FGD: Witty Puns About The Coyotes

February 24 2013 05:40PM



The nice thing about Sunday is that it's not Monday. The Flames had a case of the Mondays this past week against Phoenix, when they lost the world's most unwatchable hockey game in convincing fashion, a 4-0 snoozefest against a Coyotes team that against all odds both still exists and performs decently enough to find themselves batting for a playoff spot. For obvious reasons, we are not going to talk about it anymore.

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Two Minutes Hate! The Kirk McLean Edition!

February 21 2013 11:53AM



Welcome friends! 2MH is back. I know it's been a while, but after penning the Gary Leeman hate tribute, I, and certainly you, noble reader, are just coming down to normal levels of rational calm, and there's this whole thing about how there's been present day hockey related content to get angry over (Phoenix, am I right?), but here we are.


Once a yearly, regular thing Flames fans had become accustomed to now appears off on the horizon, a glimmering oasis of higher illusion. Back in the days of yore, the Flames were, to soften the tone as to not hurt the eyes of Flames fans today, competitive. They may have not always been contenders, but you know what they say, WHEN YOU GET TO THE DANCE, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.


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That's Enough, Barbara

February 15 2013 01:09PM



There's a lot of ground to cover today, what with tonight's matchup between the Flames and Blues, Roman Horak being recalled, the idiotic drivel belched out by Rhett Warrener about Jarome Iginla, and the corresponding croneyism by the media proleteriat in this city upholding it.

Certainly, there is a veritable buffet of Calgary Flame related tedium to load up our plates with, but save some room for dessert, friends, because today we're going to delve deeper into a topic we can all relate to, one that seems to resonate with everyone, based on the response it gets whenever we bring it up.

That, of course, is this whole business of your Calgary Flames and their goal song.

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Depth, Injuries, and Sven Baertschi

February 13 2013 10:08AM

Your Calgary Flames are hurting, friends. It's all hobbles and limps and hip flexors in Flametopia, and it sucks.

Mike Cammalleri, hip flexor. Sven Baertschi, hip flexor. Miikka Kiprusoff, MCL sprain/smokers lung. Mikael Backlund, heartbreaking knee injury.

Jay Feaster, jimmy legs.

Point is, they are beaten up. Cammalleri is supposedly on the verge of checking back in, and we're told Sven is getting his skate on, but he's not due back immediately, and it's meant calling up some rainy day players in Abbotsford. And THAT has exposed something we all already know: The Flames depth pool is awfully shallow.

The Baertsch plays into where I'm going with this, I promise. Just read all the words and then we'll talk about it, okay?


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Post-Game: How To Outwork A Young Turk

January 27 2013 12:58AM

Well friends, it was one of those nights. A collection of perfect moments stacked on top of other perfect moments. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon that melted away into a decadent Saturday night, and with a national audience including in house appearances by Ron, Don, and Spike Lee (prove to me that he WASN'T there), your Calgary Flames put the cherry on top.

In case you didn't notice, we had ourselves a little bit of a Battle of Alberta tonight, and true to form, it was a spirited tilt, where all the surrounding optics that usually follow teams over the course of the season fade, and the two provincial rivals, regardless of where they are in the course of their respective histories, combine to treat fans to some of the purest hovkey you will ever see. Tonight was just one more pristine example of how beautiful this game can be when two impassioned franchises rise above themselves and leave everything on the line.

The Flames, however, were just much much better this time around.

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