FGD: To Catch a Predators

Taylor McKee
January 24 2014 01:38PM

Ahh yes, those were the days huh? Such grit, and not a whole lot else.

The Flames and Preds used to be a sneaky good rivalry, mostly because I can remember the Preds simply owning the Flames the vast majority of the time. I am sure we all remember the Vokoun/Kipper fight which was crazyness and the McLennan/Vokoun/Iginla dust up was wild too. Nowadays, I wouldn't exactly consider a Preds/Flames game must see TV but the Flames are on a home winning streak dangnabbit, and they are looking to make it a two game winning streak. 

The Flames (17-27-7) welcome the Nashville Predators (23-22-7) tonight in the second game of a five-game homestand. The Flames are on that aforementioned one-game home winning streak after they held on to beat the Coyotes 3-2 on Wednesday. The Flames will also likely be welcoming escapee Devan Dubnyk back to the Saddledome, a place where he shut out the Flames 2-0 in his last start against them on December 27.

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Post-Game: Sharked

Taylor McKee
January 20 2014 11:29PM

After that gong-show in Vancouver, which I personally attended by the way (did you know the Canucks wrote a song for this season? It's as cool as you would think), the Flames were eager to play hockey again and head into their dressing rooms in peace.

The Flames lost 3-2 to the Sharks though they generally played quite well. Joe Pavelski scored twice, the winning marker coming (off of an offside entry) on the power play, batted out of mid-air.  

The Flames faced a very good Sharks squad on a three-game winning streak. Obviously, the Flames were heavily outgunned and over-matched and were going to need a perfect game to win. Unfortunately for the Flames, they came up short against a very tough opponent but played a strong game overall and looked more like the Flames of October than the Flames that completely no-showed against Winnipeg.    

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Post-Game: Vapour Trail

Taylor McKee
January 16 2014 09:39PM

pic via Roncesvalles_MP

Well folks, here it is. The worst stretch of home losses in club history, seven in a row in regulation. During that stretch, the Flames have been out-scored 22-4 and been shut out four times. Yikes. 

You'll be able to tell your kids about this bunch of games, presumably cautioning them to not take all of the Flames' recent consecutive Cup wins, and their stars like Connor McDavid, Sean Day, and Connor McDavid Jr. for granted ;)

The Flames lost 5-2 to the Winnipeg Jets tonight and basically looked ambivalent towards the game of hockey in general. They failed to generate scoring chances, convert on power plays, take advantage of shaky goaltending from Pavelec, get big (or even moderately big) saves from their goalie, and most pointedly, score when it mattered. Well, at least they weren't shut out.

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Post-Game: Flames Stymie 'Canes

Taylor McKee
January 13 2014 08:00PM

Pic via tico_manudo

There has been a lot of darkness surrounding the Flames as of late, a lot of glum discussions about offensive futility, frustrations at the makeup of the roster, and wringing of hands regarding the lack of roster movements. A win or loss in any one game doesn't alleviate these concerns in any real sense but a win like tonight's in Raleigh just feels nice. 

Sure the Hurricanes didn't play great and the Flames were bound to start scoring eventually after an unprecedented stretch of impotence but tonight's 2-0 win over Carolina was a nice glass of warm milk compared to the waking nightmare of the past few games. 

The Flames got strong efforts from Backlund, Brodie, Monahan, Byron, (Backlund and Monahan scoring the goals) and carried the play throughout the whole game, wholly deserving this victory. Also, Karri Ramo earned his first career shutout which was nice to see as well. 

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Post Game: Nope! No goals.

Taylor McKee
January 09 2014 09:41PM

pic via Chiot's Run

Before the game, Sportsnet played the highlights of the last Flames/Blues game on December 23rd. The Flames erasing a two-goal third period deficit, Giordano scoring with five seconds left to the roar of a dome crowd, once again invested in the fortunes of a loveable but altogether out-matched team.

It all seemed real but at the same time too improbable to believe. I mean, I know it's statistically possible for the Flames to score at home, I just don't think I have been alive for it. If I have, I must not remember it.

In the game that I watched, in a cold, distant, and seemingly separate universe from the one that the Dec. 23rd game was played in, the Flames were pummeled at home 5-0 by the Blues. Thats 11-0 the Flames have been outscored in their last two games.The game kinda reminded me of playing one-on-basketball with an older, taller brother. One who was interested to see what you could do sometimes but ultimately wasn't going to let win. Or score.  

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