calgaryNEXT: Financial Speculation and Wish List

Christian Roatis
August 14 2015 01:30PM


At this point, we’ve all probably consumed the maximum amount of CalgaryNEXT content available to us, and water coolers around the city are buzzing with excitement of what the project may hold.

Few concrete details are known at this point - a significant bulk of information will come at Tuesday’s media and season ticket holder announcement - but from what we can gather, the CalgaryNEXT project will for sure include:

   An arena for the Calgary Flames

   A stadium for the Calgary Stampeders

   A fieldhouse for the Stamps, Flames and the public (Flames would utilize it for off-ice training)

No surprises there.

There has also been speculation that it will include commercial and residential aspects, which make sense considering the slogan "Work. Live. Play."

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FlamesNation Roundtable: 15th Overall Pick

Christian Roatis
June 26 2015 11:00AM


A long time ago, in a comment section far, far away, someone requested we do a roundtable to see who each FN writer foresees the Flames drafting at 15th overall. 

Well we here at FlamesNation are people pleasers, so we did just that. 

I didn't want to do just the generic "So who do you think they'll take at 15" question, so I instead I asked 3 questions tailored to the 15th overall, and one other 1st round related inquiry. 

Joining me for this exercise are FN personalities Kent Wilson, Ryan Pike, Ari, Byron Bader, Beloch and Taylor McKee. Let's get this party started!

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2015 NHL Mock Draft

Christian Roatis
June 25 2015 09:30AM


Every year, everybody and their dog post a mock draft on their hockey blog and swear theirs is the best. Then, the NHL Draft actually starts and it all ends up looking nothing like any of the mock drafts, because the draft itself is wacky and unpredictable. Nonetheless, mock drafts a lot of fun to read and really amp up the anticipation to the real thing.

Like every year, I made one of my own. Last year, I nailed the Top 7 (woo), got 9 of the Top 10, and 26 of my projected first rounders ended up going in the Top 30, with two of them (Brendan Lemieux [31] and Ivan Barbashev [33]) being selected in the Top 33, so I'd like to think my mock draft isn't total crap.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: QMJHL

Christian Roatis
June 24 2015 11:00AM


pic via Sportsnet

We end this years edition of the NHL Draft Scout Series back in Canada, with the QMJHL. The Q's class this year is very intriguing and it was - admittedly - pretty cruel to leave it for last - but then again, you leave the best for last, right?

HockeyProspect's head Q man, Jerome Berube was kind enough to join us again this year to chat up the QMJHL's entry for the 2015 NHL Draft.

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Flames First Round Targets 2015: David Jankowski

Christian Roatis
June 23 2015 01:00PM


photo via

The National Hockey League Entry Draft is an opportunity for teams to acquire elite talent at the cost of a free draft pick and if, as a team, you’re not trying to draft the best player in the draft in ten years, you’re doing it wrong. 

Thankfully, we in Calgary can sleep at night knowing the Flames have a track record of seeking out just that.

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