A Balanced Look at the Calgary Flames

October 05 2015 09:00AM

*Note: this article is LONG. 10000+ words. Feel free to skip down to the conclusions, or if you don't want to tackle it you can skip it altogether. Thanks!

This is the third article in our where we look at what we might expect from NHL teams this coming season based on past performances. I’m warning you know, this is a long one so you might want to bookmark the page and come back to it when you have the time.

Click here to read about my methodology.

Previously we have examined the Canucks (linked above) and Oilers. Today, we get to a subject some of you might find a little more interesting: The Calgary Flames.

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A Balanced Look at the Oilers

October 01 2015 09:00AM

In our continuing series on estimating team performances this season, today we'll look at the forwards for the Oilers.

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Once again, we'll have along our friendly companion for the journey.

That’s me.

Think of him as my own personal Flaming C-jersey wearing devil sitting on my shoulder and keeping me from my well-earned rest at night.

So, let's get started.

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A Balanced Look at the Canucks

September 22 2015 09:00AM

We’ll begin this year’s team forecast with something a little different from last year’s Flames series (links for part one, two and three).

This year we’re going to start by looking at two Pacific Division rivals before we get to the Flames, particularly two teams the Flames may well end up battling to try and secure a playoff position in addition to being old and bitter rivals.

We’ll begin with an objective review of the Canucks to see where they might land this coming season.

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2015 Penticton Prospects at a Glance

September 10 2015 09:00AM


The Young Stars tournament is finally here. That means some real, actual hockey with players, goals, hits and, where applicable, pride at stake.

Last year I ran through the prospect groups for the Oilers as a way to introduce to fans here some names with which they may not otherwise be familiar. The idea was that with the Flames entering a rebuild and attention turning to prospects and prospect depth it made sense to try and get the lay of the land in that regard amongst some other Western Canadian teams.

This year I'll again be looking at the Canucks, Oilers, Jets and Flames and independently rating their prospect depth chart.

We'll begin with the hosts of the Young Stars tournament.

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Nothing Is Unpossible!

June 22 2015 03:00PM


The Calgary Flames have a few options open to them this summer. They need defensemen and some high-end depth at the wing. They have a surplus of cap space and a wealth of middling prospects as well as three 2nd round picks and two 3rd round picks this June and a full round of picks next June.

Off the top of my head here are five things (with apologies to Ryan Lambert) the Flames could try this summer.

  1. The Flames could trade for Alexander Semin (and the 5th overall pick).
  2. The Flames could submit an offer sheet on Brandon Saad.
  3. The Flames could trade for Patrick Sharp.
  4. The Flames could submit an offer sheet on Dougie Hamilton
  5. The Flames could trade for Zdeno Chara.

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