Taylor McKee
December 11 2014 01:03PM

It's the first of back-to-backs for the Flames with Tomorrow's game against Comeau and Co. in Pittsburgh. Man, that's gonna be such a great game, I can't wait to see all those stars play against the Flames. Wow, I wonder if the Flames will be able to skate with them (I'm pretty sure 50% of of d corps cannot btw). Yeah, Pittsburgh is sure gonna be a fun one. 

Wait, who are they playing tonight,,,? Buffalo?! Oh no. 

As the Rt. Hon. Ackbar so presciently observed. This is indeed a trap.

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Taylor McKee
December 04 2014 10:13PM

So, uh, what do I even say anymore?

Ho-hum. Flames score again with the goalie pulled and win in overtime. Yawn. 

Read all about it after the jump!

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FGD: New Jersey? Hardly.

Taylor McKee
November 22 2014 03:37PM

Yeah, you were expecting hockey weren't ya? Well, we have diverse tastes here at FN

The Devils are in town so buckle up guys, we are in for an old fashioned 1-2-2 showdown. I swear, the Devils are a time-capsule of a team. The players may change, the Niedermayers come and go, but this team is still the '94 Devils. It's eerie.

The Flames have an excellent opportunity to go 4-1 on this homestand, finishing the five game stretch tonight against the New Jersey Devils. The visitors are fresh from a 2-0 win-by-submission of our hapless provincial rivals and enter this game with a record of 9-9-2 (of course they are .500). 

There are quite a few interesting storylines tonight with the season debut of Corban Knight, the return of Mike Cammalleri, and the fact that the Devils lineup is guaranteed to make you say "huh. so that's where he ended up!" Read all about it after the jump

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POST GAME: Flames Win, Lift Jersey Curse

Taylor McKee
November 15 2014 10:39PM

I wanted to find some appropriate music for Craig Anderson playing the puck, I have settled on this.

The Flames came alive in a five minute stretch to pull the Flames in front of the Senators. Oh, and Giordano was clipped with a stick in the first period and had to get four stitches on his eyelid. Did you hear me? HIS EYELID. Lordy, he is tough and good at hockey. 

The Flames beat the Senators 4-2 tonight in a wild game in which every single player was hit in the face with a stick. Come read all about it after the jump!

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POST GAME: Paquette In Boys

Taylor McKee
November 06 2014 08:12PM

Oh well, That streak was fun. 

In what was a pretty entertaining game, the Flames simply ran out of magic against a far-superior Lightning team. The Lightning beat the Flames 5-2 though for the first two periods, the Flames were able to keep things relatively close. 

The wheels fell off in a nightmareish third period for the Flames who committed too many turnovers, allowed too many breakaways, and benched too many Sven Baertschis. 

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