WWYDW: The Best of the Rest

Taylor McKee
April 22 2015 01:00PM

Well, this sure is fun. What Would You Do Wednesday Returns for some more fun.

Four games into this first-round and the Flames are a win away from winning a playoff round. Just as we all expected in September. Perhaps what is most remarkable about the past two victories by the Flames is just how utterly un-remarkable they were, contrary almost to the style in which Flames fans had become accustomed to victories this season. The Flames got a lead, held it, and won. Simple. The Flames have looked like a team that has been here before which is, well, not true.    

In order to achieve this, these first few games have had some remarkable performances from a number of players, though some may be getting overlooked. Let's talk about some of the Flames less-heralded performers after the jump

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POST GAME: Make Like a Banana

Taylor McKee
April 17 2015 11:08PM

Well! That was an interesting finish. Canucks win 4-1 and even the series. 

The Flames essentially no-showed for the first period and were unable to mount any susbstantial comeback. Then the Flames decided that they were going to try to drag the Canucks into the mud with them. Come see how it all went down after the jump!

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WWYDW: Sedin Ducks?

Taylor McKee
April 15 2015 10:00AM

It's here. Game Day folks. What Would You Do Wednesday Returns and we're talking about what to do with the Sedins.

Most enlightened Flames fans can appreciate what the Sedins have been able to accomplish over the course of their career. They are truly special players. However, I can safely say that I hate them. I hate their precision passing, their ease with the puck, but most of all, their penchant for dismantling the Flames.

So it goes without saying that if we are still going to be talking about lineup possibilities in 10 days time, the Flames are going to need to find a way of mitigating the Sedin factor. Let's talk about how after the jump!

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WWYDW: Janko Unchained?

Taylor McKee
April 08 2015 02:00PM

Those are some silky hands to be sure. Why can't this happen more often?! What Would You Do Wednesday returns to talk Jankowski. 

The Flames are two points away from the playoffs. I can barely stand to think about how exciting that is. In the meantime, let's talk about one of the most polarizing Flames prospects since well, Sven Baertschi I suppose. 

Providence College is playing their first Frozen Four game on Thursday against the University of Nebraska Omaha and if the Friars are unsuccessful, the Flames may have some interesting decisions ahead of them regarding some of their Friars players. Included in this group is Mark Jankowski, whom, if you recently exited a Flames coma, was the Flames first rounder in 2012. The question I pose to the faithful readership is, should the Flames turn him pro? Read on after the jump!

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WWYDW: Greener Pastures?

Taylor McKee
April 01 2015 02:00PM

Because it's never too early for wild speculation, let's talk about whether the Flames should throw $ at Mike Green this summer! What Would You Do Wednesday Returns!

Let's take our mind off of the absolutely terrifying, wonderful, horrible experience that is every moment of this stretch drive for some much needed spit-balling. The Flames are in the thick of a playoff race at the moment but let's take a peek into the bleak summer months and start to think about a player that the Flames could look at pursuing once free-agency begins in July. 

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