Post-Game: A Mostly Tepid Affair

Kent Wilson
October 22 2013 11:04PM



It was the sort of game that tends to happen in Phoenix - slow going with offense and flow hard to come by. The Coyotes play a restrictive, disciplined system under Dave Tippett which tends to turn things into a grind through the mud. The Flames, playing in their second night of a B2B and lacking one half of their top defensive pairing with Giordano out due to injury, struggled to find their footing through a majority of the evening as a result.

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Flames Fan Ask - October 19, 2013

Kent Wilson
October 19 2013 11:27AM



Six games in and the Flames are not a disaster, to the eternal surprise of many. The Oilers, on the other hand, still look terrible, so we had more than one question about where the two teams will finish relative to each other this season. Ohter topics in this week's Fan Ask include Calgary's ultimate draft position in 2014 and, of course, Sean Monahan.

Let's start with the Flames vs. the Oilers...

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Get Rid of Chris Butler

Kent Wilson
October 17 2013 12:32PM



It is technically way too early in the year to be writing something like this. Just six games in, we don't have very much info about anyone on the club. It's entirely possible any of the trends we're seeing right now will reverse themselves over the long-term.

But I don't care. I've seen enough of Chris Butler. Send him packing.

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Flames Interesting Numbers Through Five

Kent Wilson
October 15 2013 07:05AM



We're five games into the season, which means just about any stat you can name isn't all that meaningful (ie; predictive) just yet. Still, some things are beginning to take shape, particularly how Bob Hartley is deploying his players in terms of combinations, match-ups and zone starts. Here's a look at a few of the noteworthy numbers I managed to glean from the invaluable new stats site Extra Skater.

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Sean Monahan - Proceed with Caution

Kent Wilson
October 11 2013 09:57AM



Hype is a funny thing.

At first, it's a sort of happy delirium, like a narcotic that smooths the rough edges of reality and suggests a future of boundless optimism and success. When it recedes, however, and the truth is rendered in cruel relief against those impossibly raised expectations, the hang-over can be...unpleasant.

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