Post Game: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

November 20 2014 10:37PM


Perhaps we should have known it was over when Daniel Carcillo scored.

I think a lot of people, even armed with the knowledge that the Flames were ahead of them in the standings, expected the Blackhawks to walk into Calgary tonight and leave with 2 points. Which, as we know, they did. However, the assumption would have been that they would have skated out onto the Saddledome ice, thoroughly hand Calgary their young, swaddled, asses and move on without breaking a sweat.

Not so. The Flames hung around until the end in this one, and by no means was this cake for the 2013 Cup Champions. If not for a bit of a puck handling gaffe by Jonas Hiller midway through the third, perhaps I could be writing about how your Calgary Flames lost in overtime tonight.

But here we are. The Flames lose 4-3 in regulation, but all in all pass a pretty decent test. Join us for the ride, won't you?

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Post Game: The Kids Are Alright

October 31 2014 11:25PM


So...uh, let's be real Flames fans. The Flames are suffering from a few injuries. Backlund, Colborne, Stajan, MayRay, all hurting, all out of the lineup. So naturally, there was a pressing need for some warm bodies to step in during their absence, and the kids that were brought into the lineup paid immediate dividends.

Brian McGrattan was also there.

So while (spoiler alert) things ended unfavourably for Michael Ferland in his NHL debut, he was quite good in the beginning, and superpal youngsters Johnny Gaudreau and Markus Granlund were electrifying. The result: a perhaps surprising hard fought win over a better than you realize Nashville Predators.

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F(E)GD: Double Trouble

September 21 2014 03:34PM


"Welcome to the preseason," he said, with the anticipation of the crowd slowly withering into a hollow chaff. "Please, contain your excitement"

It all gets going again tonight, as future hopes and dreams of young men and somewhat older young men begin to be realized; possibly crushed. The path to FGD 1 begins with stereo exhibition tilts tonight here in Calgary and the crestfallen cesspool up north in Dreadmonton. It promises to be good exist.

This game, of course, is just a simple exhibition match: a precursor to what promises to be another year in transition for both Albertan squads looking to claw their way back into relevance. It's simply a game of evaluation for the coaching squads aiming to get their charges in shape and figuring out who's going to play where.

But for the hockey starved fan (that's you), it's a chance to get your cheering and trolling game into midseason form, an opportunity for you to watch your favourite team take on their hated rivals who you want terrible, despicable things to happen to, and to watch a potentially awesome thing that only happens in the preseason: a chance for the Flames to beat the Oilers twice in the same night.

Yeah, I've got your attention now, don't I?

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Reasonable Expectations: Karri Ramo

August 29 2014 10:15AM


I could have stopped 'em all, I could've stopped you. Up there, Burke's the law, out here on the ice it's me

- an especially badass Karri Ramo, vigilante and goalkeeper

You've patiently sat through an entire August of Reasonable Expectations, and you're still here reading this (good for you!), so today I thought I'd switch things up and give you a Reasonable Expectations piece - ON A GOALIE!

As far as Flames netminders go, this coming season is going to be the most noteworthy since way back to when Miikka Kiprusoff retired. The long time Flames faithful who can remember that far back know what I'm talking about. The battle to tend the cage is as open as it was last season, but with the caveat that what makes it worth mentioning this time is that Karri Ramo's opponents are not Reto Berra and Joey MacDonald. Nay, this year Karri has to go toe to toe with an actual NHL goalie in Jonas Hiller, and it's up to him to prove he's worth it.

And if he can't, well, he can always go back to killing lawmen who try to arrest him unjustly.

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Kevin Hayes: Come Join Us

August 15 2014 04:06PM

Unless you believe the rumours that Flames President of Hockey Operations Brian Burke has had illicit and depraved sexual relationships with both the mother and father of Jimmy and Kevin Hayes, which you should not because I just made that up (though still widely unproven!), there's fine reason to believe that by this time tomorrow, former NCAA star and pending UFA Kevin Hayes could be a member of your Calgary Flames.

(Hell, even if the Burke thing was true...I mean good intentions are good intentions, right?)

Anyway, if you're unaware of the news, the current Blackhawks prospect is about to become not a Blackhawk by the stroke of midnight tonight (I think 10 PM mountain, but whatever, close enough). And while many teams have been linked as active suitors for the big 22 year old (The Preds, Bruins, and with his brother in Florida have all been bandied about as possible destinations), there's reason to believe the Flames have as strong a shot as anyone, if not stronger, to land Hayes.

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