Game 17 - Flames vs. Senators Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 15 2011 06:28PM

Remember when you watch the Senators take the ice tonight that they used to feature Havlat, Hossa, Heatley, Chara, Vermette, Fisher, Corvo, Eaves, Kelly, Volchenkov, Meszaros, etc.

Not all at once, of course, but a lot of really good players passed through Ottawa not so long ago and what's left standing is a barren shell of what once was. Jason Spezza signed his 7 year, $7M/year contract extension on November 2, 2007 and I'm guessing he wakes up some mornings is sort of bewildered stupor and wonders just what the hell happened. Im not sure why Murray insists on keeping Spezza through the rebuild, although it may just be the vultures look to swipe the 28-year old haven't ponied up a worthwhile return. Yet.

The Flames could probably use Spezza, but also don't have the sort of assets to land him. Or, at least, not the sort of assets they'd be willing to surrender given their current predicament. The asking price would porbbaly start with Backlund and/or Baertschi and go up from there. As nice as it would be to finally acquire the sort of talent who could anchor a true number one scoring line, the only things the organization most certainly cannot give up in a trade are the very things the Senators would be asking for. 


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Ramdom Thoughts - Purgatory, Bourque and Phaneuf

Kent Wilson
November 15 2011 10:25AM



The Senators are in town tonight, a rebuilding team whom the Flames may well emulate in short order if a few more bets go the wrong way this year. Bryan Murray is one of the few NHL GM's whose management of his assets was even more dire than late-stage Darryl Sutter, so the Senators erosion was more rapid and their fall from grace more stark than the Flames. It's amazing he still has a job.

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Anaheim Claims Nik Hagman

Kent Wilson
November 14 2011 10:31AM


According to Bob McKenzie, the Anaheim Ducks have claimed Niklas Hagman on re-entry waivers this morning.

That means the Flames are on the hook for half of Hagman's $3M cap hit this season (1.5M). That cap space will remain dead till the end of the year, although the move saves the owners $1.5M in real dollars - a not insignificant sum no matter how rich you are.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 16 versus Colorado Avalanche

Kent Wilson
November 12 2011 10:43PM



Final Score:

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice

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Gmaes 16 - Flames vs. Avalanche Live Chat

Kent Wilson
November 12 2011 07:25PM

Not much left to say in this space since we've seen the Avalanche so recently. I'd like to note that the Avs have made a few strides since they lucked out in 09-10 while the Flames have probably fallen back a bit in the same time span. Meaning - if Colorado beats Calgary out for the post-season this year, it's much more likely to be earned rather on the back of lucky bounces.

That said, the Flames can make that outcome a little less probable tonight by winning.

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