Post Game: They came, Nassau, were conquered

Taylor McKee
February 27 2015 07:40PM

Wherever this is, it sure looks like a happening spot.

The Flames have played twice in New York on this road trip and have scored exactly 1 goal. That is not good. The Islanders beat the Flames 2-1 tonight and handed the Flames their second loss in three games on this exceedingly important road trip,

There have been quite a few heroic efforts from a number of Flames so far this road trip but it is starting to feel like the offensive just stayed home. The Flames were out-matched, out-gunned, and out-classed by a far superior Islanders club tonight and I think we all knew this was a possibility even before the Flames lost their best player and fearless leader.

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WWYDW: Lord Byron Edition

Taylor McKee
February 25 2015 02:45PM

You see, the trick for Byron scoring on breakaways is: remove all other players and put him in the best Flames sweater ever created. There. Simple.

With Winnik and Tlusty both dealt this afternoon, the trades are starting to come fast and furious as the trade deadline approaches and I thought we should spend some time talking about another one of the Flames expiring deals, Paul Byron. 

I have made it exceptionally clear in previous posts here that I am one of Paul Byron's biggest fans so I will abandon all pretense of objectivity today. However, I am very curious to hear what everyone else's opinions of ol'mighty mouse are. That's why today we are discussing what to do with Paul Byron, a restricted free agent this summer after making 600K this season. Let's get into it after the jump

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WWYDW: Glencrossroads

Taylor McKee
February 18 2015 01:00PM

Today is Glencross day here at FN! What Would You Do Wednesday, Glencross edition.

Heading into this season, it seemed a forgone conclusion that Curtis Glencross would be sold off to the highest bidder at the trade deadline this season. I myself figured the Flames would be in full "everything on sale, including fixtures and furniture" mode by this point in the season. Well, at last check, he isn't even on TSN's big list of players rumoured-to-be-perhaps-will-be-traded.  

The Flames recent tentative return to relevance has completely changed the mindset of this franchise and the 2015 trade deadline but it at least seems as though the Flames won't be diving head-first into the rental market either. However, the Flames do have one intriguing decision to make with one of their expiring contracts, Curtis Glencross.

Check out a myriad of questions and the oldest interview I could find with ol' Scoreface after the jump!

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POST GAME - Present? Tense.

Taylor McKee
February 09 2015 11:33PM

Oh. Right. Meaningful hockey is absolutely the most nerve-wracking thing ever. 

The Flames beat the San Jose Sharks for the third time this season on the road and moved back into second place in the Pacific Division. That is only the essential information though. This game was certainly a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy.There were times in this game where it was literally painful to watch for me and I am sure I am not alone. It felt...nice. Somehow. 

Also, the Flames won in front of their dads which is pretty darn adorable. It warmed the space where my cynical heart used to live.

Flames won 4-1, come check out how after the jump!

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FGD: Blood in the Water (8PM - SNET W)

Taylor McKee
February 04 2015 01:00PM

I figured I would use this image to brighten your day. Miss u bud.

Get ready for the biggest game of the season. Since the last biggest game of the season. Not to be confused with the subsequent biggest games to follow this one and the biggest road-trip of the season waiting just around the corner. This is surely an unexpectedly stressful time of year for Flames fans.

It's another four-point game tonight for the Flames as they host the division-rival San Jose Sharks for the fifth game of a six game home-stand in which the Flames have won three and lost once. The Sharks sit two points ahead of the Flames entering tonight's action and have played the exact same amount of games. In recent years, catching up with the Sharks in the regular season seemed about as likely as a Flames game without cotton eyed joe. This year, it feels ...attainable.

Check out the lineups and preview after the jump!

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