Flames 2015 Playoff Tribute Montage

Christian Roatis
May 26 2015 03:00PM

As many of you may know, at the completion of this past regular season, I put together a tribute montage - 2004 style - to commemorate the incredible Flames season that was. It was extremely successful, and I was overwhelmed by all the positive comments and the shear amount of people that enjoyed it.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: WHL

Christian Roatis
May 20 2015 01:00PM

Courtesy of the Western Hockey League

As we rapidly approach the 2015 NHL Draft, most every hockey site and blog on the internet will post rankings, previews and mock drafts to get its readers geared up for the events that will take place this June in sunny Florida.

Each of their writers has read up on the prospects to some extent or even watched a few in action, but fact is: the draft isn’t most people’s bread and butter – isn't their main course, if you will. It’s more of a side dish, ordered once a year.

There are those, however, who eat up junior hockey all year long and make their name scouting these draft eligible kids in miserably cold rinks day-in and day-out as we focus on our local National Hockey League team or whatever else is notable around the league, September through April (or May, or June depending on how far your local hockey heroes go in the playoffs).

Absolutely will we be doing the profiles and the mock drafts and the dissections but – as we introduced last year – I’ll be interviewing real scouts to get the inside scoops and expert opinions on the prospects that could be drafted out of their jurisdictions, at this year's National Hockey League draft.

That means WHL, OHL, QMJHL, USHL/NCAA and Europe will all be covered over the course of the next couple months, in very similar fashion to last year. It was a great success last season and I’m hoping it’ll be even better now.

Today, we kick off the 2015 edition of the Scout Series with a look at the WHL courtesy of Future Considerations' Head Western Scout, Zenon Herasymiuk.

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FN Draft Coverage Primer

Christian Roatis
May 18 2015 09:00AM

For the longest time, the NHL Entry Draft was the only event Calgary Flames fans had circled on their calendar and anticipated restlessly. The team was generally bad, and up until a few years ago the management was bad too. Basically everything was bad.

Ah, but every June we would huddle around our TVs and pray our local hockey heroes would land the next big thing at the National Hockey League’s yearly talent raffle.

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2014/2015 Calgary Flames Tribute Montage

Christian Roatis
April 13 2015 01:00PM

It’s a lazy day, there’s a feeling of mild melancholy in the air. What do you do? You fire up the ol’ YouTube and watch some 2004 Flames Cup Run videos and get both emotional and fired up at the same time. 

At least I do.

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Why Bob Hartley Should Be A Jack Adams Finalist

Christian Roatis
March 10 2015 12:00PM

Sometimes, differentiating between good coaching and bad coaching can be difficult. How much of a teams success can be directly credited to its bench boss and how much of it comes as a result of the talent and ability of the players actually playing the game?

I’d reckon the latter weighs far more in the grand scheme of things than the former. However, in some cases, a coach can single-handedly be responsible for his players playing to the full of their abilities and thus be a major factor in their teams success.

That’s why coaches of surprise teams often win the Jack Adams trophy, and that’s why it’s simply ludicrous to even suggest Bob Hartley shouldn’t be a finalist for the this year's award.

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