FN Mailbag - 2016 Draft Edition

Kent Wilson
June 24 2016 12:00PM


The big day is here and there's lots to talk about. Goalie trade rumours! Move up! Move down! Sixth overall! Nylander, Dubois, Puljujarvi, oh my! As of this writing, the Flames still had all of their top 60 picks and were still picking sixth overall. There's talk of a Ben Bishop pursuit, P.K. Subban being available and all sorts of wackiness.

Of course, the days leading up to every entry draft are replete with big talk and misinformation. A lot of time it turns out to be smoke. Every so often, though, a big name or two trades hands. Treliving pulled of Dougie Hamilton at this time last year... maybe he can do it again?

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Why the Flames should sign James Reimer

Kent Wilson
June 23 2016 02:00PM

With the Maple Leafs acquiring Freddy Andersen, the only team in the NHL currently looking for a starter is the Calgary Flames. That means Brad Treliving has a lot of potential dance partners in the goalie trade market, from Pittsburgh to Tampa, Dallas, Detroit, St. Louis and Colorado. Already the Flames have been linked in rumours to guys like MA Fleury, Ben Bishop and Semyon Varlamov.

With the relatively stagnant cap and an impending expansion draft, clubs with too much money invested in the crease or too many goalies to protect will be looking to move one of their guys for a return. That puts Calgary in the enviable position of simply waiting for the most palatable trade offer to surface. 

However, a trade may nevertheless not be the optimal move for Calgary. Many of the guys in question come with some kind of risk. And no matter how good the deal, a trade will cost the Flames some assets. That's why signing James Reimer might just make the most sense.

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2016 Flames Draft Primer

Kent Wilson
June 21 2016 02:00PM

We're just a few days away from the 2016 NHL Entry Draft and things are already starting to heat up around the league.

The Calgary Flames are guaranteed to be busy one way or the other this weekend. Even if Brad Treliving stays out of the trade market, he has four picks in the first two rounds, including sixth overall. At the very least, he has four excellent lottery tickets which he can use to restock the organization's cupboards. 

Of course, Calgary also has more immediate needs. Their goaltending situation is dire, with zero proven NHL goalies signed for next year. The organization also has a dire need for a quality RWer and an impending cap crunch thanks to impending raises for Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau. 

Obviously the Flames GM doesn't have to solve all of those problems at once at the draft, but there's a chance he'll make headway on at least one of them.

Here's how things may go down. 

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Flames RW Trade Targets

Kent Wilson
June 15 2016 10:00AM

Aside from goalie, the other area of glaring need for the Flames heading into next season is RW. With the loss of Jiri Hudler, Calgary's most established and highest scoring right winger is (left handed) Michael Frolik. If Joe Colborne's career season prices him out Calgary's plans (entirely possible), the club's depth gets even more scarce on the starboard side. To whit:

  • Michael Frolik
  • Josh Jooris (RFA)
  • Daniel Pribyl
  • Emile Poirier 
  • Hunter Smith

Yikes. It seems Colborne's agent has a bit of leverage in upcoming negotiations. 

Of course, the Flames have the option of converting some of their LWs to the other side, but even then the depth chart starts to thin out pretty quickly. After Gaudreau and Bennett (if he plays LW), the Flames have Micheal Ferland, Lance Bouma, Hunter Shinkaruk, Mason Raymond, Brandon Bollig and... this is starting to get depressing.

So unless Treliving miraculously manages to draft Jesse Puljujarvi to play with Monahan and Gaudreau (which doesn't look likely), he'll be on the look out for the RW options on the market this summer.

Here's a list of some of their potential trade options.

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Flames, Blue Jackets and 3rd Overall

Kent Wilson
June 09 2016 05:39PM

We previously looked at the possibility of trading up to third overall, but the conclusion at the time was that the price demanded by Columbus would make the move untenable. 

Today, however, Bob McKenzie appeared on Vancouver radio and suggested the Blue Jackets have their eye on Logan Brown or Clayton Keller, suggesting they may be willing to move down

"Of the three (CBJ, EDM & VAN), Columbus might be the one most open to do something right now...

They've got the third pick...the sense that a lot of people are getting right now is that Columbus Blue Jackets are not sold on Jesse Puljujarvi in that spot and they may be looking for positionally oriented need. Specifically two centres come to mind... one is Logan Brown... and the other is Clayton Keller.


There is this sense that if somebody wants to move to number three to draft Puljujarvi, if the Blue Jackets could get themselves a pick that's a few picks later and not drop out of the top 10, they'd still have a shot at Brown or Keller."

With that in mind, the Flames would seem to be the Blue Jackets' ideal trading partner. 

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