Stepan Up: Falkovsky's first pro season

Taylor McKee
February 12 2017 12:00PM


courtesy Andy Camp / Adirondack Thunder

The seventh round of the NHL draft is a fascinating place. The players that are drafted in these slots largely fall into the category of home-run swings: that is, drafting a player with limited information in the hopes that your team strikes gold. I believe Stepan Falkovsky fits neatly into the category of 'home-run swing' and there is reason for cautious optimism halfway through his first season as a professional. 

We have to start in the most obvious place: Falkovsky is tall. No, wait, Joe Colborne is tall; Falkovsky is staggeringly tall. The guy is kid-hitting-puberty-early-playing-grade-8-basketball tall. On the ice, it's almost unnatural looking. However, he is having a pretty good rookie season in the ECHL and is starting to garner a fair amount of attention for a player drafted where he was. 

Let's learn about him after the jump.

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Taking Stockton: Heat Rising

Taylor McKee
December 07 2016 12:00PM

The Flames have won four in a row and the Heat are tops in their division! Yes, several things have come up Milhouse in recent days for Flames fans, though it hasn't exactly been an easy few hockey months so you can forgive a little lightness in what has been a pretty substantial feces polar vortex this season.

The Stockton Heat have played 18 games so far which is a tad over 25% of their 68-game, left coast-sized AHL season. How has it gone so far? Very well! The Heat sit tops in the Pacific and have had a number of good showings from relatively young players and some solid goaltending from two different netminders. Let's have a look at how the first quarter of the season has gone after the jump!

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Taking Stockton: The Chronicles of Rittich

Taylor McKee
November 21 2016 02:00PM

The Flames' AHL affiliate scraped out a couple of gritty victories over the weekend: Friday night against the Kings' affiliate insanely named the Ontario Reign and the Edmonton Oilers' affiliate, the Bakersfield Condors, of Condor escape fame. What do ya know, those plucky little Sparks won both games.

Recent Chad Johnson heroics notwithstanding, it's been a fairly miserable year goalie-wise for the Flames. Perhaps that is one of the most frustrating parts of the Flames season so far, as it seemed as though the organization had done such a good job of bolstering the goaltending depth only to have it start this year like so many Jonas Hiller first periods. However, there was another goalie added to the system this summer and he's starting to go on a bit of a run in Stockton. Let's read about it after the jump!

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Taking Stockton: Rittich, Please

Taylor McKee
November 14 2016 12:00PM

The Flames will never win again. I, for one, have made peace with it. I embrace it. I don't even want them to. All I care about is: Kayle Doetzel, the dulcet tones of Brandon Kisker, and the zapruder-esque quality of AHL live. As such, here is a recap of how things went on the weekend for the call-up-depleted Stockton Heat.

Is this enough un-jinxing? Sweet Gord, I hope so. I love Stockton, the Sparks, and all of it but... Flames, feel free to win please. The winter is long.

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Taking Stockton: Specially bad teams

Taylor McKee
October 31 2016 02:00PM

It was a pretty strange couple of games for Stockton this weekend, with the Heat blowing two-goal leads in both games, losing Friday 6-5 and Sunday 4-3. Stockton's special teams took turns costing their team the game, with the Heat powerplay going 0-6 on Friday and Stockton's penalty kill allowing costly goals on Sunday. All in all, it was a pretty ugly pair of losses.

Come read about what happened and who looked good after the jump!

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