FGD: LOL (Loss on Loss)

Christian Roatis
November 25 2014 02:22PM


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The Flames' recent success - or lack thereof - in Anaheim can be simply described with one acronym. LOL. Loss on Loss...or Laugh Out Loud, depending on how annoying you are.

Since January 19th, wait for it, 2004(!!) the Calgary Flames' haven't been able to "put it in the win column" against the Anaheim Ducks in their home rink, and have been accumulating LOL with each visit to the city that isn't Los Angeles but pretty much is but technically isn't (I mean come on, they share a baseball team!).

In fact, the last time the Flames won in Anaheim, the Ducks weren't even known as the Ducks, rather as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Well, even though they haven't been Mighty for some time now, their mastery of the Flames at the pond is unparalleled.

For a while now, every meeting between the Ducks and Flames in Orange County is met with the "Is This The Game Calgary Snaps The Streak?" articles and then followed with the "Nope" articles. This is another one of those lead up articles. We're hoping for a different follow up, though.

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The Positives Are Not Just On The Ice

Christian Roatis
November 25 2014 10:29AM

We are now well into the 2014/2015 rendition of the National Hockey League's regular season, and things around the Calgary, Alberta based team is far rosier than anyone - aside from the apparently brilliant Aaron Ward - could have ever predicted.

The Calgary Flames are listed under "Pacific Division" not "Wild Card" in the Standings and everything seems to be going right for them. They seem to be rolling on Colorado-like luck with the successful empty net pulls with 3 minutes to go and all the third period comebacks, but hey, I'm sure not complaining. It's been a heck of a ride.

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The Curious Case of Josh Jooris

Christian Roatis
October 04 2014 10:06AM


Josh Jooris and hockey have gone hand-in-hand, like spaghetti and meatballs, since Jooris was just a little tyke. While Mark Jooris, father of Josh, grinded it out in leagues across Europe, his son – and understudy – was quickly learning the ropes of the game he was growing into, and developing a feverish passion for.

And as it turns out, he happened to have a knack for it.

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Perfect Time To Rebuild?

Christian Roatis
September 26 2014 08:30AM

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Rebuilding is never fun. There's no disputing that.

However, every team at some point comes to the realization that their best route to glory must run through the dreaded lands of a rebuild. The Calgary Flames came to such a realization, in 2013, after years of treading the waters of mediocrity and have since begun a retooling and rearming process to return them to relevance.

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PTSD: Post Traumatic Sutter Disorder

Christian Roatis
August 19 2014 01:30PM

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An anxiety appears to have been building in Calgary regarding the Flames' new management team and their seemingly undying thirst for size and toughness. The debate seems to ignite itself on the majority of message board and article comment section, regardless the topic of the original post.

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