Setting Expecations: Sven Baertschi

Christian Roatis
August 20 2013 08:48AM



I recently conducted a fan Q&A and the question of "How many points will Sven Baertschi get next season?" came up. I predicted his total would land around 50 but wouldn't really be disappointed if it ended up being slightly below that. Some agreed with me while others thought that 50 points was a little too large of total to expect out of guy in his circumstance.

The idea however intrigued me. How many points can we realistically expect out of a 20-21 year old who just recently tore up the Western league but with only 25 NHL games under his belt?

Obviously we can't accurately predict a precise point total for Baertschi, but we can use history to approximately gauge what an appropriate expectation would be. In order to do this I took a look at past performances by NHLers in their 20-21 year old season using the 04/05 lockout as a starting point to see which group of players Baertschi could best compare to.

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FlamesNation Fan Ask - August 16, 2013

Christian Roatis
August 16 2013 09:20AM


It's no secret that things are slow in the NHL world - that August kind of slow. Most sports fans in Calgary have turned their attention to the thriving Stampeders and any Flames talk was placed in storage for the summer. Anyway, I thought I'd do a little Q&A to mix things up so I asked fans on Twitter and Facebook to send in questions for me to answer and I've narrowed it down to 10.

So without further ado...

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Baby Flames at the World Juniors

Christian Roatis
August 15 2013 12:01PM


2010 WJHC
- pic via OddyOh


A number of the world's top hockey countries held evaluation camps this month in anticipation of the 2014 World Junior Hockey Championships in Sweden and it's generated a little buzz in the Calgary Flames world as a number of it's prospects received invitations to these camps. While not many fan bases pay much attention to which of their prospects get invited to a summer orientation camp, things seemed to be a little different in Calgary this year.

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Defending Jay Feaster

Christian Roatis
August 06 2013 08:30AM

When Jay Feaster officially replaced Darryl Sutter as the General Manager of the Calgary Flames in the December of 2010, a collective sigh of relief echoed through Calgary. After all, Sutter's dubious moves were jeopardizing the already down ward spiralling and aging Flames team - one no trade clause at a time.

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The (Very Early) Look at the 2013/14 Flames Line-Up

Christian Roatis
July 16 2013 10:06AM



With Prospect Development Camp almost at an end, intrigue builds as to which prospects participating have a shot at the big club come October and what the lines might look like once the season opener rolls around. The 2013/14 Flames will undoubtedly feature an unseen blend of youth and veteran presence and will likely carry the youngest average age the team has seen in a decade.

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