Will You Play Hockey For Food?

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 02 2014 02:00AM


There are three staples in the average Canadian person's life: hockey, being nice, and being nice as a means to play more hockey. If you can find a way to combine the three, then you've created the best thing ever. Five Hole For Food does just that, and begins their 2014 cross-Canada tour today.

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Historical Context In A Crazy Rumour

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 17 2013 01:46PM

Every so often, a hockey rumour comes up that makes you sit in awe and confusion. Even rarer, you get the awesome plot twist of there being merit to the speculation. Usually, when that's the case, it involves Flames GM Jay Feaster or Avalanche GM Greg Sherman. Occasionally, the two will band together to create the Watch The Throne of puck absurdity, like the Ryan O'Reilly offer sheet that nearly ended in waivers earlier this season. Fast forward to now, and we have another fun "what if" to discuss.

As reported across the hockey world, the Flames want to make a significant impact at this year's draft. Since they weren't able to completely tank, trading for the first overall pick is the best way to do it, and Colorado is the team in possession of that top spot. Feaster's plan of attack? He offered picks 6 (Calgary's original pick), 22 (from St. Louis) and 28 (from Pittsburgh) for first overall. Sherman and the Avalanche have since rejected it, but it's lead to some debate. Should they have taken it? After all, three first round picks are nothing to scoff at. Here's a look at every 1 for 6/22/28 scenario possible since the draft had at least 28 potential selections:

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