Baby Flames Weekend Recap

Taylor McKee
January 25 2015 07:00AM

David Wolf had himself a heckuva weekend for the baby Flames.

It's the all-star break in NHL land and the fantasy draft was way, way more enjoyable than I think anyone was expecting. Probably because seemingly every single player (and one Russian even moreso) was life-chat drunk throughout the event. Also, the hosts seemed determined to suck the fun entirely out of the room the entire time. Good fun! 

Anywho, here's a quick summary of how the Adirondack Flames did over the weekend in a pair of games against the Rochester Americans. 

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Post Game: Duck this place

Taylor McKee
January 21 2015 11:03PM

It's only been, as of posting this, 574 weeks and two days since the last Flames win in Anaheim. Which isn't so bad when you consider that it is only 5,788,800 minutes so really you're being a big baby. Plus, I don't think it was very nice of the Anaheim city council (pictured here) to build their rink on Lanny McDonald's family cemetery. No class in my opinion.

The Ducks beat the Flames 6-3 in a bit of a weird game in which the Flames played very well for long stretches but the Ducks were opportunistic and play hockey in a haunted rink. 

I'm sorry everyone, this game was partly my fault. I distinctly remember saying out loud during OT in LA that if the Flames won this game I wouldn't care if the Flames lost this game by two touchdowns. So, I'm going to assume that made the Jackman goal happen.

Find out what all happened after the jump!

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Post Game: "Hockey"

Taylor McKee
January 09 2015 09:55PM

If you have to watch a replay of this game, make sure that you mute the commentary and instead play this. It will be more appropriate. 

Yikes. Guys. Did we all see that?

The Flames and Panthers played an "NHL" game tonight filled with "goaltending" and "defence." The Panthers won 6-5 and the Flames just couldn't get out their own way. Come see what happened here!

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FGD: Gauds and Kings

Taylor McKee
December 29 2014 01:40PM

I hope you all have taken time today to think about the last time the Flames played the Kings. Make that your happy place. Take a deeeep breath, close your eyes, and remember Jonathan Quick pushing Martinez out of the way en route to the dressing room. Exhale...

That was satisfying wasn't it?

The Kings visit the dome tonight and are looking to avenge that painful home loss before Christmas. The Flames and Kings are separated by only two points in the Pacific division standings which happen to be the amount of points given to the winner of tonight's game. How convenient!

See the lineups and game story after the jump!

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Taylor McKee
December 11 2014 01:03PM

It's the first of back-to-backs for the Flames with Tomorrow's game against Comeau and Co. in Pittsburgh. Man, that's gonna be such a great game, I can't wait to see all those stars play against the Flames. Wow, I wonder if the Flames will be able to skate with them (I'm pretty sure 50% of of d corps cannot btw). Yeah, Pittsburgh is sure gonna be a fun one. 

Wait, who are they playing tonight,,,? Buffalo?! Oh no. 

As the Rt. Hon. Ackbar so presciently observed. This is indeed a trap.

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