Justin Azevedo
February 07 2012 12:47PM



While browsing the internets last night after the Flames game, I was shocked at some of the things I was reading statistically. The site Behind the Net-where I was spending a lot of time-is full of interesting statistical tidbits and factoids. Among them?

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Setting Up The Play: Hudler Goal Analysis

Justin Azevedo
February 02 2012 01:30PM



Tuesday night's winning goal was scored by Jiri Hudler and was the direct result of two major breakdowns on the play, and could have major implications down the stretch. Let's explore it a little, shall we?

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It's Supposed To Be Fun

Justin Azevedo
January 28 2012 02:00PM



People can't stand All-Star weekend. The game is often called listless, boring, and apathetic. Personally, though...I love the whole thing.

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Setting Up The Play: What is a "Cycle"?

Justin Azevedo
January 23 2012 06:00PM




Although pretty much every person who's ever played hockey eventually does it, not everyone knows how to do it especially well. It's a pretty simple concept, really: the goal is to use puck movement and possession between players to tire other players out. 

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Fire Ritch Winter

Justin Azevedo
January 18 2012 02:12PM



(For those who don't know what an "FJM" is, go here and read a couple. You'll get the idea.)

Ritch Winter's a pretty powerful hockey agent. His clients include Ryan Getzlaf, Braydon Coburn, as well as a spate of others. Ritch Winter also writes articles, like this one, on a blog.

It was linked to on twitter by a couple of people, and I took a gander at the article. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

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