Post-Game: Crowned

Justin Azevedo
April 09 2014 11:20PM


Via the NHL

Goaltending was once again the only reason your Calgary Flames were able to hang around tonight. Jonathan Quick had a bad bad night, allowing 3 goals on his first 13 shots against. Karri Rämö, on the other hand, did not, making 41 saves to drag the Flames all the way to the shootout in a game they had no business being in.

However, Rämö and Sean Monahan would combine in the shootout to give the Flames yet another win - a 4-3 final. 

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Spend Money, Win Stuff

Justin Azevedo
April 08 2014 10:41AM


So, I got an email from Kent the other day asking if I wanted to take part in a promotion for the Nations. The idea and execution were simple: I would go to a Scotiabank, and they would give me a piece of plastic about three inches by two inches.

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Post-Game: First Blood, Part II

Justin Azevedo
March 28 2014 09:38PM


via loober

The Calgary Flames were hoping to slow the playoff advance of the New York Rangers as they welcomed their Gotham contemporaries to the Saddledome tonight. In the end, the Flames would prevail 4-3 on the backs of Rämö (really good) and Lundqvist (not so good).

There was a lot of early action tonight - pretty sloppy, in fact - but as the game went on the two teams would gain more control of themselves and their play. The neutral zone battle was dominated by the Flames in the first, but it was one of the few areas where the Flames would outplay the Rangers.

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Updated Adjusted Corsi

Justin Azevedo
March 27 2014 05:32PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.06.51 PM

Via Flickr

Adjusted Corsi isn't perfect, but it allows us to get a much clearer picture of what a player's visualized Corsi actually means. There are some effects we won't be able to completely correct for; teammates who are really good or are really bad can have a huge impact we can't cut out all the way. In case you're not familiar with adjusted Corsi, know that it adjusts a player's Corsi On for starting position, quality of teammates and quality of competition.

Let's take a look at the updated numbers. Less than 30 games means you're not counted. Chart is sorted by GP.

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Updated Visualized Corsi

Justin Azevedo
March 25 2014 08:00AM

As we finish the season, I figured it was time for an update of our visualized Corsi charts. As a reminder, we look at the visualized Corsi charts for two reasons: to identify patterns and to determine if ice time is being distributed properly. The first time we looked at this, the Flames were struggling in basically every facet of the game. Now? Not so much. Charts are sorted by EV TOI, and every player has played at least 20 games and 120 minutes with his counterpart. If the cell is blank, they haven't played enough together to get a good enough sample. If you want or need a primer, or want to see the last article, click here.

The first chart is once again our standard Visualized Corsi chart - under 50% is blue, 50%-55% is orange, above 55% is red. You'll notice something we didn't have last time...

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