A Modest Failure of Imagination

Robert Cleave
June 28 2010 01:27AM



This weekend's activities in Los Angeles passed by with the Flames doing very little. I'm not actually surprised that they didn't move a body or two during the draft, largely because teams that have limited assets aren't often able manufacture anything worthwhile. Making chicken salad usually does actually require the proper ingredients, if you catch my drift. That noted, even by Calgary's standards, this weekend's series of selections was straight vanilla, no chaser.

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Moving bigger pieces – Value for a few Flames

Robert Cleave
June 25 2010 12:24PM




One of the advantages to moving bodies in the summer is the absence of short term competitive pressure on a GM. As we’ve seen the last two deadlines, Darryl Sutter’s judgement in that scenario left a lot to be desired, and as I noted the other day, he’s done OK moving NHLers at the draft since the lock-out.
The other advantage that a GM normally has is more payroll flexibility, and although Calgary isn’t exactly in that spot at the moment, that doesn’t mean that other teams can’t take on a salary to help improve their team.
As I discussed last week, I suspect that the three players that the Flames want to move have fairly limited trade value. Beyond those players, there are a few Flames that might well be on the move this week, demurrals from the boss aside.

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NHL News and Notes

Robert Cleave
June 23 2010 06:08PM



With player movement beginning to heat up, it seems like a good time to have a look around the league for a few items of interest. This week, the first significant trades of the off-season are in the books, the players take the escalator, and the HHoF's new class includes one of the Flames' founders.

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Sutter at the Draft - Player Trades

Robert Cleave
June 22 2010 02:19PM




With this weekend's draft having the air of a very busy trading period around the league, I wanted to review Darryl Sutter's history from draft weekends past, with a particular emphasis on moves where the Flames exchanged NHLers for NHLers. I'll look at three specific moves from the '06-'08 draft weekends, both from a hockey POV as well as from a cap-management perspective. 


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Trade Proposal - With a Twist

Robert Cleave
June 16 2010 12:15AM




One of the underlying issues confronting the Flames this off-season is their shortage of cap space. Presuming the players go for the escalator to the salary cap, Calgary will have just under 6 million dollars of space to sign 6 players. If said players were all fourth-liner/bottom-pairing D types, that would be manageable, but given that Ian White is likely included in that number, the task seems almost out of reach without a move to shed a big-ticket player.

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