The 5 Teams Who Might Be Worse Than The Flames in 2013-14

Kent Wilson
August 13 2013 02:36PM



On paper, the Calgary Flames are one of the worst teams in the NHL heading into 2013-14. They have veterans who want to be traded as soon as possible, question marks in key areas (*cough* goaltending *cough*) and not a single elite player at any position. The roster certainly isn't "Edmonton over the last 5 years" bad, but Calgary is certainly one of the favorites to draft inside the top five next June.

However, the Flames aren't alone at the bottom of the barrel. Here are some teams whose fans could also spend the last three months of the regular season looking forward to the entry draft.

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What if...The Flames had tried to "stay competitive" this summer?

Kent Wilson
August 12 2013 09:45AM



When Jay Feaster said his marching orders were "to make the playoffs next year" in a season ending press conference, there were fears the club would go out and splash the cash in an ill-fated attempt to climb back up the Western Conference ladder. Of course, for all we know they tried that are we rebuked by everyone they talked to.

Still, it's worth wondering what a different, "competitive" Flames roster would look like in an alternate universe. Here's what I would have done in Feaster's shoes and Murray Edwards breathing down my neck.

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FN Weekend Open Thread - What are you Looking forward to in 2013-14?

Kent Wilson
August 10 2013 10:47AM



The Calgary Flames will enter next season as one of the favorites to finish last in the league. The club lacks offensive fire power, will probably be playing kids at key positions and its goaltending is a complete enigma. If everything breaks right, the Flames might be competitive night-to-night, but it's much more likely to be a long, painful winter here in Calgary.

Which doesn't mean there won't be reasons to watch. Ironically, I've found a lot of fans are actually more interested and optimistic about the team than they have been in a long time, if only because this year represents a new dawn which has been too long delayed. The overall record won't matter as much as the development of certain key pieces.

With that, here's what I'm looking forward to this year:

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Random Thoughts - For Feaster This is the Easy Part

Kent Wilson
August 07 2013 12:28PM



Christian's lengthy defense of Jay Feaster has garnered a lot of comments, but I'd nevertheless like to add a few more here.

I'll start by saying Feaster's tenure is brief enough that the fairest grade we can assign him is "NA", or incomplete. Feaster has only been in the big chair since the middle of 2010 and much of his work was done while struggling beneath the wreckage of Darryl Sutter's descent into madness. Because of the make-up of the team when he took the reins, as well as some budget issues and the recent lock-out, the Calgary Flames have only played about two seasons worth of games during Feaster's watch. That's not a lot of information and opportunity for a manager to work with.

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FN Weekend Open Thread - Who leads the Flames in scoring next year?

Kent Wilson
August 03 2013 09:39AM



This was never much of a question when Jarome Iginla was around. With him gone and the team rebuilding, however, it might be the hardest prediction to make about the Flames this year. Aside from "will the Flames goaltending be any good?" of course.

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