Bancks Brings Heart to the Heat

Kent Wilson
October 05 2012 01:22PM



(This article was originally published by FN reader Josh Schroeder at Cane Cast )

By: Josh Schroeder

There are two paths to becoming a revered alumnus of a junior hockey club. The first is that of the superstar, vaulting quickly to the pro ranks, putting your junior team in the spotlight during draft previews and prospect forecasts. The second requires four years of dedication, winning the hearts of the hometown fans with your on-ice sacrifice and community involvement.

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Random Thoughts - Backlund Signs

Kent Wilson
October 05 2012 11:12AM



Jut a few things to talk about before heading into the weekend here. The lock-out continues to stretch out before us, like a distant relatives never ending vacation slide show, but nevertheless we continue to love and talk hokcye (or hockey related business items and satire) around the Nations.

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Mo Money, Mo Problems

October 04 2012 11:04AM

This isn't about wealthy people, and it isn't about giving money to rich people to build buildings and do their business.

With all due respect, Mr. King, it is about wealthy people.

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Five things: Hudler, Heat and Sven's Beginning

Ryan Lambert
October 04 2012 08:55AM

1. Odd about the Flames

When last I spoke to you about the plans of various Flames to play in Europe, I mentioned that to that point, only two had signed up to do so. And now, all this time later, the number of Calgary players plying their trade overseas has stayed exactly the same, not grown.

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The Flames top-10 Darryl Sutter Draft Picks

Kent Wilson
October 03 2012 02:40PM



Jay Feaster has only been at the wheel for two summers, so it's currently impossible to really judge his regime's work in this area (although there are some good early returns). Sutter, on the other hand, took over in 2003 and was the guiding hand through eight Flames drafts all the way up until 2010. That span of time featured a lot of trades, not a lot of second rounders and 59 picks by the organization in total.

The collection of players yielded from Sutter's efforts was, uh, underwhelming to say the least. However, there were a few diamonds (or, at least, nuggets of copper) unearthed over that period.

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