mired in their worst losing skid in quite some time. There does not look to be an easy out o'er the horizon here either, as the Flames travel to the Windy City (why DO they call it that?) for an encounter with those damn Blackhawks, who apparently do not lose anymore.

On paper, things look bleak. The Hawks have won 8 of their last 9, typically do not lose at home, beat Calgary in their last meeting, and realistically should already have a 2-0 lead in the season series if not for some early season heroics by Jonas Hiller and Mikael Backlund (goddamn it we miss you Mickis).

And of course, the Flames have...regressed. We won't get into it, we don't do any told you so's, partly because you all already knew this was going to happen, and like the rest of us here at Flames Nation, you hate that the Flames have planted their faces firmly into the wall even though you saw it coming. No need to pile on, we all know what's up. We all want the fantasy to continue.

In an effort to swing the momentum around back to our heroes in white (as of course, the Hawks are wearing those beautiful yet racially insensitive red silks on this day), I'm willing to try just about anything within my control, which as we all know, is essentially zero, but that doesn't mean the effort isn't there. So I thought today, I'd have my wonderful friend stace, from the Battle of California (and some other blog that probably doesn't need much mention), come in and give the Flames a word of encouragement by talking pure trash about the Hawks. Stace has absolutely no connection to the Hawks, but she is my favourite person in the world and also happens to think Chicago is boring as hell. Obviously we're all going to want to lend an ear and hang on her every word, because that is terrific.

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It Could Happen To You

November 28 2014 09:44AM

I want to take just a little bit of time out of our daily routine here to talk to the huddled masses of Edmonton Oilers fans, if that's okay with you, Citizens. We're slowly descending into the Christmas season, and that's always an opportune time to help out the less fortunate, and reflect upon how good we have it sometimes. And the fanbase for that sinking ship up north, they are certainly struggling.

The team has lost 8 games in a row in their 8th season of what is probably a decade long rebuild, if not more. The team is misguided by a rag tag group of doddering lunkheads that have no vision, no appetite for success, and continue to steer the ship off course completely unabated by the ones who sign the checks. It's grim, and it shows no signs of improving at all.

So, as Flames fans, maybe it's time we put aside our petty differences once and for all, and extend an olive branch to the disenfranchised. After all, your Calgary Flames are a have team right now (as in, they HAVE been winning), and all signs point to this being a franchise that is doing their rebuild the right way, so maybe it's selfish to keep that to ourselves.

Therefore, I'm sending out a call to you, Edmonton, and make no mistake, this is a limited time offer: I'm granting you, the fan, the opportunity to join our ranks. Become a Flames fan. It's the lifestyle change you need, not the one you deserve.

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Post Game: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

November 20 2014 10:37PM


Perhaps we should have known it was over when Daniel Carcillo scored.

I think a lot of people, even armed with the knowledge that the Flames were ahead of them in the standings, expected the Blackhawks to walk into Calgary tonight and leave with 2 points. Which, as we know, they did. However, the assumption would have been that they would have skated out onto the Saddledome ice, thoroughly hand Calgary their young, swaddled, asses and move on without breaking a sweat.

Not so. The Flames hung around until the end in this one, and by no means was this cake for the 2013 Cup Champions. If not for a bit of a puck handling gaffe by Jonas Hiller midway through the third, perhaps I could be writing about how your Calgary Flames lost in overtime tonight.

But here we are. The Flames lose 4-3 in regulation, but all in all pass a pretty decent test. Join us for the ride, won't you?

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