Game 34 - Flames vs Wild Live Chat

Kent Wilson
December 20 2011 06:27PM

The Wild remain on top of things for the moment, but it looks like the inevitable deflation is beginning. Injuries are starting to hit and they're still getting grossly outshot (-70 shots at ES during December alone so far). Minny goalies still sport amazing save rates, but it remains a morbid waiting game to see when the floor will fall out from under them. Not to say Harding and BAckstrom aren't rpetty good goalies - only that they aren't .945 at ES good.

Minnesota is likely to make the playoffs this year by virtue of their hot start, much like Colorado did in 2009-10. Flames fans may be tempted to feel some envy towards this outcome, but the truth is it's kind of good news: it just means a rival mediocre (or worse) club won't be getting a high draft pick this June. Silver linings folks!

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Bourque Suspended, Stajan hurt, Byron recalled

Kent Wilson
December 19 2011 05:28PM


(pic courtesy Montreal Hockey talk)


Some quick hits today as news has been popping up on twitter this afternoon.

Firstly, Rene Bourque has been suspended for two games after his hit from behind on Seabrook. The obligatory Shanaban video:

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Time to Break up Jokinen and Iginla Again

Kent Wilson
December 19 2011 11:18AM


Those who heard me on overtime this week with Pat may have been confused by my rather consistent condemnation of the Flames first unit of Jokinen, Iginla and Glencross. Afterall, Jokinen has six points in the last three games, Iginla has three in three and Glencross has three in the last four. Altogether, Calgary's first line managed a cumulative 12-points in four games.

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Flames Scoring Chances - Game 33 vs Chicago Blackhawks

Kent Wilson
December 18 2011 07:41PM




Final Score: 4-2 loss

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Game 33 - Flames vs Hawks Live Chat

Kent Wilson
December 18 2011 03:27PM

Calgary's first line hasn't been very good at ES during this recent road trip, so I'm worried about things heading into CHI. The other three clubs were light weights compared to the Hawks and there's no easy minutes to go around for the Flames tonight. For Calgary to pull out a point in Chicago, they'll need Iginla, Jokinen and Glencross to drive play a lot better than they have been recectly.

That, or a lot of luck.

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