The Heat Index: Granting Wishes

Taylor McKee
February 01 2016 12:00PM

Is this the face of a future 50 goal scorer? Given the recent sample of games, I can only conclude that yes. I've checked the math, it's a near statistical certainty. Only a fool would bet against this.

The Heat had another successful couple of games last week, defeating the Pacific Division-leading Ontario Reign and the farm team of the NHL's living monument to hockey ineptitude, the Bakersfield Condors. The two games featured great goaltending, strong defense, and opportunistic scoring. Come see how it all went down after the jump!

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The Heat Index: Poulin His Weight

Taylor McKee
January 25 2016 02:00PM

After subjecting yourself to that Carolina game on Sunday, you, trusted Flames Nation Reader, deserve some sort of good news on this Monday morning. Fear not, the Sparks will serve as a palate cleanser from the feces-sandwich that was Sunday's game. 

It was a wild weekend for the Heat as they scratched and clawed their way back to .500 with a pair of extra time victories over the lowly Manitoba Moose and their stupid, stupid, antler-numbered sweaters. There was a lot to be very happy about for the Heat after the pair of victories, including a stellar performance between the pipes from a dark-horse contender for an NHL job

Read all about it after the jump!

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WWYDW: The Granlund Conundrum

Taylor McKee
January 20 2016 02:00PM

What a strange case Markus Granlund is. The man can score goals and put up points at the AHL level. There is no doubt about that. But while every physical clue we have points towards him playing wing, this season Granlund has basically been welded to the number-three centre spot and been given choice situations all while failing to do much of anything as an NHL centre thus far.

So what should the Flames do with him? Move him to the wing? Trade him (as Pat suggested was a possibility this morning?) Let's talk about it after the jump.

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The Present Past: Calgary's Hockey Stampede

Taylor McKee
January 12 2016 03:00PM


Maurice Richard, Elmer Lach, and Toe Blake guided the Montreal Canadiens to the 1946 Stanley Cup over the Boston Bruins in a five-game rout. With all due respect to one of the most storied organizations in professional sports, they can kick rocks. 

In 1946, the only championship that mattered to many Calgarians had little to do with the Stanley Cup or professional hockey at all. Another trophy was front of mind for Calgary hockey fans of the mid-twentieth century, as Calgary's team competed in one of Canada's oldest and most storied hockey tournaments, a tournament that still exists today. Come read about it after the jump.  

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Post Game: How Lucky [They] Are

Taylor McKee
January 11 2016 10:01PM

Tonight was a bit of a strange game. It was a game the Flames had a fairly decent shot at winning, surrendered five goals, badly outshot the Sharks for the vast majority of the game (35-18 in total), didn't play particularly badly, and still lost. 

Sometimes, things just don't go your way. 

Come see what happened after the jump!

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