Post-Game: Licking Envelopes

Kent Wilson
November 20 2013 11:20PM



There is a Classic Simpson's episode where Bart misses a school field trip to the chocolate factory. To keep him busy, Skinner puts him to work licking envelopes in the office. Tongue raw and mind numb, Bart inevitably glances in desperation at the clock on the wall, which ticks slowly for a few seconds and then actually reverses. Bart groans in despair.

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Post-Game: Scraping Bottom

Kent Wilson
November 17 2013 09:49AM


It was the Clash of the Cretins last night as both Alberta teams entered the last night sitting 14th and 15th in the Western Conference. The Flames got off to a decent start in October and raised hopes that perhaps the rebuild wasn't going to be as long or as painful as initially feared, but that outburst was short-lived. The Oilers, in contrast, were meant to finally take a step forward this season and start actually contending for something after seven years of wandering the desert, but instead have found themselves in the familiar position of being the league's punching bag.

So, aside from pride and the Springfield-Shelbyville rivalry, the stakes were pretty low. 

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Post-Game: So That Happened...

Kent Wilson
November 14 2013 09:55PM



 No, the above picture isn't from the recent Flames loss to Dallas, but it might as well have been.

Tonight the reeling Flames were looking to break out of...

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Random Thoughts - The Cut of Your Jib

Kent Wilson
November 12 2013 09:01AM



The topic du jour around here and in many other areas of the Flames fandom has been the treatment of Mikael Backlund and Sven Baertschi at the hands of Bob Hartley this season. Both guys figured to be major pieces for the team moving forward, but Hartley has been ambivalent at best when it comes to both of them.

My thoughts on Hartley's experimentation and how it can impact the rebuild (and more) below...

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Flames acquire Smid for Horak

Kent Wilson
November 08 2013 05:34PM



The first ever trade between the Flames and Oilers involved an entirely mediocre defender (Steve Staios!). That's pretty much true of the second ever trade between the clubs as well, except this time at least the dude isn't completely over the hill.

Word came down this evening that the Flames have moved Roman Horak and G Laurent Brossoit for Ladislav Smid and G Olivier Roy.

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