Patience A Virtue Burke Doesn’t Believe In

Steve Macfarlane
December 13 2013 10:16AM



The first move was a quake. Way up there on the Richter scale.

Jay Feaster is out as the Calgary Flames’ general manager much more quickly than anyone anticipated even with Brian Burke looming large since his hire as president of hockey operations back in September.

The second move might have seemed a minor aftershock, but the demotion of struggling young winger Sven Baertschi was the most telling sign of the opposing views Burke and Feaster had when it comes to the team’s rebuild.

Feaster preached patience.

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Fans Never Really Got to Say Good-Bye

Steve Macfarlane
December 11 2013 08:23AM


- pic via Cats Five


Jarome Iginla’s last game as a member of the Flames was technically sitting out as as a healthy scratch last season, on the night he was ultimately traded. Because there were deals in the works, Iginla was told to stay home. He didn’t even get to come to the rink.

For 16 years, Iginla was the future, then face of the franchise here. And just like that, he was gone.

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Matt Stajan's Long Road to Redemption

Steve Macfarlane
November 26 2013 09:33AM


Backstrom and Stajan Face Off
- pic via clyde


If we took a poll of Flames fans a couple of years ago asking whether or not they’d want to keep Matt Stajan on the team beyond the season, nevermind the life of his current contract, the response likely would have been a resounding no. Perhaps not completely unanimous, but certainly overwhelmingly in favour of ditching him in any fashion possible — be it through trade, waivers, assignment to the minors or just wishing for something bad to happen to him.

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Cammalleri's stock on the rise

Steve Macfarlane
November 15 2013 08:39AM


- pic via halifax drunk


It wasn’t long ago Mike Cammalleri wasn’t even able to grip a stick.

Now nearly everything that touches it seems to be finding the back of the net. After sitting out the first seven games of the regular season with a hand injury that also kept him sidelined through for most of the exhibition schedule, Cammalleri has been the team’s most consistent goal scorer.

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Monahan - Should he Stay or Should he Go?

Steve Macfarlane
October 18 2013 08:54AM



Only one thing is certain as debate continues over whether Sean Monahan stays with the Flames past his ninth game or heads back to junior to resume his role as captain of the Ottawa 67s - whatever the Calgary Flames braintrust decides, it will be based on Monahan’s development as a hockey player, and not the team’s financial bottom line. It will have nothing to do with a contract that is at least three years away from being negotiated.

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