Randy Carlyle will not be the next coach of the Calgary Flames

Christian Roatis
May 04 2016 01:00PM

Just one day after the majority of Flames fans were popping bottles and dreaming of roses and Boudreaus, it all came screaming to a halt with one tweet from a prominent hockey insider.

Now, I’m in no position to flat out discredit Renaud Lavoie - though the man tweeted we should expect Jonathan Drouin to be dealt within 24 hours, a couple thousand hours ago - but I think some cold water needs to be put on this before it burns out of control. 

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Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast Episode 3: Auf Wiedersehen Hartley

Christian Roatis
May 04 2016 11:30AM

It happened! Join Ari, Ryan, Mike and myself as we dissect the Bob Hartley firing yesterday, reminisce on our favourite Hartley moments, crackk open the big treasure chest of possible replacements and take a closer look at Bruce Boudreau. Is he really the right fit in Calgary? 

As always, it's timed to fit nicely into your lunch hour! Give a listen and chime in with your opinion in the comments! What are your most and least favourite Bob Hartley moments, and who would you like to see replace him? 

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Options For The 6th Overall Pick + FN Draft Coverage Primer

Christian Roatis
April 30 2016 07:33PM

Sigh. Well that was unfortunate. 

After 60 minutes of Damien Cox, the draft lottery finally got underway in Toronto. Things fell in favour of the host city, with the Maple Leafs winning the 1st overall pick after a season designed, and surgically executed to complete that exact task. The result of the second and third lotteries, for those numbered picks respectively, is where a sour taste sets into the mouths of Flames fans. 

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Shot Down In FlamesNation Episode 2

Christian Roatis
March 21 2016 10:00AM

We did it. A second episode. We're no longer a one-hit wonder! 

After many delays and a dud recording (actually recording everyone's voices is hard, apparently), the second episode of the Shot Down In FlamesNation podcast is live!

Ryan Pike joins me as a co-host on this episode and Kent Wilson stops in to chat as well. We went in Niklas Backstrom's first start as a Flame, Dennis Wideman's suspension and horrendous season, the pressure mounting on an organization in year 3 of a "5 Year Rebuild", the impending cap situation, Sean Monahan and future of the team down the middle, and even a little bit on Mark Jankowski's possible Flames debut. It's as fun a way to spend a lunch hour as I can think of. 

We got rid of the annoying echo from last episode, but the audio quality is still something of a work in progress. We'll get better, I promise. 

The SoundCloud link is below and she'll be on iTunes as well. Hope you all enjoy Episode 2 of our humble podcast. As always, any suggestions and comments are welcome below. 

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Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast

Christian Roatis
March 01 2016 10:00AM

It's a working title, OK? 

Well, this is new. A podcast! Everybody has one and since Brad Treliving got the Flames nice things this trade deadline, we figured we at FlamesNation could have some nice things as well, firing up the old podcast. 

If the reception is warm and people like it, we could make this thing a regular feature on FN. Unlike most podcasts out there, we tried to keep it under 350 minutes - 30 to be specific - so you can fit it into your lunch hour, or whatever. 

We hit 3 topics regarding the trade deadline, and one super special, super controversial one at the end that resulted in great conversation, and everybody will have a strong opinion on - so make sure to listen to the whole thing *wink*.

Due to our utmost professionalism, there was an F-Bomb dropped. So watch out for that if you're in a sensitive environment. 

We'd love to hear your opinions and feedback on the first podcast, tentatively named Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast, literally only because I used the song "Shot Down In Flames" by AC/DC to start. We can have a vote or something for a name moving forward if this turns into a regular thing. 

Hope you all enjoy it! 

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