The NHLE Calculator

Christian Roatis
January 27 2016 02:00PM

Convenience is everything nowadays.  

We want everything to be as centralized as possible – with apps, news, etc all in one place – and everything done for us to the largest possible extent. To that end, I’ve taken the initiative to simplify and centralize the very common calculation of a hockey player’s NHLE, by creating a calculator for it. To my knowledge, it’s the first of its kind that is publicly available (this determined by one Google search and quick scan of the results), but I could be wrong.

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Introducing the 2016 NHL Draft Class

Christian Roatis
December 03 2015 08:00AM

The National Hockey League Entry Draft held annually at the end of June serves many a purpose. It serves as the entry point for hockey’s greatest and youngest future stars, it serves as grounds for general managers to brainstorm and execute blockbuster trades to shore up their teams, and it serves as a renewal of hope for many fanbases crushed by a disappointing season’s past.

The latter is the culmination of months of hype and banter, with prospect debate steadily intensifying for months until its eventual climax in June. I call it, The Feeling. A medley of excitement, jubilance and promise, fueled by your favorite team’s futility, The Feeling invades the mind of every hockey fan at some point during the year – the worse the team, the earlier the contraction – and makes permanent residence in every Oilers fan.  

Such feelings were commonplace for a couple of seasons in Calgary as the team undertook a rebuild, but was quickly extinguished by a miracle run to the second round of the playoffs last year.

However, 25 games into the 2015-16 season, The Feeling is back.

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A Coaching Change Could Save The Season

Christian Roatis
November 05 2015 03:00PM

The Calgary Flames season has started off just about as badly as could possibly be imagined. Everything that could’ve gone wrong on the ice seems to have happened, and bad puck – and otherwise – luck has been present on a nightly basis. However, despite having just one regulation win, and three wins overall, on this day the 5th of November, the Calgary Flames season is not lost. 


Fact is, the season can still be saved, but there almost certainly needs be a change behind the bench in order for that to take place.

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile: #4 Oliver Kylington

Christian Roatis
September 01 2015 09:00AM


When the 2014/15 NHL Season was about to get underway, there was a mild disappointment in the air in Calgary as just about everybody agreed the team was a tad too good to be in the McDavid/Eichel sweepstakes.

There was however a shot they could finish bottom 5, and that personally got me uber excited, because it put them right in the wheelhouse to draft Swedish wunderkind Oliver Kylington (at that time, with the ‘killer’ pronunciation of: Killing-ton).

Kylington was fresh off a full SHL season as a 16 year old, and had got most everybody in Swedish hockey all hot and bothered with his oozing of potential.

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile: #5 Morgan Klimchuk

Christian Roatis
August 31 2015 09:00AM


Morgan Klimchuk is FlamesNation’s 5th ranked prospect in 2015.

Being the third of three first round picks in the much lauded 2013 Draft class has probably contributed to Morgan Klimchuk’s status as the forgotten man in Calgary’s prospect pool. Having the two 1st rounders ahead of him be 30 goaler Sean Monahan and AHL All-Star Emile Poirier probably haven’t helped in that respect either.

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