Johnny Gaudreau - Fastest to 100 in Franchise History

Kent Wilson
December 23 2015 02:00PM

johnny gaudreau 100 points sportsnet

Last night Sportsnet noted that Johnny Gaudreau is the 5th fastest Flames to manage 100 points in franchise history behind Joe Nieuwendyk, Sergei Makarov, Carey Wilson and Eddy Beers. 

The thing that is immediately apparent when we look at that list is all those other guys played in the '80s, when goals were much easier to come by than they are today. And because we're stretching across multiple eras, we're comparing apples to oranges when it comes to putting Gaudreau on that list. So I wondered how Gaudreau would look if we corrected for era-scoring. 

Spoiler: he's #1. 

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FN Mailbag - December 21, 2015

Kent Wilson
December 21 2015 10:00AM


The Flames' seven-game winning streak was an early Christmas gift for Flames Nation this year. Prior to this month, all signs pointed to them being out of the playoff conversation by the New Year, with a race to the bottom and Auston Matthews the only realistic objective remaining. 

That may still turn out to be the case, but for now the club is back to playing meaningful hockey thanks to their December outburst. How long will it continue? Who knows, though if they continue to sleepwalk through first periods and power plays they may find themselves back at the bottom of the Western Conference pretty quickly. 

Goaltending has been better recently - one of the reasons for the turn around - but remains a question mark in many fans' minds. In this mailbag we talk about Jonathan Bernier and Jimmy Howard as potential solutions to that conundrum. We also touch on summer UFAs, the World Junior Championships, Ryan Johansen and Russell vs Hamilton. 

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Post-Game: Make it Seven

Kent Wilson
December 17 2015 09:20PM

Home cooking served up a five game win streak, but we all wondered if the Flames could continue to crawl back into the playoff conversation when they set out on this difficult road trip. 

They managed to keep things going against the Predators in Nashville the other night, but the Dallas Stars were an even bigger challenge. The West's scariest offense and top team saw Calgary storm back from a three goal deficit the last time these two teams met, so you can be sure they had this date circled on their calendar. 

Unfortunately for them, the Flames managed to orchestrate a different kind of upset tonight.

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A Short Note on Language

Kent Wilson
December 16 2015 07:00AM


We'd like to take a short break from the hockey talk for a moment. 

FlamesNation has grown a lot over the last 12 months or so. We're having our best year ever by a wide margin, which is awesome. Thanks to everyone, from our long time readers to those of you who have recently joined up. 

Of course, with more readers comes more comments. And sometimes with a lot of comments there comes, well... unpleasantness. This past fall we added a cadre of moderators to the site in the hopes of making this a site where people can feel safe to contribute and debate without fear of personal attacks or the need to wade through rampant trolling. As you all know, we want FN to be a place where you can argue and express your passion as a Flames fan. 

That said, we'd like to announce a new rule: any user engaging in sexist, racist or homophobic language in the comments will now be instantly banned. This sort of conduct was never allowed here previously, but we never explicitly instituted a "one strike" rule to police it. 

Well, we're stating it now. If you're caught using this sort of language, you'll be banned without recourse from FlamesNation.

Obviously this doesn't apply to a vast majority of our commenters. To you, we say "thank you" for coming by and sharing your thoughts with us every day. We'll continue to try to make this the best Flames site on the web. 

Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled spreadsheets and animated gifs. 

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FN Mailbag - December 14, 2015

Kent Wilson
December 14 2015 08:00AM


Do you believe in miracles?

Because the Flames have suddenly won five in a row and are just two points back of the Vancouver Canucks for a playoff position in the Pacific Division (with two games in hand). Nothing is guaranteed, of course, and this a club that is still suffering from some glaring deficiencies, but it seems that this season might be a bit more interesting than October and November suggested.

Even with the improved results, trade talk is a big topic this week's mailbag. We look at Joe Colborne, David Jones, the trade deadline and how much the organization should prepare to pay Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan this summer.

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