FN Mailbag - Aug 27, 2015

Kent Wilson
August 29 2015 11:00AM


In the wake of the CalgaryNext and Giordano contract announcements, we decided to rouse the FN mailbag feature from its off-season hibernation.

Ironically, nobody asked any questions about the arena project, so most of today's inquires tackle Calgary's blueline and contract situation moving forward.

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How to Think Critically About CalgaryNext

Kent Wilson
August 23 2015 09:29PM

(This is a lengthy post look at the economics and politics surrounding the Flames arena proposal. Fair warning.)

After years of whispers and innuendo, the Calgary Flames finally announced their proposed arena plans last week. The CalgaryNext project is, unfortunately, drawn from the same playbook as the Edmonton Ice District and dozens of other North American arena projects over the last decade: stick the public with most of the cost while keeping most of the profits. 

Of course, that reality isn't made explicit in any of the presentations or PR materials you will see as this debate ramps up. In order to make an informed decision here are ways you can bust through the marketing buzz words and purposeful obfuscation around the arena project moving forward.

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Open Thread: CalgaryNext Thoughts

Kent Wilson
August 18 2015 12:37PM

Today the Flames are releasing details about their proposed arena/stadium/mixed use project. A private season ticket holder session (occurring presently) is to be followed by a public press conference at 2:30pm this afternoon. 

What we know so far: The proposed project would be in Calgary's West Village and feature an event centre, field house and FIFA sized sports stadium. More details as they surface. 

What we don't know so far: Who will pay for what. See update below.

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Franson vs Wideman

Kent Wilson
August 11 2015 01:30PM

I have been an advocate of dealing Dennis Wideman and replacing him with Cody Franson for most of the off-season. With Franson lingering into August as an unrestricted free agent, my interest in the Flames swapping him in for Wideman has doubled, given the fact his initial contract demands have likely lessened over time. There's a chance Franson goes relatively cheap to whoever signs him now, which is good news given the fact he was arguable the best UFA defender on the market this year. 

I've learned that my Wideman strategy doesn't hold universal appeal. A wade through comments sections or message boards shows a wave of support for the current Flames, as well as lot of skepticism about the value of Wideman. In this article, I'll look at a side-by-side comparison of the two and discussion my reasoning for the hypothetical switch up. 

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Random Thoughts - Trimming the Fat

Kent Wilson
August 06 2015 01:30PM

random thoughts

The Calgary Flames have had a fine summer. It's been a long time since the org made so many solid, potentially organization altering acquisitions in such a short span. The only roughly equivalent period I can recall is when pre-madness Darryl Sutter grabbed Miikka Kiprusoff, Daymond Langkow and Kristian Huselius in rough succession. Of course, those additions were spread over a couple of years rather than just a few days (thanks in part to the lock-out). 

The Flames still need to improve, but the rebuild likely took a big jump forward with the acquisitions of Dougie Hamilton and Michael Frolik. While there are a few potential moves left, like signing maybe David Schlemko, Brad Treliving's big test now is less addition and more subtraction. 

In fact, every area of the roster could use some fat trimming.

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