Flames New Arena Design Leaked?

Kent Wilson
January 29 2014 07:10PM


Screen grab from Daily Planet


Metro News contacted me today to talk about this topic. It was all news to me when they called to tell you the truth.

Short version: apparently a recent episode of Daily Planet showed off a new sports arena concept animation. The concept featured Flames logos and branding pretty prominently. 

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Flames Waive O'Brien (Update: He Clears)

Kent Wilson
January 25 2014 01:00PM



I made that comment last night after Shane O'Brien needlessly gave the puck away in the Flames zone leading to the Predators 3rd goal. O'Brien played just 5 minutes versus Nashville, but ended up -3 anyways.

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Random Thoughts - In Favour of the Stajan Re-up

Kent Wilson
January 23 2014 07:41AM



Before I get to the Matt Stajan stuff, let's get the Canucks/Flames brawl out of the way...

I don't have any strong feelings on the subject. I think Hartley definitely iced the goon squad with a view to starting something and I definitely think Tortorella could have countered with a scoring line to defuse the whole thing. Of course, one of the unwritten rules of the North American game is obvious aggression MUST be met with aggression, so Tortorella "couldn't" do anything but fight fire with fire according to the still persistent machismo mores of the NHL. Ironically, had a Sedin vs McGrattan match-up happened organically during the game, Tortorella would have taken it eagerly.

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Random Thoughts - Let's Talk Positive

Kent Wilson
January 16 2014 11:45AM



With the Flames reeling through an historic dry spell and plunging down the league standings faster than the Toronto Maple Leafs, it seems an odd time to talk about positivity. There's no question it's tough to be a Flames fan right now - the team can't score, they have won the fewest games in regulation in the NHL since the start of December and there's no obvious end to the misery in sight. In fact, there's a non-trivial chance the Flames will pick inside the top-2 come June.

So it's hard to blame the Dome crowds for being eerily silent these days.

Still, there are seeds of hope...

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Random Thoughts - Flames through the first half

Kent Wilson
January 07 2014 09:30AM



(This was written before last night's content against the Avs)

We're through the first half of the 2013-14 season, which means the standings picture is starting to become clearer. Things can always change in the latter half of the year, but we have enough games under our belt now to at least get a feel for who the Flames are and what we can expect from the rest of the year. 

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