Flames Retain Lowry, Lose McGill

Kent Wilson
April 26 2011 12:39PM



According to our own Pat Steinberg via Twitter, the Flames have decided to renew the contract of assistant coach Dave Lowry, but walk away from Ryan McGill. The latter joins recently ousted coaches Jamie McLennan and Rob Cookson as the franchise continues to make minor tweaks behind the bench.

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Flames Forwards Quantitative Analysis - Top 6

Kent Wilson
April 26 2011 10:41AM



The Lambert grades are in, so it's time to get out the graphing calculators and slide rulers and jump head first into the esoteric world of advanced stats once again. This time, I'll be taking a look at the Flames top-six forward group. Well...sort of, since a lot of guys jumped in and out of the top-six as the season progressed. I had to make some decisions as to who to concentrate on, so a couple of guys may look out of place here *cough*Stajan*cough*. Don't worry though - we'll get to everyone in good time.

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Playoff Random Thoughts - April 25th

Kent Wilson
April 25 2011 10:35AM




Some thoughts on the post-season thus far as well as continued Flames coverage here on FN.

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Flames Defense - Quantitative Analysis

Kent Wilson
April 19 2011 01:37PM



Now that our own Mr. Lambert has shared his defensive player grades, it's time to go through the back-end and take a closer look at their results this year to better see how they performed and what it might be mean for the club going forward.

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Prospect Round-up

Kent Wilson
April 18 2011 09:29AM



Post-mortems and deep analysis will continue this week at Flames Nation, but for now a quick update on some of Calgary's more notable prospects.

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