Flames recall Brett Kulak, return Tyler Wotherspoon to Stockton

Ari Yanover
January 09 2017 11:00AM

On the surface, it's a pretty minor move; however, there may be some bigger implications to be found.

The Flames still have just 22 healthy players with Troy Brouwer out. However, there's been a swap of defencemen: Brett Kulak is back up with the Flames, and Tyler Wotherspoon is back down with the Stockton Heat.

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Flames 3, Canucks 1 post-game embers: Back in the win column

Ari Yanover
January 08 2017 08:00AM

The Calgary Flames didn't dominate the rematch as much as they did the first of the back-to-back. This is a tad disappointing, especially considering how their opponent has overall been having a worse season, and the fact that they were down to just five defencemen (and didn't even bother to play their 13th forward).

On the other hand, I wonder what went into the preparations for this game, on both sides. I'd imagine the Canucks got quite a talking to and looked to quickly bounce back (and boy, did they ever dominate the second frame); the Flames, I have no idea. They needed to score more - and they did, jumping out to a first period two-goal lead (with the second goal actually counting this time) - but they also fell asleep at the wheel for some stretches that lasted a little too long for comfort.

Good thing Chad Johnson was there.

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What if the NHL had a 3-2-1-0 points system?

Ari Yanover
January 07 2017 02:00PM

The NHL points system is a little... odd, to say the least.

I mean, you get points for losing. That's really all you have to say to question it. That doesn't make sense.

But it does create the interesting spectacle of three-point games, which contributes to intense playoff races. That's a large part of the justification for the system, and it's been going strong for several years now.

There's another points system that the NHL could adopt instead, though: three points for a win, two points for an overtime win, one point for a shootout win, and no points for a loss. The idea behind it: you don't reward teams for losing, and you don't encourage them to just wait out the clock and play for overtime instead of playing to win, either.

Would it make that much of a difference in the standings, though?

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Canucks 4, Flames 2 post-game embers: A better fate deserved

Ari Yanover
January 07 2017 08:00AM


I mean... (Via HockeyStats.ca).

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Flames at the World Juniors: Double gold, a silver, and a bronze

Ari Yanover
January 05 2017 09:59PM

I would imagine it's easier to get up to play for a gold medal as opposed to bronze, and that reflected in the starts to both medal games as the 2017 World Juniors came to a close. 

The starts - because the bronze medal game did pick up in pace as it went on (before the inevitable depression that comes with losing two games in a row, and walking away with absolutely nothing to show for it - finishing fourth place has to be the absolute worst). 

The gold, though? That one got off to an intense start that never relented.

In the end, Adam Fox, Tyler Parsons, and Team USA won gold; Dillon Dube and Team Canada won silver; Pavel Karnaukhov and Team Russia won bronze; and Oliver Kylington and Team Sweden ended up having to walk away empty handed.

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