How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames - A Four Year (and a bit) Plan - Part 2

December 23 2012 09:41AM



This is a continuation of a series in which I propose a method of rebuilding the Flames organization. For a frame of reference, you can go to the first in the series here.

Preparing for a shortened 2012-13 NHL season

As I mentioned in the first article, I am operating under a list of assumptions, the first of which is that the 2012-2013 season is an abbreviated one, beginning in January. A shortened season will be Kryptonite to this already borderline roster, while a cancelled one would be potentially catastrophic for the organization as a whole.

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How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames – A Four-Year (and a bit) Plan

December 22 2012 09:22AM

I've given it to Feaster and the Flames a fair bit, most recently in my rebuilding series. So I figure it is probably time to put some skin in the game and say what I would do to rebuild the Flames. No tricks, no hidden agendas. I feel it is time that I add something constructive to this conversation.

I'm going to rebuild the Calgary Flames.

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Going Back to Winnipeg: Part Deux

November 18 2012 12:32PM

This is part two of a two-part article looking at the Winnipeg Jets in the Revisited Series. Part one can be found here.

In the previous article I had discussed the process by which True North Sports & Entertainment had acquired, and then relocated, the Jets. I detailed the scouting staff that had been retained, as well as reviewing their record at the draft and the consequences thereof. I reviewed Kevin Cheveldayoff and Claude Noel's records that warranted their positions within the organization, and we watched a video on why Gretzky is the Anti-Christ to Manitobans and how Samuel L. Jackson missed his calling as a junior hockey coach.

In this part I will look at Evander Kane, the Jets roster and recent additions, some season prognostications and my general summation of the state, and future, of the franchise.

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Going Back to Winnipeg: Part One

November 12 2012 04:35PM

The Jets Revisited

Part One of a two-part article looking at the Winnipeg Jets in the Revisited Series

*If you're an Oilers fan, you're going to want to watch that first video clip*

Winnipeg got its team back and the city, and country, rejoiced. Now what?

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11th of November

November 11 2012 02:13PM

On November 11th, 1918 the leading nations of the world finally put a stop to the largest display of industrial self-immolating lunacy it had ever seen (but sadly would not ever see). In four years, the belligerent nations of the Allied and Central Powers had managed to annihilate roughly 17 million souls, both military and civilian. At the Somme, a small section of river in Northeastern France, the two managed to combine to destroy 1 million men in just over a year. Today the Somme is referred to by some as the graveyard of armies.

All of this accomplished very little, as the world would dance again to the same nihilistic tune for a new generation.

That war would see mankind throw approximately 60 million souls, both military and civilian, into the abyss.

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