2014 NHL Mock Draft 1.0

Christian Roatis
April 15 2014 06:28PM

So, with the official lottery order set for the top 14 picks and using reverse standing order for the rest of the teams, here is the first version of our 2014 NHL Mock Draft:

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Weak Drafts: Truth or Myth?

Christian Roatis
April 14 2014 07:54AM

Let's get something out of the way right off the bat: no draft outright sucks. No draft is exceptionally worse than another. Yes, some drafts yield more superstars than others, and some appear more "sexy" before the fact, than others, but in general, every draft is about the same in terms of their yield. What does differ from year to year, is where that talent is found, and the amount of star talent resulting. Sometimes all the quality NHLers come from the 1st round, while sometimes the majority are drafted in the later rounds. One thing remains consistent: every single draft contains quality NHLers, the key is finding them.

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FGD: Curtain Call

Christian Roatis
April 13 2014 12:38PM

Make no mistake about it. Today, for Calgary Flames fans, is Johnny Gaudreau day. Finally, after all this time. All the stress. All the grey hairs. All the late nights sitting by the fireplace with your 7th glass of cheap whiskey in one hand, and a box of "the Gaudfather" brandname tissues in the other, stressing about the possibility of Johnny Gaudreau pulling a fast one on the Flames and leaving as a UFA next year.

Well my slightly obsessed, alcoholic friend, worry no longer because Johnny Hockey is here! Fresh off of winning the Hobey Baker Award via unanimous decision and not winning an NCAA National Championship with Boston College, Johnny Gaudreau and fellow 4th round pick (although a year earlier) Bill "the forgotten one" Arnold will make their NHL debuts today versus the Vancouver Cauncks.

Vancouver, who remade the 2002 TV Movie "Falling Apart" in very entertaining fashion for the rest of us this season, are on the backend of a back-to-back series to close out their nightmarish season while the Flames finish out their 2013/14 tonight as well. Depending on how the Dallas/Phoenix game goes, this one could be the last regular season game to wrap this NHL season. Whatever that's worth.

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FGD: A Horse With No Name

Christian Roatis
March 15 2014 03:35PM

Well, last night happened. Down 3-1 with 20 minutes to play against a team fighting for playoff breath, and the Flames grind out a W. Regardless of your position in the #winningculture vs. #tankmode debate, last night was a fun night to be a Flames fan. I won't get into that though, for it's a can of worms I'm not intent on opening at the moment.

Tonight, it'll be a quick turnaround as the squad will play in the quiet, undisturbed confines of Jobing.com arena against the soon to be named Arizona Coyotes. In theory, the 'Yotes, battling for their playoff lives, should hungrily dismantle a tired, lowly Flames squad. That is theory though, and Flames have spit in the face of theory all season, so for all we know the Coyotes could get blown out of the water. What a weird team this Flames group is. Great fun to watch though, so I guess that's all you can ask for when you're rebuilding.

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Flames 2014 Trade Deadline Primer

Christian Roatis
March 04 2014 02:14PM

(pic via imgur)

The most astute of hockey inclined calendar experts will notice a typo relating to the holiday Christmas. It's listed as the 25th of December on your standard, run of the mill calendar, when in fact it should be the 5th of March. After all, that's when the Trade Deadline is scheduled this year.

For many NHL enthusiasts, this is one of the best days of the 365 we have at our disposal, yearly. We book the day off work or school - the reasoning we give is usually less than truthful, *cough* *sniffle* - and flip on TSN's Tradecentre for a glorious 10 hours (no offense to Sportsnet). Watching the ever talented James Duthie stall for the first four or so hours before the first trade is usually made is just as enjoyable as hearing the "Insiders" break the blockbusters.

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