Calgary/Chicago Parallels

Kent Wilson
February 05 2009 11:00AM


Although the team is busy having closed door meetings, there isn't too much to complain about in Flames country currently. I mean, there's the road record, but Im not too worried about it.

Otherwise, the Flames are golden. They are ensconced in 3rd in the Conference, with long views between the teams ahead and behind them. Injuries are few and Kiprusoff has actually looked like a starting goalie the last month or so. We're a month away from the trade deadline and two months away from the post-season. Manufacturing concern is going to be difficult for awhile here. When "guarding against complacency" is your primary concern, you're in a good place.

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Win one without the Kipper (maybe?)

Kent Wilson
February 03 2009 03:10PM


While I concluded below that the Flames should be in line for an improved road record going forward, there's absolutely no guarantees that the turn-around will begin this evening in Dallas.

Working against the Flames is the dreaded "road game less than 24 hours after the previous road game". Calgary has suffered some of their worst losses of the year on the second night of a back-to-back this season (6-2 in Chicago, 6-2 in Colorado), so history isn't exactly on our side here.

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Investigating the Flames road issues

Kent Wilson
February 03 2009 01:24PM


Due to some server issues, this was cross-posted from my site.

After last night's loss at the hands of the bottom-feeding Colorado Avalanche, the Flames road record dipped to a mediocre 11-10-1; a stark contrast to their 19-5-3 home dominance.

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Avalanche isn't a misnomer

Kent Wilson
February 02 2009 04:41PM


Colorado is a lousy, lousy team this year. I have no problem saying that

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Greetings and Salutations

Kent Wilson
February 02 2009 09:20AM


Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, your first impression of me here on FlamesNation is unlikely to be a good one. Let's face it: introductions are boring. And that's all I have for you at this point. In fact, you should stop reading right here...

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