WWYDW: Play Pick A Flames Goalie

Kent Wilson
January 21 2015 10:45AM

Welcome to the latest edition of What Would You Do Wednesdays, a feature here on FlamesNation where you - the reader - are put in charge of the Calgary Flames

Because of rookie net minder Joni Ortio's recent heroics, the Flames organization is suddenly facing an unanticipated conundrum: what do we do with all these goalies? For now the club has decided to ride the hot hand and carry three puck stoppers, but that is clearly an untenable situation.

The options are trade one of the vets or demote the kid once he cools off. So what's your preference?

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FlamesNation Roundtable: 2014-15 First Half Edition

Kent Wilson
January 14 2015 03:03PM


The first half of 2014-15 is officially in the books. We laughed, we cried, we marvelled at about 25 of games of incredible shooting percentage assisted results. No, the Flames haven't become a post-rebuild Chicago Blackhawks type super power (yet) but there are encouraging signs emanating from the newly formed post-Iginla era. Rookies are playing regular minutes, Flames players are in the conversation for major awards and the org actually re-signed a coach (instead of firing him) for a change. 

With all this in mind I gathered together FN regulars Book of Loob, Ryan Pike, Taylor McKee, Byron Bader and Beloch to talk about what was in 2014 and what's to come in 2015.

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Random Thoughts - Prepping for the Second Half

Kent Wilson
January 06 2015 09:30AM

random thoughts

Incredibly the Calgary Flames find themselves within spitting distance of the post season as the half season mark approaches. The possibility of a post-season appearance in year two of a rebuild is tantalizing, but the true priority for this organization remains the long term. The challenge for Brad Treliving and the decision makers, then, will be to balance the two objectives as we move forward into 2015. As a result of the club's unexpected success they have some interesting upcoming decisions to make, ranging from who to send down when Backlund returns to what to do with some pending free agents. 

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The 8-game Losing Streak Doesn't Matter

Kent Wilson
December 27 2014 10:00AM

If not for some late game heroics from Johnny Hockey and Captain Gio against the Kings, the Flames would have entered the holiday break on a 9-game losing streak. The unlikely victory over the Stanley Cup champs managed to quell a tide of concern and anxiety rising amongst the general Flames faithful, where rumblings of how to "fix" the suddenly powerless Flames had begun to gain volume. 

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Random Thoughts - Poker and Lottery Tickets

Kent Wilson
December 16 2014 09:43AM

random thoughts

It's been a pendulum season for the Flames. At first, the club enjoyed some of the league's best goaltending. When that cooled off, they start winning with the league's best even strength shooting percentage. After a couple months of exceeding everyone's expectations, they've finally run head first into a five game losing streak, despite the fact the team has been playing fundamentally better hockey in December. 

Which is why I feel like this is a good time to talk about luck a bit more in depth. 

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