One of these things is not like the others...

Kent Wilson
February 11 2009 11:29AM

Flames Hockey of these things just plain sucks.

Im going to forgo talking about the Ducks in this pre-game; we saw them just a few games ago and little has changed since then. Watch out for Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan (in that order). Don't worry too much about Selanne at even-strength. etc.

No, this post will be pure navel-gazing.

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Who will outsuck whom?

Kent Wilson
February 09 2009 11:03AM

Flames Canadiens Hockey

It's the Blurst of times for the Canadiens and Flames right now. Calgary has just finished losing 4 straight for the first time this season, sullying many of the sky-high expectations they had built over the prior two months.

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On Perceptions and the Swoon

Kent Wilson
February 07 2009 11:00AM


Both the Ducks and the Flames will be desperate for a win today: the Flames, because a 4 game losing streak would remind them of the late season swoons they experienced under both Keenan and Playfair, while the Ducks are currently enmeshed in the cluster-f that is the Western Conference play-off bubble.

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Kent Wilson
February 06 2009 12:59PM


Jarome Iginla has played 4 games against the Hawks this year, managed zero goals, three assists...and a ghastly -9 rating. That's arguably the worst stats line for the captain versus any team in the league.

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Calgary/Chicago Parallels

Kent Wilson
February 05 2009 11:00AM


Although the team is busy having closed door meetings, there isn't too much to complain about in Flames country currently. I mean, there's the road record, but Im not too worried about it.

Otherwise, the Flames are golden. They are ensconced in 3rd in the Conference, with long views between the teams ahead and behind them. Injuries are few and Kiprusoff has actually looked like a starting goalie the last month or so. We're a month away from the trade deadline and two months away from the post-season. Manufacturing concern is going to be difficult for awhile here. When "guarding against complacency" is your primary concern, you're in a good place.

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