Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: Phoenix

Christian Roatis
March 03 2014 11:00AM

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Flashback to March 4th, 2009. Darryl Sutter ignites excitement to an immeasurable level in Calgary by acquiring then-star Olli Jokinen and defenseman Jordan Leopold at the trade deadline.

The Jokinen acquisition was of particular interest to fans, because it seemed Sutter had finally found a star center for Jarome Iginla. The return - a 1st round pick, Matt Lombardi and Brandon Prust - was inconsequential at time considering the hole the Flames had thought they had filled. The deal ended up yielding the Coyotes defenseman Brandon Gormley - via the 1st round pick - who is now a top prospect and looks to have a promising future, while Olli Jokinen helped the Flames slog through a few more years of mediocrity. In hindsight, not the greatest of moves. Now, the Flames have a similar bargaining chip that Phoenix had with Jokinen in Mike Cammalleri: a proven scorer that can push a team over the hump. Phoenix at the moment has stalled, right on top of that hump, and could reverse the roles they played with the Flames in 2009 and land the Flame sniper to nudge themselves over completely.

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Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: Pittsburgh

Christian Roatis
February 28 2014 09:50AM

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About a year ago, the town was buzzing about a potential Flame being dealt at the deadline to the Pittsburgh Penguins to play on Sidney Crosby's wing - like he did in 2010 - and help the Pens to a Stanley Cup. The one generating that buzz was of course long-time captain and icon Jarome Iginla. Sure enough, in bizarre fashion, Iginla was shipped to the Steel City.

Now, just under a year later, the Penguins appear to be right in the thick of things relating to acquiring a Flames rental sniper at the deadline, once again. This time, it's Mike Cammalleri. At first glance it seems like an odd fit for a number of reasons, but if we look a little deeper, this may actually be a scenario which makes sense for both teams.

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Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: New Jersey

Christian Roatis
February 24 2014 04:39PM

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When Dean "Boomer" Molberg, of the Sportsnet 960 morning show, asked frequent guest and CBC insider Elliotte Friedman to name a team he thought were right in the thick of things regarding the Mike Cammalleri sweepstakes, Friedman stunned the host with his answer: the New Jersey Devils.

It's not that a trade to the Devils was inconceivable or anything, it's just that no one had really considered them to be contenders in the hunt for the talented winger prior to Friedman's suggestion. The idea, still, is an odd one for me to digest. I don't really see it being a good fit for either team on the surface, but nonetheless, let's break the situation down.

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Cammalleri Trade Scenarios: LA

Christian Roatis
February 20 2014 02:29PM

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He started the season with 9 goals and 13 points in 14 games after missing games due to a hand injury. The fan base collectively hollered "trade him now!" They didn't trade him. Since then, he's scored 4 times in 28 games, and now, it's likely that the Calgary Flames want to trade him. The circumstances surrounding Mike Cammalleri and his potential departure are odd, to say the least. It seems like every week, a "prominent hockey analyst" reports something different about the 31-year-old winger. New teams, new asking prices and new wrinkles in the situation enter the fray weekly. Reports a few weeks ago even suggested the Flames may no longer trade him all-together, and that an extension to remain a Flame was in the works. That, however, makes little sense for the team nor the player, so for this exercise we'll assume he's on his way out the door.

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Weekend Open Thread: Olympic Pride

Christian Roatis
February 09 2014 10:14AM

The magic of Vancouver is still fresh in the minds of Canadians, who for 16 days came together as one and celebrated some of the greatest and proudest moments in this countries history. Now, 4 years later, Canada's finest winter athletes return to the world's greatest stage in an attempt to re-spark that incomparable feeling of national pride and jubilation every Canadian felt during the Vancouver Games. There are numerous events in which Canada could medal, including hockey, and in fact have already claimed three (one each of gold, silver and bronze) just 24 hours in.

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