Postgame: Something About Paint and Drying...

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 05:05PM



The Preds and Flames have ironically had a few barn-burners over the years. Particuarly back when Nashville boasted a few more weapons up front. This contest, however, was not one of those games.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 7 versus Nashville

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 04:43PM




Final score: 2-0 L

Final Summary


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Game 7 - Flames vs Predators Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 22 2011 01:17PM

A couple of teams struggling a bit out of the game this afternoon. The Preds haven't been able to conjure any real offense while the Flames have one of the worst shot differentials on their special teams in the league. Both need to get better in order to really challenge for a playoff spot in the West.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 6 versus New York Rangers

Kent Wilson
October 20 2011 10:28PM



3-2 SOL

Final Summary

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Game 6 - Flames vs. Rags Live Chat

Kent Wilson
October 20 2011 06:43PM

Lots of controversy to go around tonight. Karlsson or Kipper? It probably doesn't matter because predicting which goalie is going to better during a single game is a bit of a fools errand. Especially since Kipper isn't all that great anymore. Im sure if the Flames lose by a couple of goals Sutter will have to explain himself afterwards.

Then there's the return of the prodigal son Tim Erixon. Expect much rejoicing if he messes up or ends the night -2 or worse. Also - the bitching for a number one center might reach a fever pitch if Brad Richards has a good game tonight.

So yeah...lots to chat about.

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