FGD: Return of the Mark

Taylor McKee
December 04 2013 12:07PM



Now that the Flames have returned from a back-to-back  road trip that saw them get obliterated in Anaheim and snatch two points in tinsel-town, the local heroes return home, all of them just finishing their friending of Mr. Cammalleri on their myspaces and Calgaryplanets.

Tonight's game features the Pacific Division's most inexpensive team to purchase, the Glendale Coyotes. The 'Yotes are just coming off of laying a conversion-less touchdown on our dear northern kinfolk and if the Flames aren't careful, a similar fate could await them.

I know you are all absolutely dreading being subjected to another Flames home-game against the Coyotes and frankly, I don't blame you. The past 4000 of these games have been Godfather III. However, tonight's game features the return of Captain Gio, so it will be worth it just to watch for that.

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Post-Game: Duck Dynasty

Taylor McKee
November 29 2013 04:57PM


January 19th, 2004, a simpler time. The jerseys, baggy. The goaltenders, bloated. The Flames, loveable. A time when men were men and most of the Edmonton Oilers were teething. This was the date of the last Flames victory in Anaheim.
18-straight games. Some of those were close games with dramatic late-game heartbreaks. Some games, the Flames deserved better but couldn’t beat a hot goalie, or hit too many posts, or were the victim of the hockey gods.

This was not one of those games.

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Post-Game: Kane Enabled

Taylor McKee
November 27 2013 11:50PM

The Flames took on the NHL-best Chicago Blackhawks tonight and, well, provided fans with the illusion that they could beat them in regulation before collapsing in the third period again, this time with no chance of extra-time heroics.

On the strength of two third period goals from Patick Kane, one of which coming with 18 seconds left, the Hawks overcame a 2-0 third period lead and stunned the dome crowd whom had seen Sean Monahan score a beauty early in the third to give the Flames that same 2-0 lead.

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