In Defense of Jay Feaster...Sort Of

March 31 2013 10:57AM



Henry Ford once said that customers were free to buy a car in any colour they wanted - so long as it was black.

This approach to buyer's choice is somewhat analogous to the options faced by Jay Feaster in the Iginla trade. There was really only one option in the end and Feaster had be content with it, because Ray Shero wasn't going to offer more than he felt he had to and Jarome Iginla had made the decision that he wanted to go to Pittsburgh.

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Identifying The Deep Draft

March 14 2013 11:53AM

2013 is supposedly a deep draft year, something rivaling the vaunted 2003 draft class according to many observers. By all accounts this is the year to sell the farm for as many first round picks as you can get and then just sit back and draft five or six future NHL stars and stalwarts.

But is it, really? And even if it is a deep draft year, what exactly does that mean?

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C'est Buono

February 21 2013 05:20PM

On January 24th Wally Buono held a news conference to announce that he was trading star received and B.C. Lions franchise cornerstone Geroy Simon.

Okay, so we’re talking football in February, but stick with me here.

Simon is a lock for the CFL Hall of Fame, and probably a few other local Halls of Fame in B.C. and his home state of Pennsylvania. His game has diminished partially due to age and injury, but there is no denying that he is still an effective player and a terrific influence to have on the roster of any CFL team. On top of that, Simon had spent eleven years with the Lions, winning two Grey Cup championships and the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Award. It was Simon’s image that adorned the B.C. Lions Canada Post stamp for the Grey Cup’s 100th birthday.

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Kipper Down? Keep Your Chin Up

February 14 2013 11:39AM



When CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) started up the Large Hadron Collider there were many who protested the experimental lab over fears that the particle accelerator could accidentally open up a black hole that would engulf the Earth (and most of the galactic neighbourhood as well).

The LHC went live at 10:28 am local time (France and Switzerland) on September 10th, 2008.

Nothing bad happened.

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Should the Flames Have Taken Yann Danis?

February 08 2013 01:52PM

A short while ago Yann Danis, the Oilers backup goaltender while Khabibulin gets up to NHL speed and their starter in the AHL, was put on waivers.

Why didn’t the Flames take him?

The current backup for Miikka Kiprusoff (and now starter) is Leland Irving who was a healthy scratch in Abbotsford in favour of Barry Brust and Danny Taylor during the lockout. Irving was also waived earlier this year, along with Henrik Karlsson.

Fair to say that the Flames organization does not appear to be a great deal of faith in Irving as a future goaltender?

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