FGD: Into the Lion's Den

Kent Wilson
November 03 2013 02:00PM


2009 Western Conference Quarterfinals Game 3 Chicago Blackhawks v Calgary Flames, Pengrowth Saddledome    Jonathan Toews
- If only the Flames still had Lundmark. He'd know what to do!


Coming off a pair of disappointing losses to the Leafs and Red Wings where the club probably deserved better, the Flames head back out onto the road to face the Chicago Blackhawks. Calgary hasn't won a single game in their last 10 visits to the Windy City and that doesn't figure to change any time soon since Chicago is again one of the best teams by any metric in the NHL.

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Joey MacDonald Hits the Waiver Wire

Kent Wilson
November 02 2013 11:00AM



The Flames decision to claim Joey MacDonald off of waivers last year was understandable - with Kiprusoff hurt and a collection of career AHLers and Leland Irving to choose from otherwise, grabbing a seasoned (albeit mediocre) veteran was defensible.

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FGD: The Red Wings are Coming!

Kent Wilson
November 01 2013 09:49AM



The former juggernaut Detroit Red Wings aren't quite as run down as their unfortunate home town, but cracks are finally starting to show in the armor. Right now, Detroit is 14th in the league in terms of score-close possession, a metric they routinely dominated for years. Datysuk and Zetterberg are growing long in the tooth, but for now remain top drawer two-way players. 

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Random Thoughts - The First 10

Kent Wilson
October 28 2013 08:03AM



October is just about in the bank and we're starting to get a feel for step one of the rebuild. The Flames haven't been as bad as many expected, though with 12 points in 11 games they are still 6th out of 7 teams in the difficult Pacific division, ahead of only (haha) the Edmonton Oilers.

Here's some thoughts on the thr first 10, including Hartley's habits and some words on Iginla's reputation as a slow starter...

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Monahan Staying with the Flames

Kent Wilson
October 23 2013 11:44AM



Surprising no one, Jay Feaster announced this morning that Sean Monahan will not be returning to junior this season. The 19 year old rookie has had a blazing start to his career offense-wise, but the fact that he doesn't look overwhelmed at the other end of the ice is probably the reason the club has decided to keep him around.

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