Post Game: Lie Back and Think of Engelland

Taylor McKee
March 25 2015 11:32PM

Well, I bet you didn't expect that did ya? 

The Flames lost in a shootout tonight and Deryk Engelland scored a goal. Then another. I am not kidding. Beloved Flames Nation, I would kiss your loved ones and make peace with your God because I can pretty much guarantee that the end is nigh.

It is hard to be too upset about this loss, even though losing the point is certainly tough, especially in conjunction with the overtime loss to Columbus on this same home-stand. The Flames fought back and earned a point and I suppose that is still a positive, though it seems as though no one in the west will ever lose again. Did I mention that Deryk Engelland scored?!

Come read all about it after the jump!

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WWYDW- Throwback to the Future?

Taylor McKee
March 18 2015 02:00PM

Get it? Sweater song? Like...a hockey sweater?! What Would You Do Wednesday returns!

A day after a tough loss, I thought it would be better if we took a little breather from the talk of lineup adjustments and the questioning of certain players' usage (whose numbers may add up to 54, I ain't saying who), and their continued existence on the roster over others.

Let's embrace a topic I know will unify us. Those sweet, sweet retro sweaters that the Flames are going to bust out on Thursday. I know that they are immensely popular among Flames fans but I am curious how many fans would cast off their current robes for a return to the retro? Let's flesh it out after the jump.

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WWYDW: The Trials and Tribulations of JC

Taylor McKee
March 11 2015 02:00PM

What Would You Do Wednesday returns to talk about the Flames' tallest player. Yup, he is the tallest.

When Joe Colborne was acquired just prior to the start of last season, the move was universally praised as a great example of how the Flames could take advantage of other NHL teams' expensive and over-stocked rosters. It was also thought that he could become a reliable NHL centreman with a fair amount of offensive upside. Well, that hasn't worked out so well.

However, that is not to say that Colborne has been a total failure with the Flames, he just hasn't exactly come as advertised. Let's talk about what to do with the often-frustrating, always tall Joe Colborne

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WWYDW: Ramo Money? Ramo Problems.

Taylor McKee
March 04 2015 02:00PM

IMO Rene Bourque could not have made this save.

What Would You Do Wednesday Returns to talk puck-stoppers.The Flames certainly have an interesting decision ahead of them this upcoming summer in net. While it may be a little early to be getting into hypotheticals when a lot of the decision will involve what occurs over the next 19 games, let's do it anyway because it's fun.

Let's talk about the goaltending future of the Flames and see a really old picture of Ramo!

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Post Game: They came, Nassau, were conquered

Taylor McKee
February 27 2015 07:40PM

Wherever this is, it sure looks like a happening spot.

The Flames have played twice in New York on this road trip and have scored exactly 1 goal. That is not good. The Islanders beat the Flames 2-1 tonight and handed the Flames their second loss in three games on this exceedingly important road trip,

There have been quite a few heroic efforts from a number of Flames so far this road trip but it is starting to feel like the offensive just stayed home. The Flames were out-matched, out-gunned, and out-classed by a far superior Islanders club tonight and I think we all knew this was a possibility even before the Flames lost their best player and fearless leader.

Check out what happened after the jump!

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