Five Things That Could Cost The Flames A Playoff Berth

Steve Macfarlane
February 08 2015 09:19AM

The Calgary Flames are a playoff* team.

Did you notice the asterisk?

The loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday night served as a reminder to fans of the overachieving local heroes that they can’t afford to play bad games very often. They’re a playoff team by virtue of their current spot in the standings and their point pace, which projects to 94 in the Western Conference standings. That number was 96 just a couple of nights ago. Losing back-to-back games in regulation after a three-game winning streak would drop it to 93 (and that’s rounding up).

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Ortio’s Long Road to The NHL Paved With Bumps and Believers

Steve Macfarlane
January 22 2015 01:30PM

His successful and headline-grabbing recent stint in Calgary might have taken some people by surprise, but a couple of the first Flames coaches to work directly with Joni Ortio could see signs of this as a possible outcome years ago.

Jamie McLennan was director of goaltender development for the Flames in 2008 when he first crossed paths with a young and talented Finnish netminder during a trip overseas to work with Miikka Kiprusoff in the offseason. On the ice with legendary goalie coach Uri Ylonen, Kiprusoff, Saku and Mikko Koivu and some other NHLers was a 17-year-old Ortio.

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Flames Brass Facing Risk Management Decisions

Steve Macfarlane
January 20 2015 09:15AM

They’re not quite there yet, but the Calgary Flames are heading toward a pivotal point in this confounding season.

During a well-publicized rebuilding phase that officially started with the unloading of former captain Jarome Iginla less than two years ago, the Flames are actually in contention for a playoff spot.

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Bob the Builder Is The Right Man For the Job - For Now

Steve Macfarlane
December 18 2014 11:30AM

The timing of the announcement couldn’t have been more perfect.

If ever there was a time to make a statement as to the absolute certainty of the Calgary Flames’ feeling they have the right man for the job, it’s to extend the head coach of a rebuilding franchise during a six-game losing streak.

It serves as a reminder to the fans that the team’s brass knows there will be plenty of growing pains to come and that the early-season exceeding of all expectations did nothing to change their short or long-term plans.

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Everybody Loves Raymond: Cochrane Product Enjoying Life With Team He Grew Up Cheering For

Steve Macfarlane
October 30 2014 03:30PM

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There’s never a good time to be injured as an NHLer, but if there was, now would probably be it for Flames winger Mason Raymond.

He’s still in the midst of moving into a new Calgary home with wife Megan and two-and-a-half-year-old son Max. After spending much of early part of the season on the road, the 29-year-old Cochrane product is looking forward to getting settled off the ice after looking very comfortable on the ice with the Flames in the early part of the season before a shoulder injury temporarily put him on the shelf this week.

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