Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: LA

Christian Roatis
February 20 2014 02:29PM

(courtesy NHL/

He started the season with 9 goals and 13 points in 14 games after missing games due to a hand injury. The fan base collectively hollered "trade him now!" They didn't trade him. Since then, he's scored 4 times in 28 games, and now, it's likely that the Calgary Flames want to trade him. The circumstances surrounding Mike Cammalleri and his potential departure are odd, to say the least. It seems like every week, a "prominent hockey analyst" reports something different about the 31-year-old winger. New teams, new asking prices and new wrinkles in the situation enter the fray weekly. Reports a few weeks ago even suggested the Flames may no longer trade him all-together, and that an extension to remain a Flame was in the works. That, however, makes little sense for the team nor the player, so for this exercise we'll assume he's on his way out the door.

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Weekend Open Thread: Olympic Pride

Christian Roatis
February 09 2014 10:14AM

The magic of Vancouver is still fresh in the minds of Canadians, who for 16 days came together as one and celebrated some of the greatest and proudest moments in this countries history. Now, 4 years later, Canada's finest winter athletes return to the world's greatest stage in an attempt to re-spark that incomparable feeling of national pride and jubilation every Canadian felt during the Vancouver Games. There are numerous events in which Canada could medal, including hockey, and in fact have already claimed three (one each of gold, silver and bronze) just 24 hours in.

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Flames Re-Sign Kris Russell

Christian Roatis
February 08 2014 02:38PM


                                                             pic via: Zimbio

The Calgary Flames announced today that they have signed Kris Russell to a 2 year extension at an annual average of $2.6 million dollars. The 26 year old Red Deer native was acquired from St. Louis in the off season in exchange for a 5th Round Pick in the 2014 NHL Draft and is currently on an expiring one year, $1.5 million dollar deal.

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Post Game: Ray

Christian Roatis
February 08 2014 02:15PM


                                                                            pic via: rayemeryfan

Every player has a team they really love playing against, a team they always find success against. For Ray Emery, that team is the Calgary Flames.

Emery has faced the Flames 11 times in his career and has won 8 of those contests, including this afternoon's tilt in Philly. Calgary threw in another valiant effort but are left tasting the bitter taste of defeat. I'm sure spirits aren't all too down though, with the Olympic break now officially in effect and many of the group will be heading off on family vacations for the next couple weeks.

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FGD: Brotherly Matchup

Christian Roatis
February 08 2014 02:08AM


                                                        pic via: HFBoards

Wake up, throw some breakfast on, brew a fresh cup of Mojo, comfortably establish yourself on the couch and throw on some Calgary Flames hockey. That is a routine I quite enjoy and wish we'd see more of. There's nothing like starting your day with some Flames hockey - especially when they're playing well! Personally, I'd like to see more of these type of starts.

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