Flames Scoring Chances - Game 8 versus Colorado Avalanche

Kent Wilson
October 26 2011 10:52PM



Final score: 4-2 Win

Final Summary


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Game 8 - Flames vs. Avalanche Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 26 2011 07:19PM

The Flames have been off for awhile and in that vacuum has settled trade rumors about Rene Bourque, Kyle Turris due to  growing sense of frustration and discontentment with the roster as it stands. While it's still very early and the Flames are likely a better team than they've shown so far, the fans patience is beginning to wear thin. Calgary has been long on expenses and promises the last few years, but rather short on results. As evidenced by Sutter's firing and the partial reboot this summer, the emotional capital built up by the first few heady seasons of Darryl's reign is all but spent in this market.

As such, the ability for King et al. to leverage the the fading stars who were once the backbone of the team is eroding significantly with each lackluster performance. The Flames technically have another 75 games left to try to make the post-season, but the management may be working under a much tighter deadline should things continue to go south. The sooner the skaters can turn it around and make the suit's off-season promises look less like bluster and more like prescience, the better for the men behind the bench and in the front office.

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The Babchuk Quandary

Kent Wilson
October 26 2011 09:06AM



When Jay Feaster was named the permanent GM in June, I set up a number of "tests" in my mind heading into the off-season. One of them was Anton Babchuk and whether the club's new decision maker would be seduced by a nice stats line that was heavily dependent on favorable circumstances. Pat, Bob and myself all tried to explain from various angles why re-signing the big guy probably wasn't a sensible move this summer.

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What's Heating Up - Notes From an AHL Insider

Kent Wilson
October 23 2011 11:54AM



Editor's Note - 'Slippery Pete' is a source close to the AHL who keeps an eye on the Heat and the AHL's West Division. He has promised to drop in now and then to share some info and insight on the farm club's comings and goings this year

Line Combinations

Games 1-4

Sylvester – Walter – Nemisz

Rheault – Byron – Desbiens

Bouma – Laing – Meyer

MacMillan – Patterson – Howse

Piskula – Brodie

Wilson – Mikkelson

Henry – Breen


Ortio (GM 3 & 4) (Brown GM 1 & 2)

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Postgame: Something About Paint and Drying...

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 05:05PM



The Preds and Flames have ironically had a few barn-burners over the years. Particuarly back when Nashville boasted a few more weapons up front. This contest, however, was not one of those games.

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