FGD #17: Flames and Bolts

Taylor McKee
November 12 2015 12:35PM

Okay, you've had time to digest the Kevin Poulin acquisition and I know we are all a little fired up about it. I am too. I think it's definitely safe to say that from here on out, the Flames problems in net are solved and brighter days are ahead. Or perhaps not. Either way, it's gonna be winter soon and death comes to us all!

On a terrifying note, the Flames better bring their A+ game tonight because, despite their mediocre record to start, the Lightning are very dangerous team. I think we can all agree if the Flames play like they did against Florida, this one might get ugly.

There were some changes from that game against the panthers, let's check it out after the jump!

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The Present Past: Bobby Hockey

Taylor McKee
November 09 2015 02:00PM


You might not of heard of Bobby Benson, but he was one heck of a hockey player in one small package. Benson was also a part of some pretty good teams, including the 1924 Calgary Tigers who competed for the Stanley Cup and the 1920 Winnipeg Falcons who absolutely demolished the world and won the very first Olympic Gold Medal ever given out in Ice Hockey (and it wasn't even at the Winter Olympics). 

Benson's story is also a good chance to talk about the way in which hockey Heritage is marketed to fans and the way we remember players from the past. Let's get into it after the jump!

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WWYDW: 3 Moves

Taylor McKee
November 04 2015 01:00PM

This season has been well, horrid so far for the Flames and despite some bright spots (T.J Brodie, J.T Diebor, T. Jorbdie, and Michael Frolik's somewhat Vulcan-ish appearance), many are calling for rolling heads, call ups, line switching, and the return of the Flames retro sweaters. Well, maybe I'm just piling on with that last one but you get the point.

There's no shortage of opinions out there regarding what the Flames should do, so let's assume that you have the power to be the GM of the Flames but with a restriction on the number of moves you can actually make. Think you could fix the Flames in three moves? Let's get into it after the jump.

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The Present Past

Taylor McKee
October 29 2015 02:00PM

Today is the first installment of a look back at Calgary's hockey history. When I say history, I don't mean like Jeff Shantz, Rick Wamsley, of even Kent Nilsson, I'm talking about way back. Back to a simpler time when the population of Calgary could fill a Bass Pro Shop with enough room for at least three stuffed grizzlies. 

In the coming weeks, I'll be looking at hockey from its earliest days in Calgary and, at the risk of sounding like your 9th grade social studies teacher, I think you'll find this past NEATO. or COOL. or RAD. or FLEEK. or BAE. or whatever we (as cool people) are saying these days. Come see what it's all about after the jump

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FGD #8: Garden Party (5PM SNET)

Taylor McKee
October 25 2015 02:00PM

Hang on to your butts, this is going to be quite a week for the Flames.

Tonight the Flames kick off a stretch of five games in seven nights with a game at Madison Square Gardens against the New York Rangers. I don't know about you nation, but the Rangers have always been a kind of empty, soulless, hard-to-like-but-hard-to-hate team to me. 

Perhaps it's the fact that when I was younger, they essentially harvested the leagues biggest names failed to do anything meaningful with them. Including Theo. Oh wait a second, Kevin Hayes broke up the band and joined the Rangers. Hey, wasn't it New York that shipped us Kotalik?! Yeah never mind, I hate them.

The Derek Grant era begins tonight nation, check out the lineups and preview after the jump!

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