Random Thoughts - Dawning of the Age of Fancy Stats

Kent Wilson
May 07 2014 08:24AM

It's been a pretty weird year for those of us who were around the the beginning of hockey's "advanced stats" movement. At the start, there were never any thoughts about popularizing their use or getting them into the NHL executive offices. It was simply a collection of enthusiasts asking questions, gathering data and arguing over the implications. That's why the nomenclature is so odd - Fenwick, Corsi, PDO - the stat names were simply shorthand monickers that stuck. There was no consideration about accessibility (ie; marketing).

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Random Thoughts - Flames Year In Review

Kent Wilson
April 28 2014 12:25PM


It seems a little bizarre for a season this season to feel like a success - a season in which the Flames finished second last in the west - but that's the sense of Flames fans are left with, I think (myself included). 

That no one expected anything of the team in the first place is likely the biggest reason people are finding silver linings to focus on in the wake of 2013-14, but there's more to the rising tide of hope in Calgary beyond the influence of lower expectations. The team's noteworthy second half, a fresh new core of talent and a growing stable of prospects are amongst the biggest reasons Flames fans are looking forward to next year. 

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Back by popular demand - The Gaudfather

Kent Wilson
April 13 2014 09:53AM


Two time NCAA player of the year. Bean Pot MVP. Two time First team all star. Bill Flynn trophy winner. National Champion. World Junion Championship gold medalist. Hobey Baker finalist. Hobey Baker award winner.

And now...Calgary Flame. 

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Random Thoughts - Probably Should have Signed Brodie Long Term

Kent Wilson
April 08 2014 10:07AM


Most of you probably missed it, but the Carolina Hurricanes re-signed young defender Justin Faulk to a 6-year, $4.83 million deal at the end of March. That's significant because Faulk is a strong comparable to the Flames own T.J. Brodie.

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Is Mark Giordano a Norris Candidate?

Kent Wilson
March 17 2014 07:55AM


It's not secret now, but Mark Giordano is having a hell of a season.

There were a few whispers that the Flames captain was in consideration as a 7th defenseman for Team Canada before the Olympic team was finalized. He didn't make the cut, however since the Olympic break Giordano is actually the hottest scoring defender in the league with two goals and 11 points in 10 games.

That outburst has him at 39 points in 50 games, for a career high point-per-game pace of 0.78. Over a full season, that projects to almost 64 points. 0.78 is also the second best PPG rate of any defender in the league behind Erik Karlsson.

Them be Norris-type numbers.

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