Year End Review of the Edmonton Oilers

April 21 2016 10:12AM

It is mid-April and after a difficult and disappointing season marred by injuries throughout the lineup, the Edmonton Oilers are looking at a top end draft pick and facing some significant roster changes under their new General Manager.

Is it 2010 or 2016?

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Year End Review of the Vancouver Canucks

April 18 2016 11:00AM

At the beginning of the season I decided to take a look at the Flames’ chances for the year in contrast to their two Pacific division rivals, the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks.

I followed this up mid-year with some updates to see how each team was coming along (Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary).

Today we begin the final analysis, or to be more precise for these teams, the end-of-season autopsy.

We’re beginning with the Canucks, who's disastrous season is likely to usher in some significant changes this summer. Or at the very least set the stage for major changes to come should they falter again next season.

This season I tracked not only the individual progress of each player but also tracked the team save percentage, possession metrics, goal differential, and individual goalie performances based on save percentages.

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The Man Who Cried "UNCLE!"

April 01 2016 12:00PM


I think something has finally snapped in me.

For over thirty years I have cheered, celebrated and supported the team on the north end of the QE2.

I’ve followed them through ups and downs and then what was supposed to be a whole lot more up.

But the up never came. In fact, it seemed my team found new and previously unexplored depths. 

Like a stone washed by a thousand thousand tides, I have been worn thin by the relentless drudgery of my hockey team.

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Mid-year Update on the Flames

January 17 2016 11:00AM

We’ve arrived at the Flames’ update at last. Our previous two, the Canucks and Oilers, reviewed the progress of the roster players, possession metrics, sv%’s and various other metrics used to track a team.

For those interested, here's the pre-season look at the Flames.

The Flames had a tough start to the season and I suppose I could save you reading through this article by just summarizing the first few months by saying they looked lost early and were sunk by atrocious goaltending but appear now to be rounding into something resembling an NHL team.

However, let’s see if we can’t do a little better than that.

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Mid-Year Update on the Oilers

January 15 2016 08:00AM

I don’t know that many teams going into the 2015-2015 had as mixed expectations as the Oilers, simultaneously predicted to do great things with Connor McDavid and be terrible because, well, they have been for such a very long time.

So how have things gone for this enigmatic organization thus far? Well, not surprisingly, both bad and good, albeit relatively speaking.

Again, we are revisiting the three Pacific Division teams we first examined at the beginning of the season: the Canucks, Oilers and Flames.

Previously we looked in on the Canucks’ season to see how things were progressing.

Today we look at the Oilers.

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