The Dev Camp Misfits

Taylor McKee
July 03 2014 01:16PM

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It's time to unwrap the new toys from last week's draft. The Flames announced their development camp roster and schedule today and this year's crop is bound to garner as much attention as last years (and last year was shockingly busy for a summer prospect camp at Winsport). Development camp is a fun time because it is a chance to see the highly touted prospects in the Flames system along with an interesting supporting cast of NCAA players, CHL players, and sometimes overseas draft picks.

The focus of this post isn't the Flames picks, whom have had oceans of interweb ink spilled on them, but some of those attending on a tryout basis. 

Over the past few seasons, the Flames have signed quite a few players who attended dev camp on a tryout, the most famous obviously being Giordano many moons ago. Last season, the Flames invited Josh Jooris, Bryce Van Brabant, and Austin Carroll among others to development camp, all of whom are now with the organization in some capacity. So here's a look at some of the 18 names that may find their way into the organization some day.

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FGD: Prelude

Taylor McKee
April 11 2014 04:26PM

Alright folks, I know we are all a little buzzed from the teasing of the  OFFICIAL news that our loveable group of try-hards is about to get an extra special dose of hobbit magic. BUT. There is still a game to play before that against the Winnipeg Jets. We are going to have a whole lot more on the big day in a little bit but in the meantime, there is still another hockey game to be played tonight.

So, consider this Gaudreaustmas Eve, but first your parents are making you go to church. And Kevin Westgarth is giving the sermon.

Lineups and abbreviated preview after the jump!

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Post Game: Flames Refuse to Die

Taylor McKee
April 04 2014 08:03PM

For those who desperately want the Flames to lose every game to end this season, have a look at today's roster. How much harder can they try to lose? 

The flames started this game with one of the worst lineups they have dressed in my living memory. With Stajan and Byron both away from the team for personal reasons and Backlund not playing after a hand injury the Flames had Monahan, Cammalleri, Galiardi, and Bouma as their centres. Chad Billins and Chris Breen played, AS A PAIR. Oh yeah, with Joey MacDonald in net. All of this was in addition to their regular group of dynamos including McGrattan, Westgarth, Hanowski, and Agostino. They started a line of Hudler, Cammalleri, and Bryce Van Brabant. In an NHL game.

But dang nabbit! These guys don't know how to quit! The Flames won back-to-back games in Florida after defeating the Lightning last night 4-1 and the Panthers tonight 2-1. Find out all about it after the jump.

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Post Game: Grand Theft Ramo

Taylor McKee
April 03 2014 09:13PM

We learned some things tonight folks. We learned that Ben Bishop probably shouldn't be allowed to handle the puck. We also learned, and are continuing to learn down the stretch, that Karro Ramo is capable of stealing games for the Flames as he did tonight. 

The Flames won 4-1 on the strength of two quick first period goals and some very good goaltending despite being outplayed for virtually the whole game. It feels good beating the Lightning but I don't want to talk about why okay? So don't you dare bring it up in the comments...

Read all about the game after the jump.  

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Taylor McKee
April 01 2014 09:30AM


The Leafs sit on the precipice of a truly epic collapse and the Flames are poised to help them to their untimely demise. Basically, the Flames are Scar and the Leafs are Mufasa ... if everyone enjoyed Mufasa's death because they were constantly bombarded with coverage about Mufasa's every roster move or contemplation...whatever, it's not a perfect analogy. Either way, if the Flames can help take out Toronto, the compartment of my brain that houses my Schadenfreude, which was already quite full (see: Canucks, Vancouver and Oilers, Edmonton), will reach near maximum capacity and produce enough endorphins to make me forget that my team's games haven't really mattered since November.    

The ice-cold Leafs host the Flames tonight and are fighting for their post-season lives while the Flames are content continuing their quest to leave a trail of scorched earth behind them while they finalize their tee-times for May. The Flames have also been auditioning some new faces in the process as they play out the season. As Ryan pointed out on twitter last night, when Bryce van Brabant plays tonight, it will be the 10th rookie that plays for the Flames this season.

Have a look at tonight's lineup and preview after the jump

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