WWYDW: Payday(s)?

Taylor McKee
May 25 2016 02:00PM

Look at these two. They are so happy together. Who cares what they want, just sign them both to matching billion dollar contracts. In fact, how about they are co-player coaches for next season?

I think it's pretty safe to assume that if you are a fan of the Flames at this moment (bless you, hang in there), you are probably a fan of these two gents. Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau are two of the most exciting Flames draft picks in franchise history, and both are only beginning their NHL careers. Huzzah! How fun!

However, they must be paid according to their burgeoning star-power and are both restricted free agents this summer. The Flames are faced with a difficult question: do they try to sign the two as a pair or negotiate separately? We're going to hash this out and hear what you have to say after the jump!

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Flames First Round Targets 2016: Jakob Chychrun

Taylor McKee
May 23 2016 08:00AM

Look, this video is here because his last name is pronounced "Chick-rin." Get it? It's not funny. Go away.

Lately, Flames nation has been abuzz with talk of the many eligible forward prospects that may await the Flames at sixth overall. However, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the top defenceman in this draft. Heading into the season many had penciled in Jakob Chychrun, only to change their minds during the year. Let's dive into what kind of player Chychrun is and whether or not he'd be a good fit with the Flames.

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WWYDW: Move on up?

Taylor McKee
May 18 2016 12:00PM

So the Flames didn't get a lottery pick. I hope we have all made peace with that by now and picked our respective flukey win throughout the season to blame for our misfortune at the hands of bingo balls. Personally, I have decided to blame Johnny Gaudreau. Yup. It's his fault. Why did he score SO many overtime goals and bring me such happiness? Doesn't he know the point of hockey is to acquire young, tall, Finnish right wingers? What an inconsiderate child he must be.

But, I digress. Today, we are going to talk about whether or not you think it would be worth it to move up in the draft to the fourth or fifth spot, so let's get into it after the jump!

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Morgan Klimchuk

Taylor McKee
May 16 2016 12:00PM

I'd like to believe that in this photo, Klimchuk was just approached by a ghost from the future. In this shot, the ghost shows Morgan his stat line from this past season.

This was not a great year for Morgan Klimchuk in terms of counting numbers. That much is certain. But perhaps there is more to Klimchuk's first professional season than meets the eye. Let's dive into the mantlepiece of the Jarome Iginla deal after the jump!

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Flamesnation Player Evaluations: Kenny Agostino

Taylor McKee
April 29 2016 12:00PM

I will always use this photo when talking about Agostino. Always. In fact, I may just invent reasons to talk about Agostino just to use this photo.

There is a Dr. Strangelove-ian tendency to reference the Jarome Iginla trade when discussing Kenny Agostino, normally with an eye to the perceived lack of return that the Flames got for our dear Iggy. However, let's try and put that to the back burner and look at one of Stockton's most consistent performers this season after the jump!

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