Is Mark Giordano a Norris Candidate?

Kent Wilson
March 17 2014 07:55AM


It's not secret now, but Mark Giordano is having a hell of a season.

There were a few whispers that the Flames captain was in consideration as a 7th defenseman for Team Canada before the Olympic team was finalized. He didn't make the cut, however since the Olympic break Giordano is actually the hottest scoring defender in the league with two goals and 11 points in 10 games.

That outburst has him at 39 points in 50 games, for a career high point-per-game pace of 0.78. Over a full season, that projects to almost 64 points. 0.78 is also the second best PPG rate of any defender in the league behind Erik Karlsson.

Them be Norris-type numbers.

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Random Thoughts - Optionality and Mike Cammalleri

Kent Wilson
March 12 2014 08:52AM


The Cammalleri non-trade has been a hot topic of discussion following the trade deadline (to the chagrin of some). The disappointment in the lack of return is understandable; Cammalleri was the last of the organization's aging, expendable trade pieces and therefore the final asset one could reasonably expect to flip for a decent return without cutting into the backbone or new flesh of the club. with him not moving, Calgary will likely see another of its primary bargaining chips walk into the sunset without return, a la Miikka Kiprusoff. 

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Canada/US Open Thread

Kent Wilson
February 21 2014 09:07AM

Canada is the putative favourite but the Americans have had the best results in the tournament so far. The winner with be showered with praise. The loser with be taunted and booed until my throat is sore!

Add your cheers and/or lamentations below.

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So Canada had trouble with Latvia...

Kent Wilson
February 19 2014 03:11PM

There's always a silver lining, right?

Anyways, how does everyone feel about the Canada/US semi's given Canada's scoring problems?

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Gaudreau vs Gerbe - A Second Look

Kent Wilson
February 19 2014 11:33AM

8471804 gaudreau

Last April I did a comparison between Johnny Gaudreau and Nathan Gerbe. It's a fairly natural one to draw - Gerbe is the smallest player in the NHL (5'6", 175), came up through the same Boston College system and was a Hobey Baker award finalist in his 20-21 year old college season. 

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