How Good is Sean Monahan?

Kent Wilson
May 12 2016 10:00AM

When he was drafted in 2013, Sean Monahan was the Flames' highest pick since the team selected Rico Fata at sixth overall in 1998. He was also symbolic of the organization's fresh commitment to the post-Iginla rebuild.

There was also little doubt that Monahan would be picked by the Flames at the time. The club searched in vain for a prototypical top-line centre for nearly Iginla's entire tenure in Calgary (Olli Jokinen doesn't count), so it was a no-brainer when the 6'3, 200 pound pivot fell to them at sixth. 

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Random Thoughts - On Bob Hartley

Kent Wilson
May 10 2016 08:00AM

Bob Hartley's tenure as the Flames' head coach is over. 

Though I found the timing of his dismissal somewhat surprising, I nevertheless agree with it in principle. Treliving's remarks on the matter are apropos: in many ways the club seems to have peaked under the current bench boss. A fresh perspective is needed if the team is to take a real step forward. 

Though I was never an ardent Hartley fan, I think he did some things right during his time here. The problem is the things he did wrong he didn't seem to know how to fix. When a coach has run out of answers of glaring tactical issues, you need to move on. 

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Kent Wilson
May 03 2016 08:04AM

The Flames announced this morning via Twitter that they have relieve Bob Hartley of his coaching duties. This comes hot on the heels of the Anaheim Ducks firing Bruce Boudreau, which might indicate that Treliving is interested in bringing in the erstwhile Caps/Ducks bench boss.

No way to know for sure right now though. More as this develops.

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The 30th anniversary of the Steve Smith own goal

Kent Wilson
April 30 2016 02:00PM

Thirty years ago today, Steve Smith scored on his own net in Game 7 of the Smythe Division finals. The goal stood as the series clinching marker, sending the Flames to their first ever Stanley Cup Final.

These facts, laid bare, don't adequately capture the enormity of that moment for Flames fans at the time. The Oilers in 1986 were an (almost) unstoppable juggernaut. Their roster boasted half a done future hall of famers. They had won two cups in a row and were considered the next dynastic franchise after the early 80's NY Islanders and 70's Montreal Canadians.

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What went wrong with CalgaryNEXT?

Kent Wilson
April 25 2016 08:00AM

With the City of Calgary officially calling the CalgaryNEXT proposal untenable, the Flames sports district project as it is currently envisioned seems dead in the water. What's more, this outcome seemed inevitable given how completely CSEC had lost the PR war in the period between their campaign launch and the city's rebuttal.

Regular readers here know I am fundamentally opposed to the public subsidizing major arena projects like this one, because the economics and risk associated them always overtly favour the team and not the taxpayer. Aside from flagrantly transgressing the principle of public dollars for public benefit, the CalgaryNEXT pitch had three fatal flaws that ultimately doomed it:

  1. It didn't properly consider the city's perspective.
  2. It didn't sell a comprehensive or inspiring vision.
  3. It suffered from bad timing and poor political optics.

Let's investigate each of these in more depth.

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