Reasonable Expectations: Deryk Engelland

Taylor McKee
August 28 2014 08:53AM

The Flames did their best to make a splash on July 1st this year. Signing Mason Raymond and Jonas Hiller were both moves that were widely applauded as sensible pickups for decent dollar amounts. However, there was a third signing that fateful day. 

The Flames signed Engelland for three years and an average of $2.9 million per (about 400k more than Glencross will be making this year btw) in a move that was largely regarded as one of the biggest head-scratchers of the day. 

If not just out of a masochistic desire to pick scabs, lets let's get to meet Deryk (sic) Engelland!

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Reasonable Expectations: Kris Russell

Taylor McKee
August 26 2014 08:30AM

That goal was sweet. Kris Russell, outta nowhere! (in fact, that would be a fitting title of a novella written about his 2013-14 season). Ending that 2810481 year jinx in Chicago was nice and that got a win for Reto Berra, which didn't happen often.

It is fair to say that Kris Russell has far-exceeded the expectations of someone acquired for a fifth round pick. After a strong start to last season, Russell was rewarded  with a two-year extension that brings him under contract until 2016-17 at a very reasonable $2.6 million per season.

Russell has a surprisingly good history of driving possession but played more last year than ever before in his career and his possession numbers suffered. Perhaps the Flames simply asked too much of Russell last season and weren't able to shelter him enough. Let's see what we should expect from Russell this season

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Reasonable Expectations: David Jones

Taylor McKee
August 20 2014 08:30AM

First off, remember when that goal happened? Yeah, I was seduced into thinking the Flames got ol' 20 goals McJones in the great crap-swap of '13 but alas, it was not to be in 2013-14...

The Flames acquired David Jones in June of 2013 as a part of a trade that saw Alex Tanguay and Cory Sarich sent to a team with a coach that treats their players like sheepdogs. Somehow, the Flames managed to acquire Shane O’Brien in that deal in what has become one of the least productive trades in NHL history.

David Jones is certainly a mysterious player for the Flames, displaying tantalizing hands at times and other looking as though he shouldn't be trusted with scissors. Let's get into what we can expect from Jones this coming season!

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A Crisis of Conscience?

Taylor McKee
July 28 2014 08:02AM

(Relevant part starts at 3:50)

It's summertime and I want to get all philosophical and heavy up in here.

I know I am not exactly breaking new ground by bringing up the topic of violence in hockey but it is one that is surely not going away any time soon and I am especially curious to hear some opinions from you folks.

I just want a quick sampling of opinion to the question, do you believe that the NHL has a moral responsibility to remove fighting from the game?

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The Dev Camp Misfits

Taylor McKee
July 03 2014 01:16PM

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It's time to unwrap the new toys from last week's draft. The Flames announced their development camp roster and schedule today and this year's crop is bound to garner as much attention as last years (and last year was shockingly busy for a summer prospect camp at Winsport). Development camp is a fun time because it is a chance to see the highly touted prospects in the Flames system along with an interesting supporting cast of NCAA players, CHL players, and sometimes overseas draft picks.

The focus of this post isn't the Flames picks, whom have had oceans of interweb ink spilled on them, but some of those attending on a tryout basis. 

Over the past few seasons, the Flames have signed quite a few players who attended dev camp on a tryout, the most famous obviously being Giordano many moons ago. Last season, the Flames invited Josh Jooris, Bryce Van Brabant, and Austin Carroll among others to development camp, all of whom are now with the organization in some capacity. So here's a look at some of the 18 names that may find their way into the organization some day.

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