Leave Moss Alone!

Kent Wilson
October 17 2011 01:00PM



So Flames have one win in four games and the "first line" has been notably behind the play much of the time. Jarome Iginla has a single point so far and it's a power play goal. They've been greatly outplayed in all but a handful of shifts.

This has all been fairly obvious to most Flames fans so far. The resultant focus and theoretical remedy seems to be replacing David Moss as the "number one" center. While there are superficial reasons why this seems like a the needed fix (not a natural center, low career point total, struggling at faceoffs) the truth is the real culprit for the first lines struggles is standing behind the bench. 

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 4 versus Toronto Maple Leafs

Kent Wilson
October 15 2011 08:01PM



3-2 loss

Final Summary

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Game 4 - Flames at Leafs Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 15 2011 04:24PM

Somewhat depressing fact of the day (via our sister site LeafsNation): the Calgary Flames only have one player that they've drafted in the lineup in David Moss. Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs have two players that the Flames have drafted in Dion Phaneuf and Matthew Lombardi.

This is true even with 20-year old rookie Roman Horak in the line-up: he was drafted by the New York Rangers. Of course Jarome Iginla (drafted by Dallas) was groomed here and Mark Giordano was technically a Flames draft pick seeing as they signed him as a free agent out of junior...still, definitely an area the organization has to improve.

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Mikael Backlund vs Kyle Turris

Kent Wilson
October 14 2011 10:25AM



With the the Kyle Turris rumor floating around, one of the comparisons that keeps coming up is to Calgary's own Mikael Backlund. In part to judge Turris' worth on the ice, but also becasue Backlund is one of the assets assumed to be involved in a potential deal.

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Flames Scoring Chances (sort of) - Game 3 vs Montreal Canadiens

Kent Wilson
October 13 2011 08:36PM



Final Score: 4-1 win

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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