NHL Draft Scout Series: QMJHL

Christian Roatis
June 24 2015 11:00AM


pic via Sportsnet

We end this years edition of the NHL Draft Scout Series back in Canada, with the QMJHL. The Q's class this year is very intriguing and it was - admittedly - pretty cruel to leave it for last - but then again, you leave the best for last, right?

HockeyProspect's head Q man, Jerome Berube was kind enough to join us again this year to chat up the QMJHL's entry for the 2015 NHL Draft.

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Flames First Round Targets 2015: David Jankowski

Christian Roatis
June 23 2015 01:00PM


photo via stansteadcollege.com

The National Hockey League Entry Draft is an opportunity for teams to acquire elite talent at the cost of a free draft pick and if, as a team, you’re not trying to draft the best player in the draft in ten years, you’re doing it wrong. 

Thankfully, we in Calgary can sleep at night knowing the Flames have a track record of seeking out just that.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: Russia

Christian Roatis
June 23 2015 09:00AM


And now, for the most enigmatic of the Scout Series articles - Russia. Some say this article is afflicted with the 'Russian factor'. For all we know, it might jet over to KHL.ru at any time for the tax-free views. 

But until then, Future Considerations and RSport scout and writer Roman Solovyov was kind enough to join us and chat Russian prospect for the 2015 NHL Draft.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: USA

Christian Roatis
June 20 2015 11:00AM


The NHL Draft Scout Series is racking up the Air Miles now, jumping from Scandinavia back to North America and into the home of the beer and land of the free - the United States of America. 

Matt Grainda is a former ISS scout and is currently with theScout.ca, and he stops in to chat American talent for the upcoming National Hockey League Draft. 

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NHL Draft Scout Series: Finland

Christian Roatis
June 17 2015 09:00AM


                                                                  pic via urheilukansa.net

Continuing the NHL Draft Scout Series, which was last in Sweden, we trek to another Scandanvian country, and perennial prospect producing machine: Finland. 

Here, we check in with Future Considerations Finnish scout, Marco Bombino, who's got the goods on notable 'Finn' prospects for next week's NHL Entry Draft.

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