Harley Norman Hotchkiss AKA Hero

June 23 2011 07:06AM



(This article originally appeared on Domebeers.com)
Harley Norman Hotchkiss died on Wednesday.

It was a sad day for Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. Our nation lost a true Roman, if you will.

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Rant O' The Week: Kings Contracts

May 18 2011 11:28PM



Everyone's favorite malcontents Domebeers agreed to stop by and share a rant or five with the Nation. Enjoy!

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July 24 2010 02:39PM

WASHINGTON - MARCH 28: Ian White #3 of the Calgary Flames talks with Jarome Iginla #12 during the game against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center on March 28, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Calgary (Domebeers.com) – After weeks of speculation and tense negotiation, Darryl Sutter finally has his man. In a move that will both stun and surprise Flame fans, Ian White was signed to a long term contract today, avoiding a potentially messy arbitration hearing.

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Oiler Observations

July 15 2010 10:36AM

EDMONTON, CANADA - MARCH 5: Mike Comrie #91, Jason Strudwick#43, Gilbert Brule #67, Jeff Deslauriers #38, Shawn Horcoff #10 of the Edmonton Oilers celebrates against the Minnesota Wild on March 5, 2010 at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)


Flames fans these days are a nervous bunch. With all the movement and shakeups that the organization has gone through in the recent months, it’s certainly an understandable mindset to have. They just don’t know what to expect out of their team. In this turbulent time of trouble, some Flame fans have even expressed the blasphemy that the hated, vile rivals to the north, the Oilers, may finish higher than the Flames.

Well Flames fan, Domebeers.com, in the interest of you all, has commissioned a report, a prospectus if you will, on the Edmonsuck Coilers. Our crack team of researchers and Dick Tracey’s have managed to unearth some very important information, information that should calm all Flame fans everywhere; Information pertaining to why the Oilers will continue to stink. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we will present just some of the reasons. If we were to go through all of them, we’d have our fingers fall off.

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Flames Assistant GM Job Posting

July 07 2010 04:31PM





For the Calgary Flames, the 09-10 season was akin to a ride on a rollercoaster. A season that started full of promise and hope ended as one mired in despair and regret. As one could reasonably expect after such a tumultuous ride, the fans of the team, lost and disheartened, sought guidance.

Direction came in the form of a now infamous post season press conference. Ken King, President of the Flames, revealed that the organization was in the process of hiring one or two people to assist Darryl Sutter, the GM of the team, with his duties. An ‘Assistant GM’ was on the way.

A draft and a free agency period later, nobody has been hired. This has led many in the fan base to question the motives of the announcement. Were the Flames lying to them, to get the heat off Darryl?

Relax Flames fans. The fact that a ‘New Assistant GM’ hasn’t been hired isn’t a reflection of the Flames administrations general disdain for the paying customer. It is actually a result of a simple clerical error. Instead of sending out the ‘want ads’ out to qualified candidates such as Kelly Kisio, a mail room mix-up scattered them to the four corners of the Earth. After much bribery and coercion, Domebeers managed to get a hold of the ‘want ad’.

We now present it to FlamesNation. 

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