Justin Azevedo
March 02 2015 01:18PM

To Vancouver for a 2nd round pick this year. More to come. (UPDATE: Some reports saying 2017, some saying TBA.)

On the face of it, this looks like Calgary's management team gave up on Sven Baertschi for pennies on the grand. This prospect is 22 and has demonstrated elite scoring potential in the minors while also performing extremely well in terms of underlying numbers for the Flames (when the management team wasn't trying to get him on a plane after every shift, that is).

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Post-Game: Well I Mean That Could Have Been Worse Probably™

Justin Azevedo
October 08 2014 11:07PM

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Well, hockey's officially back. Someone obviously forgot to tell the Flames because they were clearly the second-best team in a game that might've been close, but never really was, I guess. At least it was entertaining. 

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The 2014 Flames Fifteen - #1: Sean Monahan

Justin Azevedo
June 27 2014 08:00AM


Via the NHL - let's hope we see this about, oh, 750 more times?

I’m not sure how much to write about Sean Monahan because we all watched him the same amount last year. I, along with a couple of other mysterious figures at FlamesNation, have had the same sort of idea about Monahan since day one: it was a mistake to keep him at the NHL level this year but holy crap this kid is real good at hockey!

Last year’s sixth overall pick is our number one prospect on this year’s edition of the Flames Fifteen.

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The 2014 Flames Fifteen - #3: Sven Baertschi

Justin Azevedo
June 24 2014 08:53AM


Via the NHL

Did something happen to Sven Baertschi?

The 21-year-old prospect - once the crown jewel of Calgary’s stable - has seen his stock drop considerably in the eyes of many since he was drafted 13th overall less than three full years ago. On the surface, it looks pretty cut and dry. Is there more underneath?

SVEN comes in at #3 on our 2014 Flames Fifteen.

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The 2014 Flames Fifteen - #5: Émile Poirier

Justin Azevedo
June 17 2014 01:00PM


Via the NHL

Like a couple of other prospects in the Flames' stable, QMJHL dynamo Émile Poirier's biggest asset is his speed - and holy cow can this kid burn. Like Kenny Agostino, Poirier's main draw is those fast feet. Unlike Kenny Agostino, though, Poirier's offensive ceiling seems to be pretty freaking high.

2013's second first rounder (22nd overall) comes in at 5th in his first appearance on the Flames Fifteen.

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