Thoughts: Draft and Free Agency

Christian Roatis
July 04 2014 08:08AM

As many of you may know, while the Calgary Flames have been furthering their rebuild through various moves like drafting a 20 year old and signing Derek Engellend, I've been wandering through Europe.

As a result, it's been tough to write and get things out due to the lack of internet. I have however, managed, one way or another, to keep up with all the important maneuvers made by the team. I did watch the Draft live (on Satellite Internet which is just as slow and expensive as it sounds) and most of Free Agent Frenzy on cafe and hotel internet hotspots and I've bunch of opinions on it all I'd like to share after the jump.

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The Mock Draft 2.0

Christian Roatis
June 26 2014 05:15PM

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I posted version 1.0 of my Mock Draft shortly after the NHL Draft Lottery (link), and there have been some changes in version 2.0. Drafts are extremely tough to mock, especially ones like this one with tons of varying opinions on players, but they're fun nonetheless.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: Europe

Christian Roatis
June 23 2014 08:00AM


The final leg of our NHL Draft Scout Series lands across the Atlantic in Europe, as our own Christian Roatis chatted with Future Considerations' Roman Solovyov (@croulmane).

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NHL Draft Scout Series: QMJHL

Christian Roatis
June 09 2014 11:00AM


The second last leg of our NHL Draft Scout Series lands in Quebec and the QMJHL. HockeyProspect Head Q scout Jerome Berube (@Jerome_Berube) was kind enough to chat with us about what to expect from this years crop of QMJHL ice hockey competitors. 

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Flames Draft Probables

Christian Roatis
June 04 2014 11:15AM


Over the next few weeks we'll be breaking down possible draft options for the Calgary Flames at each of their picks in late June, and although after the first 15 or so players in this draft there's mass controversy where everyone else fits, it'll still be fun to get a gist of what could be coming Calgary's way at the annual event.

Starting at the top, the Flames hold the 4th overall holler - the highest in team history - and are guaranteed (unless they go way, way, way off the board) an elite prospect from it. The consensus top five or six guys have been public knowledge for a long time now, but the order in which they go is an interesting component to analyze. Dale Tallon has publicly been shopping his first overall pick - somewhat aggressively according to Panthers beat writer George Richards. Will the Panthers deal the pick? Could the Flames move up? Tons of intrigue around that situation. 

Talk out of Edmonton is that Oiler brass is in love with Leon Draisaitl and are lining up to snag him a pick before the Flames, at 3. There's endless scenarios that could play out and the only sure thing from a Flames perspective is they're working tirelessly to construct their list, and won't deter from it when they go to select.

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