Flames injury update: Brouwer out week-to-week, Backlund healthy

Ari Yanover
December 28 2016 01:55PM

The Calgary Flames had back-to-back injury scares bracketing the holiday break. 

Troy Brouwer played just 5:55 in the Flames' final game before Christmas, forced to leave just before the end of the first period due to an unfortunately timed and placed Kris Versteeg shot. He didn't return, and didn't play in the Flames' first game back, either; he's out week-to-week with a broken finger.

Meanwhile, the Flames had another potential problem in their first game back. While killing a five-on-three penalty against the Colorado Avalanche, Mikael Backlund blocked a shot that left him with limited mobility. The kill essentially turned into a five-on-two, except Backlund is so good at this that even while barely able to skate he was still able to break up chances. He ended up not playing in the third period, but following the game it wasn't expected his injury was serious, and indeed, he's expected to be in the lineup when the Flames host the Ducks on Thursday.

All in all, the Flames got pretty lucky with these ones.

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Flames at the World Juniors day two: Karnaukhov, Dube in action

Ari Yanover
December 27 2016 08:47PM

After a busy opening day for Flames prospects at the World Juniors, just two played on the second day.

Pavel Karnaukhov and the Russians rebounded from a 5-3 loss to Team Canada with a 9-1 win over Latvia, while Dillon Dube and the Canadians continued rolling with a 5-0 win over Team Slovakia.

Here's what went down for Karnaukhov and Dube in context of their teams' wins.

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Holiday wishes for the Flames

Ari Yanover
December 24 2016 02:00PM

On Festivus, we aired our grievances towards the Flames. Rest assured, they were well-deserved; the Flames have given us plenty of things to be mad about this season so far.

But! It's not entirely their fault. I mean, some of it definitely is, and better decisions can most likely always be made. The Flames are still a team growing out of a rebuild, though, and are still somewhat saddled by decisions made back when #goingforit was determined to be the right call, for reasons still unfounded. 

On some nights, you watch the Flames and think, wow, they're close. Just a few more things have to go their way - whether it be the expiring of certain contracts, a young player taking another step forward, bringing in that one key piece - whatever it may be, they may not be as far off as the bubble team they currently look like is.

So today, on this Dec. 24, we express our greatest wishes for the Flames this season.

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Flames 4, Canucks 1 post-game embers: Happy holidays from your captain

Ari Yanover
December 24 2016 08:00AM

And you thought the Calgary Flames were bad on the second of a back-to-back against a clearly superior opponent?

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The airing of Flames grievances

Ari Yanover
December 23 2016 08:00AM

If Seinfeld has taught us anything - and I have been led to believe it has - then today is a very important day.

Today is Festivus, and with it comes a key tradition: the airing of grievances.

What better a subject for that than a professional hockey team hoping to escape its rebuild?

When the season started, it was rife with grievances. The Flames were unwatchable, the entire season was lost because the new coach had no idea what he was doing, the abhorrent special teams only furthered that point, the kids that were just signed to big contracts turned out to be terrible after all, then the steady veterans we thought we could trust were also terrible, the new goaltending was bad, and we were going to have to start doing draft profiles in October.

But then the Flames started winning some games - some on a streak, even! - and things got less bad. Maybe the team started adjusting to that new coach, the special teams stopped being the worst ever, those kids started scoring and veterans started looking like their old selves, at least one goaltender rose from the ashes, and now, they're probably at least going to be playing meaningful games in March. At least. We hope.

There's still plenty to grieve about, though. Let's go for it!

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