Flames Call Kylington, Sieloff, Elson

Taylor McKee
April 08 2016 05:51PM

Big news surrounding a (mostly) meaningless game tomorrow in Minnesota, Flames fans are going to get their first look at some new players, and their first look at one of the highly-touted defensemen drafted in 2015. 

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POST GAME: 48 Painful Hours

Taylor McKee
March 31 2016 11:15PM

Not a great 48 hrs for the Flames. Though, it is a testament to the dreck that the Flames subjected viewers to last night that tonight's fairly timid 3-0 loss felt almost kind. The Flames dropped games on back to back nights by a combined score of 11-3. Someday, the Flames will have to figure out how to compete with these pacific division teams on a regular basis but alas, that was not tonight, nor will it be this season.

Come read all about it after the jump!

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POST GAME: Anaheim.

Taylor McKee
March 30 2016 10:46PM


The Universe is rapidly expanding. This seemed as though it was impossible decades ago but it is now accepted as scientific fact. There is a force pushing the universe towards an unknown infinity but scientists do not quite understand the exact properties of this force pushing galaxies apart. This energy, or dark matter as it is often called, accounts for over 68% of the total energy in the observable universe but we really don't understand it. 

Furthermore, it's unclear why it is that there is precisely the amount of dark matter present in the universe to allow matter to form, rather than be pulled away from itself in a vast empty space. The precise ratio of dark matter to ordinary matter is what keeps our universe stable. It's a cosmological standard that can be depended on no matter what the calculation, anywhere in the universe. There might be no principle more certain, more repeatable in all of physical cosmology.  

Oh, except for the Flames losing in Anaheim.   

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AHL You Need to Know: Stretch Drive

Taylor McKee
March 22 2016 02:00PM

Fights! Hunter Smith goals! Leland Irvings! Yes, the last three games for the Stockton Heat certainly had some excitement. Except, well, forget about last night's lethargic 3-0 loss at the hands of the lowly Manitoba Moose. 

In the previous two games, the Heat scored 11 times, which is crazy given that the Heat are one of the lowest scoring teams in the Pacific Division. But that doesn't matter now because the one man highlight reel himself, the not-really-all-that-exciting-but-very-very-good-and-dependable-offensive-producer Derek Grant returned to the lineup, and he was taking no prisoners. 

The Heat are currently on an absolutely excruciating six games in nine days stretch, so let's see how that first bit went after the jump.

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POST GAME: Coyotes. Ugly.

Taylor McKee
March 11 2016 09:42PM

The Arizona Coyotes are the Frasier of hockey teams, you'll watch it if it's on but ... ugh. Why? 

Did we really have to watch this game to know what happened? The Flames lost 4-1 in a vintage Flames/Coyotes game. The Flames didn't play poorly, the Coyotes didn't play great. The Flames lost a game they probably could have won but weren't robbed by any measure.

Did I watch the game, or did I write that previous paragraph in August 2002? Who knows? Probably not you. Probably not even me anymore... The names and scenery change, but the Plotnikov remains the same. Read all about it after the jump!

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