Post Game: Slump Busters!

Kent Wilson
October 31 2015 11:14PM

The Flames rolled into Rexall desperate for a win tonight. Or, if not a win, at least a reasonable facsimile of a good game. 

The Oilers have been Slump Busters for Calgary (and most of the league) for a better part of a decade, but there were certainly no guarantees for a Flames club who have looked like a strong contender for the Auston Matthews lottery so far. 

Luckily the local heroes finally managed to pull off a regulation win. And I do mean "luckily"

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Random Thoughts - What's Wrong With the Flames?

Kent Wilson
October 28 2015 10:00AM

random thoughts

Usually I tackle number of topics with these pieces, but this time around I'm going to look at just one: the Flames terrible start.

It's a stiff shock to the system to see Calgary struggle out of the gate. While there were a few (okay, more than a few) red flags about the club's Cinderella turn last year, Brad Treliving's impressive off-season gave hope that the team could avoid a crash back down to earth. Unfortunately, that seems rather inevitable now. 

So what the hell is going on here?

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FN Mailbag - October 25, 2015

Kent Wilson
October 25 2015 01:00PM


Just as the good ship Flames was starting to taking on water and list badly, a ray of light burst through the clouds, hinting the terrible storm of suck might be ending. Calgary finally played a convincing 60 minutes in their OT win over the Red Wings. It was, by far, their best effort of the season with noteworthy performances from many of the leaders who have been struggling so far. 

Despite the win, there remains a lot of questions about roster and trade rumour swirling around the club. We talk about a few of these - and Mark Jankowski! - in today's mailbag.

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Don't Panic (2015-16 Edition)

Kent Wilson
October 22 2015 01:00PM


It's been a terrible start. Worst in franchise history in fact. 

After a season of overachieving and then a summer of almost nothing but good news, the Flames stumble out of the gate is like a splash of cold water in the face of Flames Nation. This is the first legitimate bump in the road for the Treliving-era Calgary Flames. It's essential that the organization's neophyte GM doesn't fold in the face of this initial spate of adversity. 

Desperate times and desperate measures rarely make for wise decisions. For an object lesson, consider the Dion Phaneuf trade.

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FN Mailbag: October 18, 2015

Kent Wilson
October 19 2015 12:00PM


Five games in and the Flames are stumbling through a nightmarish start to the season. It's way too early to say the regression gods are taking their revenge, but it's certainly been a discouraging opening foray. The Flames have seen a lot of the bounces that favoured them last year go the opposite way so far while the opportunistic offense and last minute comebacks have been tragically absent. 

No one is panicking yet, but it's not unfair to say that the team has to play a lot better very soon in order to be a going concern in the hyper competitive West. 

This week in the mailbag we look at (question the) coaching, goaltending and defense.

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